New Mazda 3 2019 – this KAI Concept shows what to expect | Top 10s

This is the Mazda KAI. It may be just a concept at the moment, but it gives us a huge clue as to what the all-new Mazda 3 will look like. I take a closer look around both the KAI, and the stunning Vision Coupe Concept, to give you the carwow top 10 things you need to know about them.

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Lawrence Coore says:

Why can’t they just build the concept model inside they make a watered down version

S. D. H. says:

Looks ridiculous & impractical for driving on ‘real roads’.

MightySquirrel says:

That concept is prettier than any aston martin. Too bad final versions always end up nothing like concepts.

Mastakilla91 says:

Looks more like an Alfa Romeo/Ferrari than actual Alfa Romeos/Ferraris today

Honky Tonk says:

Lets hope they don’t turn it into an Austin Maestro before its officially released.

Mark Muller says:

Absolutely love it, stunning. Next generation engine that will truly be revolutionary

TOP LANE says:

What’s the price point tho?

Cypher NX says:

I don’t know what it’s called. The black part back bumper is way too big.

Eral Akman says:


I mean says:

Why can’t they make it real? That’s a shame!!

whiskey tango foxtrot says:


Sayed Yousef says:

So so so good

Battal Gazi says:

The back is clearly influenced by Alfa Romeo
This design in overall blows away any shitty german car in its price class

asd123asd says:


Waide Egener says:


ƬψƬΩiiXinnex says:

That does not look like a concept. Except the coupe.

michael jackson says:

So sexy

voltzilla says:

I never understood why they don’t just produce the concept or at least close to it.

MasoMink says:

Side sometime look similar to Nissan Z350 . want to see Sedan version now. can’t wait for RX

Metroflex Gym Izmir says:

Mazda always makes awsome concept cars, but much worse looking real life cars.

Fred Rumbolt says:

I hope it’s better than the pile of junk i got .it was a masda 3 2013 .fell apart at 30 thousand miles .only burn’s me once .

Tony Bebich says:

It will be similar but wheel will be much smaller and sidewindow much bigger which will change proportions and therefore looks

CorporalPoon says:

i think it looks ugly

can algün says:

çok çok güzell

MasoMink says:

I not reeally like Lifted A pillar , it look nice from the front but from the side and rear it look weird. not just this car okay , i personally not like it on the new BMW and Lexus too.

JustPhoPhun says:

It looks anorexic

pdebie1982 says:

I like the front, it looks really agressive. But the rear is a bit dull and doesn’t cope with the rest of the car. Needs a more agressive line.

SonGoku says:

I’m glad to tell you all the Kai concept is very much similar to the production version. Images have been released!

Kitty Rocoa says:

Omg orgasming, this cars design blows away the competition, as long as Mazda don’t botch the price range!

Al Ds says:

Seat leon 2005 re style!!! Cool!!!

Northernspear says:

That Coupe…

Adhamihab 7 says:

The new corolla is better

Jonathan Sjögren says:

Love Mazda

Joseph Pushong says:

Looks cool!!! But, will Mazda have Android auto and apple car play?

CYH Drummer says:

Can you make a review on mazda 6 ??

Emma Anderson says:

I’m really excited to see how Skyactiv X plays out, but I’m a little bit worried about the engine’s reliability. I feel like this is sort of a “make or break” moment for my favorite auto manufacturer.

Lego and train lover 200 says:

The future looks ugly

Eli R1 says:

Needs a Turbo for the Mazda 3…. come on Mazda bring it on.

Aytekin Kurt says:


tigerbalm says:

Concept cars are bullshit waste of time and money…why not make real cars better???

pythyyy says:

… looks better than a 488

Jor Cap says:

pffff I get so excited about this design language.

marco gennaro says:

precioso , debe haber un Italiano en el diseño , muy parecidos a los Alfa Romeo

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