TECHNOLOGY : MAZDA’S NEW SKYACTIV X ENGINE EXPLAINED (ENG) . SKYACTIV-X – Jay Chen, Powetrain Engineer. Mazda North American Operations.


Jay _ says:

This is the most detailed nuts & bolts presentation of Skyactiv X that Mazda has yet released. Thanks for posting this!

Cecil Mills says:

this is already obsolete-ignores the 3 parasitic cycles , pollutes and is complex to the point of diminishing returns (cost/benefit) .Watch for the Mills mill from Honda

samawal al adawi says:

What’s the BSFC of this engine?

Tom Harrison says:

Awesome explaination I am a fuel Injection specialist and clean and flow test direct gasoline Injectors.

787brx8 says:

Skyactiv brought you by the American who designed the M.O.A.B. Mazda thinks it’s okay not to pay him for his work.

projectill says:

amazing video !

sbs5130 says:

11:35 “enginerds”? I like that term. It can describe anyone who is an engineering “enthusiast,” even if lacking formal engineering education (such as myself).

Earthly Pride says:

How can you state that you’re reducing pumping losses if your concept is dealing with lot higher resistance of the combustion pressure chemically busted throughout the last stage of the compression cycle?

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