My First Review | My: 2005 Mazda RX8

2004 Mazda RX8 Review

My fist review on this channel of my car, a 2005 Mazda RX8. I apologize for any and all flaws as im still learning how to video, edit, export, and review cars. I had alot of problems figuring out the edit and the rendering so sorry for the quality flaws as well. Stay tunes for more videos and reviews coming soon. They will only get better 🙂

Hey goys im here with a review of my 2005 Mazda RX8. Ive been wanting to do this review for awhile but have been wanting to wait until my car is ready, which isn’t happening unfortunately because of time and budget. So right of the bat, my car right now, the synchros are messed up so it grinds in second gear pretty bad. Theres a few other things wrong with my car but thats alirght. The things done with my car right now are mostly cosmetic, i have a muffler delete, thats why my car is pretty loud, the drone is pretty bad, I have an upgraded pully, and the rest is just pretty much cosmetic. I have XXR (527s) wheels with some good tires on them. I have carbon fiber trunk and hood. I also have some different aftermarket bumpers… Things about this car that i just love is the design exterior and interior they both look really good. The RX8 is probably one of my favorite looking cars and the interior i just love, looking at this interior out of this 05 RX8 it looks like and interior out of a 2015. I do have an upgraded head unit but other then that the car still looks like its a new car inside an out. It doesnt look outdated it still looks very modern… Another thing i like about the car is the rev limit, the rev limit is 10,000rpms, redlining at 8,500-9,000rpms but you can really wind this car out. The power really starts to kick in around 4,000rpms you can really feel it, its almost like a V-Tech, its really amazing. I love the exhaust on them, i have a muffler delete and even without the muffler delete the pops (backfire) you get is amazing. It backfires like 90% of the time…. It spits alot of flames, i love that about the car. Another thing i love about the car… is the handling, which is amazing. I can take on onramps, offramps, curvy roads so smoothly, its really nice i like it you just feel so planted. Im on stock suspension, I feel like if i lowered it, really making it planted more to the ground, then it would handle even better. I have noticed this about alot of the Mazdas i have driven such as the Miata, RX8, they are very well balanced… I cant get over how well they handle, its just one of those cars where its really a drivers car, you really enjoy driving the car. Even though alot of people dont like the lack of power it doesnt bother me. I dont feel like it has a lack of power, especially when you hit that 4,000rpms you can really feel it kick in… Out of the factory they come with about 238hp and about 179ft lbs. of torque. People have dynoed them right after they bought them brand new and thats not what they came up with number wise. I get it alot of companies lie about there hp and torque but everyone likes to bag on their lack of torque vs. hp. what other car do you even get closed to 238hp with a 1.3 liter engine, naturally aspirated. I think thats amazing! Regardless of the lack of torque vs. hp it can merge on the highway just fine. Another thing i noticed about this car that i like alot is when you turn traction control off you can get that back end to kick out very easily. You can really daily this car, and when you want turn traction control off, clutch kick or dump the clutch and have some fun. end 6;30


Race Ganster says:

that wheel gap though

Sean Mullen says:

Love my 8. Could you tell me the specs on your XXR’s and Tire specs? Thanks man.

The Great Sebastian says:

Is it easy to switch out the radio for a new one?

demonsangells says:

About red lining the RPMs once a day and the carbon that builds in the engine, would a first gear red lining do the trick?

JSR Cars says:

Beautiful car man, the wheels look great.

Mercique xD says:

hate the hood oml

Austin R4L says:

Earlier today I was with my friend he was driving his RX8 around a turn at 30 to pass a light before it turned red from a four way main intersection and the road was wet from rain that we got a 20 mins or so prior and after passed the median due to poor traction the back end slid out and hit a curb lucky everyone was ok and the only damage was that the rim around the tire was broken clean off but other then that there was no other damage

Szantie says:

Rice and parking like BMW driver

That fkn turkey says:

It needs a spoiler.

Edgard Perez says:

But how much is the insurance tho

Zachary Acree says:


Collin Hatt says:

I’m getting one this month, a 2007 paddle shifter, with 60k miles. i have read a lot about these and know how to upkeep them, but when buying one thats used from a dealer, what should i watch out for ? I’m going to get a compression test, but is there anything els i should check ?

Liam Drysdale says:

Is the Mazda RX 8 a good first car?? I love it but is it suitable??

Coops says:

I’d love one of these but I’d fuck the engine..

kxtony says:

the evo

Gilligan says:

you said “um” 20 times from 1:16 – 2:17

Horny Bob says:

“Not sponsored by Mom and Dad” sticker on a 17 year old kid’s car… Yeah sure m8

diego montano says:

hey man i just want to know how much do you pay for gas

Da9 zBrah says:

Needs more low

EcFlipz says:

Have you ever encounter problems with this car? Thinking about getting one as my DD but I am struck between stories of hell with blown engines or stories of reliability if treated right. So confused but greatly considering this car.

Joshua Hanner says:

Purelyrx8 fam ❤️❤️❤️❤️

RaZZerC says:

What Exhaust is that?

FishingCT says:

238 stock is great

Connor Evans says:

how old were u when you got this


Sweet video dude!!

Jacob Acevedo says:

You don’t know dick about rotaries you should Educate yourself before you go on YouTube and have no clue what you’re talking about and learn how to drive it you shift super early it’s a rotary wind that mother fucker out js

TheBlackHombre says:

What head unit is that? I want to upgrade my stock one in my 40th Anniversary 8

john public says:

10 mpg? SHould be 17 or 18

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