Mazda’s Secret New Engine Technology – SkyactivX | The New Car Show

Mazda invited us out to a press day at their headquarters to show us their new engine technology. Could this be the new Mazda rotary engine? We didn’t know!

Turns out it was their new Skyactiv technology –specifically SkyactivX. While we were a little bummed it wasn’t the rotary, our dismay was alleviated as we started to learn all about this impressive technology. This [largely] SPARKLESS engine relies on insanely high compression in coordination with a slew of other engineering marvels to maintain a stable gasoline ignition. Zoom zoom muchacho.

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Adrian! says:

cant wait to twin turbo and BRAP that bitch

Fuck7 says:

Why no sound;((((

Johnfranco Archuleta says:

Must be a hoot to work on lol

MrVitalic85 says:

psycho camera work, I feel sic

F A T C A T says:

2:09 the triangle

Dan Hyde says:

Is gasoline in the US the same as saying petrol

aaron flores says:

I love this channel so much

Matej Babic says:

Noone got any real infos about consumption? I think atm is a 2.0 190hp right? Wanna know how much thirsty it is

isidro gasca says:

Can’t wait to put it in my Miata

Kinglysol says:

Mazda really tryna make up for the rotary

Joshua Camarena says:

Does any body know if they’ll put that into the new Miata?

A Miata that gets 50 mpg on the highway?…


Humberto Espino says:

Fisker vs Tesla

Carter Stokoe says:

dude, you should totally do an up to speed on the Subaru Brat

Barak Arvili says:

Pleeeassseeeeee zoooom zoooooommmmm song name???????

Jake Maningding says:

Don’t make engines more complex.

Meshal Al-Anbar says:

If you can’t handle me at my worst; you don’t deserve me at my best!!!! Super….thanx

Couch Potato says:

Hey James! You forgot to touch on Self Ignition temperature differences between diesel and gasoline it would help some of us understand why it would be hard to harness sparkless compression in a gasoline engine compared to a diesel!

RamboBestCA says:

I know the point of this engine is efficiency… But imagine how that engine would sound with a straight pipe bruuuuuh

Danrick Jamora says:

Isnt HCCI short for “Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition” not, “High Compression Combustion Ignition”?

Carlos Gutierrez says:

Where are the old-timers who are like “What ever happened to the good old days when we just had a simple, large combustion engine”

i.m. CXS says:

Subscribed just cause of the dude. I wish I could smoke some of whatever he smokes

Matthew Juliano says:

I’m hoping someone will make a hydrogen burning ICE. That way we can go zero emissions but keep the three pedals and some of the noise.

Before engineers/scientists:
I know that it requires a large amount of electricity to make hydrogen, and I also know that hydrogen burns differently and doesn’t hold the same energy density as gasoline. I’m just saying it would be nice to keep the ICE while being zero emissions.

Virgo says:

I just want to say I really enjoy the editing

The Douth Yorks says:

“A lazer” killed me

p col says:

James is the American Jeremy Clarkson

Nabha Sengupta says:

The world does IC , Mazda’s like “we gonna do rotary !”.
The world does electric, Mazda’s like “we gonna do IC !”

Deadpool says:

Man oh man, I love you. You are just too funny and awesome.

painhour says:

What was the idea of fuel mileage on this engine?

Dominic Komadina says:

Shout out to Newport

Christoff87 says:

This is amazing technology but I feel it’s 10 years too late. I think we are at the tipping point where electrification of passenger cars will be the norm. Electric cars in the next 5-10 years will dominate.

TC Ricafort says:

I think I would like watching a series that talks more about different kinds of engine. Just like up to speed, but with engines. sr, jz, rb, etc
I hope this comment would reach donut.
-Big fan

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