Skyactiv-X – Is This Mazda’s First Hybrid?

Eric Novak travels to Mazda’s North American Tech Center in California to learn more about Skyactiv-X, the next generation of Skyactiv engine technology. Skyactiv-X engines will begin appearing as options on 2019 model vehicles and promise improved fuel efficiency with reduced carbon emissions compared to the current Skyactiv-G engines in use.


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Im waiting for the cx5 gs to get the turbo motor which would make it awsome with the awd

The Adventure Mazda says:

My 2.0 Mazda3 already feels real peppy and I’m averaging 35mpg with mixed driving. I’d really love to test drive one of these…if they want more feedback 😀

P Turner says:

Technically it’s not a hybrid…

Jesse James says:

If Mazda wants to compete with today’s turbo engines this new engine needs to provide at least a 20% boost in performance and not just better fuel economy. Let’s hope this helps to bring back the zoom zoom.

Tech Defender says:

I’m thinking of getting a mazda3 around summer, you think the 4th Gen will be released by then?

Jay _ says:

Thanks for the video. I appreciated the Dave Coleman outtakes.

Wang Lie says:


sbs5130 says:

Other videos of people driving in these prototypes have shown that ignition mode display sometimes shows three green dots, not just two. They implied that when there is three green dots, that it is driving even more efficiently. Did you ever see three dots in your driving? Do you know what the third dot means? Does it relate to whether the so-called “lean” supercharger is active?

Aidan Papa says:

Guys do yourselves a favor and go watch the 30 min super detailed autogefühl video on the skyactive x. His rest drive and explanations and analysis were amazing as usual and very insightful.

Blake Swan says:

It truely amazes me that such a small company, can come up with such clever and innovative solutions. I love that the new engines doesn’t depend on a transmission with more than six gears to get that great efficientcy. Shows what great engineering can do to solve a bunch of problems with one solution. Sky Active X

sbs5130 says:

Actually, the Skyactiv-X engine has a mild electric hybrid component. It at least has stop-start. And I might guess that electricity is the power source in very low load scenarios in which, as I understand it, SPCCI does not work well.

MackyG says:

Hmmm. I wonder if it has a bit of Toyota Tech in it

RickTrajan says:

Mazda has been on direct injection long before other japanese manufacturer as far as I know.

najirban says:

Mazda is amazing. They engineer effective technology, they still offer manual transmission AND they still build a sports car!

Tony Smith says:

Sounds a lot like the Mercedes Diesotto engine of a few years back, I think it was in their F900 concept. That combined the 2 ignition cycles, plus added a turbo, resulting in a 1.8l engine outputting 185kw with incredible fuel economy. Alas, like a lot of great ideas, it hasn’t been heard of since. The Skyactive X sounds like it minus the turbo.

To 86 says:

Good video! Do you have an estimation up to which power the engine stays in HCCI mode? Let’s say I want to go at a constant speed of 140 km/h = 85 mph on the highway. Would the engine be in the more efficient HCCI mode? Thanks!

John H. says:

I had 2014 and now a 2018 3 Grand Touring, love them both. I hope the styling of the next generation is close to the Kai Concept!

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