Mazda’s CX-5 is a car, not a gadget

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We’re stating the obvious, but what’s great about the Mazda CX-5 is that it’s just a really good car and not a tech-laden rolling gadget.

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Na5iR11 says:

Interesting overview of why the car is still a contender.

Farooq Ansari says:

Antuan, it’s unfortunate that you don’t properly research the vehicles you are testing. At 1:50, you say that the CX-5 offers no other driver aid tech other than Adaptive Cruise Control. But if you actually properly researched the vehicle before releasing this video, you would know that the vehicle you were testing included Mazda’s Smart Brake Support, which at above 10mph, will automatically apply the brakes if an impact is imminent. I always took Roadshow quite seriously, but a mistake like this really shows a lack of care and concern towards your reviews. Thumbs down.

Q. Lawrence says:

I like Mazda’s approach. It may not be a popular one, but at least there is a car maker that cares more about the driving experience instead stuffing the latest tech in it.

Justin Bouche says:


M Lee says:

How would this compare to Subaru XT…

Jacob Lechtenberg says:

Compare this and a LTZ V6 AWD 2016 Equinox. The Equinox is way better and handles pretty good in curvy back roads at high speeds. also has features like forward collision alert, it also 300 HP.

Denis Ilyayev says:

step one: turn on cnet video.
step two: don’t see Cooley.
step three: turn off cnet video

Jiwoon Hur says:

holy shit. when I first saw someone’s comment complaining about this reviewer’s lisp, I thought he was being nit picky, no. He is BAD. and getting worse. I feel like someone whose job involves primarily talking should work on that shit, or at least try.

serviola3 says:

Best SUV Mazda CX 5 , if you leve driving this is your car.

T H-L says:

‘most engaging drive’s, cough cough…. Ford Kuga/Escape

Mad Pistol says:

Mazda has an amazing lineup of vehicles at the moment. The CX-5, which is admittedly old and in need of a redesign, still looks fantastic. If you haven’t driven one before, and you like to drive, do yourself a favor and take a test drive. They really are very engaging to drive.

HodsBroo says:

honestly, the simpler choice is to get a rav4. but then again mazdas are peppy and handle great.

Baum Inventions says:

If you want a cheap simple gadget free car … buy a Dacia.

Dhaka Calling says:

So, it’s for the stupid people out there, right?

Jonnie Bangkok says:

I agree.

dschonsie says:

Who needs all these assistance systems? If i want to be driven i can also take the bus, train or a taxi.

Mr. Mazda says:

Great video – and yes – it’s definitely not a gadget!


Some of the most uncomfortable front seats I’ve ever been in, the stereo is subpar and wind and road noise not what you would expect for $30K. The ride can be jarring at times as well.

I think Mazda still has a lot of work to do.

Jaffar Abdul Baqi says:

Great review. I like how you role bro. You kept it interesting and coherent till the end.
That is not to say that I agree with everything you said.
I hope Mazda improve the passenger space in the future CX-5, add ac vents in the back, and improve the overall tech. Then, it will steal more sales from the CRV and the Rav4.

Jammingirl25 says:

My beautiful Miata was totalled by a truck. I wanted to get another but would be too nervous to drive. So…got this instead. 2016 GT parchment interior with metallic midnight blue exterior. Though I still get a little sad when I see a miata on the road, I have to say, I really love the CX5. It’s roomie but nimble, feels like a sports ride. Backup camera is great for parking. When the car is in reverse, it beeps and alerts you if there is any motion approaching. Blind spot monitoring is wonderful. I wouldn’t recommend any car this size not have that. The dark rims are so sporty (only on the GT model) and when I park at home, I often look back a few times while walking away just to admire it. It looks damn good. Better than many luxury CUV and SUVs.

The tech inside is just fine. Everything you need. The knob feels great and everything is beyond easy to navigate and the turn of that magic knob. The Bose speakers are so amazing you will never have to turn the volume all the way up. The back seats go down completely flat making room for more than you’ll ever need to pack in there. Push start is great. Keys can stay in the bag. The seats are sporty and wrap around you nicely. Dude there are so many small things that make this a beautiful ride that you did not touch. It is simple but elegant on the low, sporty, remarkable handle, and you can put in sport mode to the the rpms up and zoom. OK I’m done lol

Tech Defender says:

Then what’s the small suv that competes with the CX5 which has ton more tech features then this?

Okitavio says:

So simple and engaging, gotta love Mazda. Great review, btw

haziq ehsan says:

Nice review bruh!

gsh0ck3d says:

The Mazda CX-5 series 1 is getting long in the tooth. It was released in 2013 and designed earlier, therefore is pointless complain or look for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Also same goes the new car safety tech. If you look on the web there is a refreshed look CX-5, which has the same chrome front as the new CX-3 and CX-9. It’s definitely a top contender of most buyers list.

Marc Lim says:

I think you can add Android Auto with a software update.

Prahlad says:

I cant stand this fellow. Wheres Cooley

ArJuN Mangal says:

Poor design. 2017 Hyundai Tucson like a luxury car has the same price .

สิทธิชัย นัยนา says:

Cx5 the beautiful

JAB says:

The hp is near the top of non turbo engines in that class not the middle. It is the same as the crv. Better than Forester, Rav4, non turbos…..weighs less than rivals too….

TheAdventureMazda says:

Unfortunately for Mazda, there just aren’t that many people out there who are enthusiasts and want something fun to drive. People look at warranty and price.

Brandon Friesen says:

Unfair and uneducated review. The CX-5 is by far, the best Compact SUV on the market today. Skyactiv tech is phenominal, you get very good power with the 2.5 and can still get remarkable fuel efficiency(pretty much no other CUV can do that). Driver assistance tech is abundant. He mentioned it “only” has adaptive cruise control(which many CUV’s still don’t offer), but then later admits is has lane departure warning(not even BMW has correction system unless you step up to the 7 series), and totally doesn’t mention how you get blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and forward collision warning and braking. And as for the Mazda Connect system, it offers far MORE than what many want(save for CarPlay and Android Auto) such as aHa, Stitcher, Pandora as well as the usual sources. It’s a clean and simple design that is not distracting. The CX-5 offers more features than what many CUV’s can ever think of. That plus drivetrain innovation and value, it’s certainly the best on the market.

wcjeep says:

We test drove a then new 2014 CX5. We wanted to like the vehicle. It was rental car quality. Little things add up. The infotainment was way to simple. The window switches were not lit. The rear seats can not fold flat without removing the headrests. The local Mazda dealer was old school high pressure sales.

Ricardo Gutierrez says:

No driver aids? Sorry but completely wrong, CX-5 offers blind spot monitoring, crossed traffic alert, forward colission warning, smart city brake support, smart brake support, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic high beam control…. completely wrong.

cedrick305 says:

Well that’s the problem for 35k I can have all the bells and whistle from another another manufacturer in that vehicle class, they pretty much priced themself to the competition.

mark williams says:

The only other suvs in this class that’s more powerful are the turbo charged models to be fair.

Motor City Man says:

I disagree with this review.
Almost every comparo I see for SUV’s in this class the CX5 either finishes FIRST or close to FIRST

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