New Mazda CX-5 2017 revealed – Is it a VW Tiguan beater? | Top 10s

The new Mazda CX-5 replaces the Japanese manufacturers ageing VW Tiguan Rival. Not only does it come with a fresh face and a heavily revised interior. The old car’s engines have been reworked, too, to offer better performance and improved efficiency. We’ve had a chance to see it in the metal at the 2016 LA Auto Show – watch our Top 1s video for all the facts you need to know…

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Justin Garcia says:

Kinda wished they kept the horizontal grill. Nonetheless, it still looks goddamn awesome.

D dicin says:

bloody Gorgeous.

Umar says:


DimachkaS says:

Mat , move to LA .

Arnþór Jón Þorvarðsson says:

no virtual cockpit?

matt k says:

the Tiguan still has those weird proportions, I’ll take this instead

mizzou192003 says:

Does it have parking sensors? What about trajectory lines with the backup camera?

cosmin partene says:

front it’s like a jag f pace…

lapamful says:

Considering any VW or German product at this price point is a lottery in reliability issues, you’d be hard pressed to find any European manufacturer able to compete with the Japanese. I’d take a CX-5 over pretty much anything European.

Kellic AnonymousTiger says:

OK this is the first I’ve heard about “smart phone mirroring” Is it possible we are getting Android Auto? Because this one feature IS the only thing that is making me seriously consider the ’17 CRV instead.

R Soul says:

The Mazda cookie cutter is working great I see, totally fucking generic corporate styling.

RandomTechS@#T says:

Mazda is successfully moving in to VW market segment
I’m happy

Intrepid Milotic says:

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is in a league of its own, it mixes comfort,size,sport,class,and off road ability so well that no other small crossover could match.
Tiguan>CX5>Escape>>3008>>>>>>CRV>RAV4>>>>>>>>>>>>>>everything else.
You have to compare design,utility,AWD ability,performance,comfort,safety,resale value,quality,reliability, Tiguan wins in all those.

Benjamin says:

What is it with cars having the whole dash angled to the driver . Many times you need your passenger to be the one fiddling around with it

notformebeaky says:

Christ, this is a boring car. Asian manufacturers just don’t the importance of making something aesthetically pleasing do they?
Virtually everything they make is boring.

Jim M says:

lol the VW Tiguan? They nearly sell any of those

OctyVrs says:

Is it a VW Tiguan beater? Nope we’re still non the wiser as the title was just clickbait

Ross B2 says:

those wheels look stupidly small compared to the body and wheel arches. Its like they took the wheels off a tiny car and put them on this car. Needs much bigger alloys.

Irena Facelli says:

Anybody know if the CD player survived the upgrade? I sure hope they didn’t get rid of it for the American market. I’ve seen Japanese versions of this vehicle that still have it installed right above the new air vents, but I did not see this at the LA Premiere of this vehicle. To me, this is important – even if there still is no Apple Car Play or Android Auto.

Jason Rebelo says:

Good Video! AWD -ONE THING THO, the correct comment to use: i-Activ all wheel drive system is a proactive system that sends power well before slipping – you mentioned it as a reactive system to wheel slip. Mazda’s AWD is great and has beaten many of the worlds “best” in head to head challenges. see my page for details on Skyactiv technologies.

На всю Голову Русский says:

The front edge of hood is like a blade specially made to cur heads of children off)))) Good job, Mazda!))) Devil should say thank you))) No, that’s not. We Russians paid Mazda for them to make this car in this way. That’s we cruel Russians made because we are geniuses of evil)))) We Russians made Trump win))) Ha-ha-ha… And now miserable Americans you gonna die soon because we are The evil empire! Ha-ha-ha…(sounds like Devilish laughter)

broadwayblue222 says:

Rear end is pretty bad. Not sure what they were thinking there. That aside, will it still be under powered, have that poorly implemented heads up display (on plastic as opposed to the windshield) and not support Android Auto? Those are deal breakers for me.

Alexander Dunning says:

Great to hear about the improved aerodynamics re. cabin noise, but the current one also has unbearable tyre roar. I’d love a Mazda, but I’d settle on a Kuga as a driving compromise that you can have a conversation in… did they mention nothing about sound insulation, or active noise cancelling?

Ben G says:

So CX-5 looks like half of the car is all head, nothing left for cargo space? How is that aerodynamic if the the face is practically a wall?

MrJeronimo94 says:

The car is looking great! The interior is worlds appart from the Tiguan!

петър йорданов says:

love it. .top suv !!!

nunyabiznes nunyabiznes says:

not detailed enough. what about the back hatch door? Is electronic or manual open/close? So much left out, now I’m left wondering

Fendy Fendy says:

was wondering it has automatic boots this time?

Rusty 123 says:

Hate the info screen sticking out of the top of the dashboard. Deal breaker.

chancy319 says:

I like Mat but, your reviews and videos seem to be more about him than the car itself. Case in point, your video thumbnail. He is pretty much obscuring half of the car. I look at other review channel’s thumbnails and the car is in complete clear view.

Z-Series says:

Love Mazda. The whole model line is great! And this new CX-5 is amazing, both inside and out. What would make the Mazda line up greater is bringing back the MPS 3 and MPS 6.

judahdaneshtaol says:

I loved this until I saw the new Peugeot 3008.

pipari44 says:

when it hits a passenger, it cleaves them in half while crushing their calves at the same time

trippplefive says:

is this the production model?
Looks million times better than the CR-V.

jaged929 says:

The Cx5 is better in all categories and should not be mentioned even in the same sentence.

Same shit different toilet says:

If they put the 2.5 turbo engine in it I’ll replace my ’16 for it

Davis Lawrence says:

who really cares about the Tiguan..

blackcoffee T says:

great design language… much better than the outgoing model.. i’ll definitely consider it for my next car only if it also offers black leather seat, not white

mark rakov says:

I would chose the VW Tiguan mainly because i’m in the VW family, and the Tiguan has a better AWD system than Mazda. also better engine chooses with the TSI engine. Keep it up Mazda and Volkswagen!

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