PREVIEW New 2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata


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Alpha January says:

The face matters to Miata fans! Ah well, it just makes the originals classics, and that’s great when you’ve got one.

Marc Walraven says:

DAMMIT! Looks like a dead fish. I’m guessing I’ll have my 2008 for a LONG time. I was looking for a turbo option or a V-6. The mileage and weight are OK. But,not to be. Word is: Smaller engine with same HP but better mpg and 10% less overall weight. Hmmmm. May look at one o’them Can-am Spyder 3 wheelers.

FanaticGuide's Video Game LP's and more... says:

I know somebody whose husband drives an older Miata

robert Fargeta says:

alfa romeo miata shit like dart sucky

Mbebe56 says:

Gosto das linhas, vê-se que há uma evolução. Só espero que tenha motores que acompanhem este chassis, o que tem sido limite nos últimas versões. E porque não um ” MX5 ROT ” ?
Li que vai haver um 1.3 lit com 200 cv mas acho que seria mais adequado a um Mazda 2 MPS ou speed. Bem hajam !

FanaticGuide's Video Game LP's and more... says:

The tail lamp design for that Miata is in my opinion, too aggressive and Mazda should change the design


looks like someone took a tin opener to a normal hatchback, the side has no style whatsover and the front has details that are too small, mazda can do so much better than this, just look at the new mazda 6!

Jungster50 says:

I love it!  Want one now.


Agree…First gen was nice. I don’t like this one either.

Since the RX series has been stabbed(and still fighting for life), why not mix the classic RX7/8 styling with the MX-5 and release a RX-5?

3 motors. Base, touched up and refined 13B or 20B Rotary, and Turbo base.

Mated to a 6spd manual or 6 spd Paddle shift gearbox.

Selling price-$23-26k.
Selling weight-2000-2500 pounds(200-700 pounds lighter than BR-Z)

Nicetalleuropean says:

I like it! Nice design…. hope the final version looks like that

classiccarz says:

The nose follows the BMW 3 series “crushed in a vise” look.

Eliezer Garayua says:

love it

J Lo says:

Best looking miata Evah

Marktuyet says:

That’s the car they should have built !

dongypooh says:

Bro, track day, bro-! Hoosiers-!

cssplayer19 says:

I really like this idea!

palebeachbum says:

Kinda like it. Kinda think it looks like a fish.

LinkPGL1 says:

Funny, because I own a 2014 Miata… and it sure as hell doesn’t look like this,


Vai dividir a plataforma com o futuro Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto:

Ispintechno2 says:

Seems to me the very first mx-5 was probably the best looking… still. Something kinda yuky about this one.

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