Mazda3 2.0 SkyActiv Sedan review –

GC Mah reckons the all-new Mazda3 with Mazda’s KODO design is the best looking C-segment sedan in the market right now. This third generation Mazda3 is the third model in Mazda’s line-up to fully adopt the SkyActiv Technology. Watch to find out if this Mazda3 2.0 SkyActiv sedan is the car for you! (p/s: check out the bloopers at the end of the review.. LOL!)

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Francis Kua says:

love all your review do you mind do a elantra MD review plss xD

Yit Sheng Chai says:

reviewer sucks… fake, no class

skarfreak says:

most sexy sedan in the market atm… nice review sir

Najihan Matzin says:

good review

I'm genius says:

Mazda3 low spec got LED light?

RobinYourHood 18 says:

well you don’t talk on the phone when you drive, especially when you can do it over your Bluetooth

Rizalboy12 says:

leather seat has many wrinkle.. quality for seat very bad..

Ez A says:

I have the exact same car

lwfoon says:

Hi auto buzz. I think you might interested to my latest video about this Mazda 3 sedan high spec. It was extremely noisy during raining day. I had captured and uploaded the video to my channel. Feel free to experience the noise inside the cabin. Everything is good about this car but not NVH.

Infidel Lives Matter says:

So is this the same 2.0 engine as the US version? Our 2.0 puts out 155 & 155, you claimed it puts down 162 & 210?

Jinny K George says:

Super cool presentation 🙂 Way to go

Jason 168 says:

Mazda 3 design is almost flawlessr, except for the placement of the plate number in front…it destroys the design of the car…

TheWangPro says:

De all new Mazda Tree

Rizalboy12 says:

part 3.11 cant see leather seat has ovious wrinkle at trim leather cushion

Blue G says:

That sure is a great-looking car.

Ali Saeed says:

I have mazda axela 06, and yes bro u r right about the arm rest

Fendy Fendy says:

i like it the way you present this car.. do you have Mazda cx5 review? thanks

alianisz says:

He has all the words, just not enough expression . Becomes irritating

Ryan 2account says:

idea what this guy is saying his accent is terrible

TheOkisyauqi1 says:

How much does this cost ? Better choice than the corolla & civic

Aleksandar Angelov says:

Which is better, Mazda 3 sedan or hechbeg?

DK says:

Awesome review, very entertaining and informative to watch! Going to go for a test drive.

premedina says:

I didn’t get the wombat comparison? Does he mean this looks like a giant rat? Hahaha.

sirclein granz says:

mazda 3 is the best sedan design i’ve seen by far..and i really dream to get one

Glenn McKee says:

Irritating bollucks!

tc mart lk Inc says:

What is the this car model name?

cheeno515 says:

Hi, I have a question you may be able to answer. I own a 2014 Mazda 3 in Titanium Flash Mica. Is this color the same as Titanium Flash Pearl? I ask because I can’t find RH passenger side view mirror in Titanium Flash Mica; I’ve only found Pearl.

skippy says:

Where’s Jenn? No Jenn, no thumbs up!

armando cardenas says:

I love this guy with all my heart .

Daru Sim says:

Would love you guys to do a review on mazda 6 2015.

negisensei189 says:

i watched this then eventually it changed my mind from buying ford focus to buy this car

now i really enjoy driving mazda 3 skyactive sedan high
test driven a ford focus before
it was a good driver’s car

but mazda 3 is a way better car =)

J Riggs says:

Mazda Tree?

Fairozee Hashim says:

Hahaha funny but informative review!

Chester Tseu says:

GC is a great reviewer. Keep it up and review more cars for us:)

büşra k says:

0:26 Music name? 🙁

Denver Cayle Ong says: haha 2:06 samsung

Glenn McKee says:

You shouldn’t be trying to answer your phone when you’re driving, dangerous and often illegal. The armrest IMO is fine for when you want to use it. Wouldn’t want this guy on Top Gear, too irritating.

KingAchmed1 says:

I have a Mazda3 2013 model with the same problem of melting sticky dashboard. Disgusting!! Why won’t Mazda recognize the fault??! I wouldn’t buy another till they address the problem!! Stay away from Mazda till they order a recall!!

Mohd Salmi Aziz says:

when will u review mazda 3 CKD malaysia

MS57 says:

outlander vs santa fe review

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