Tech Check: Inside the 2018 Mazda6

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Mazda keeps its infotainment simple, but still offers a host of driver’s aids. Let’s check the tech inside the 2018 Mazda Mazda6.

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Xenon Kyre says:

For Mazda trying to compete now in a more premium market, they really need to do an overhaul with their infotainment system and overall tech. Seriously, that resolution of that camera is from something like 10 years ago. Come on Mazda, you can do better.

Ralph D says:

Like ur reviews. Your complaining about lack of apps but does anyone ever use apps in a car ? I don’t even use the Navi in my car. Google maps or Waze better

1379 says:

It looks like iDrive-lite… from 10 years ago.

Ziakel says:

I drove the 18 accord touring and they nailed it with the tech. Carplay/auto support at launch, HUD, and the camera is way better. The Mazda interior is quite good and only if they make some of the sensing features standard across all or get with 2018 tech trend. Then I’d buy this over the accord, camry, or even the new altima.

InternetDude says:

Lame tech for 2018 don’t you think?

Unchainedmaple888 says:

Mazda, please stop with the gloss black plastic on high traffic areas of the interior.

Cynthia Votava says:

Where do you get your vehicle feature information from?  Your review clearly shows that you do NOT know the features and their full functionality.  If you spent even 20 minutes of presentation training with a Certified Mazda Sales Associate you would have learned the full use of the features and not presented the features so inaccurately.   The next time you review a Mazda vehicle, please show us, the car buying population, the courtesy of learning the features so you can provide an accurate review and presentation.

ocramidajzj says:

FYI Pandora and Sticher are located under sources, not apps. Also you you can type via screen for address entry, but only if your stopped. I find it that many reviewers contradict the need for safe driving with compalints that touchscreens dont work when you’re moving. Fwiw I have a 2016 6 and the infotainment controller is great to use. Yes some options require a bit of navigating, but you get quite adept with the controller after a while. Again many reviewer remark on how “unintuitive” the infotainment is, but I find it VERY imtuitive and easy to use.

theharesbreath says:

This looks identical to the system in my 2016. Can I go to the dealer and get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Dave Taylor says:

Non touchscreen and having to use that rotary dial sounds awful

rainystorm88 says:

You actually won’t ever need to enter an address using the rotary dial… because you can use the touch screen to enter the address when you’re at a stop. And you can’t enter an address at all when you’re moving!

chileandpopcorn says:

Moar Brian Cooley plzzz!

emark24 says:

What do you mean no pandora? I have it in my 17, you have to go to entertainment then audio source

Shane Nelson says:

The resolution of that camera seems much worse than my 2015 Mazda3. I guess a 360 camera puts too much stress on the outdated infotainment? I really hope when they bring carplay /AA they completely revamp the system

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