What’s New for 2018? | 2018 Mazda CX-5 GT + Tech | TestDrive Snapshot

The 2018 Mazda CX-5 GT is in showrooms, and we wanted to find out what’s new for this model year. Rear our review: https://goo.gl/Emn31R

We bought a 2017 Mazda CX-5 GT with Technology Package at the end of summer, so we have some history with Mazda’s updated compact crossover SUV. Now in it’s second model year for this generation, Mazda has made some minor changes across the board for vehicles sold in Canada.

We partnered with Mazda du Boulevard in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec to feature the 2018 Mazda CX-5 GT (or Grand Touring in the US) with Technology Package. This is the top trim level for this vehicle will all the extra safety and technology features. We go over what’s new for this model year, what’s missing, and what we found on our drive with this vehicle.

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The Avid Asap says:

If Mazda wants to go into the luxury field they would have to upgrade the quality of components such as leather and electronics. They can look good and be cheaply put together and won’t hold up. The interior would have to get boosted in quality not just looks. That’s where luxury brands like Mercedes BMW excel the quality of the components and interiors are immaculate

Tony x says:

basicaly the canadian my 2018 is the european my 2017

FightClubAlum says:

Canada is the country that car company want to scam

Audie Arce says:

Meh! I’m not a fan of Pizza Wheels! Can’t believe they don’t redesign it, still looks crappy.

Periko Tee says:

Is this 4×4 ?? I am in the search of a car to lease? Does Mazda offer good lease options? I wanted an Audi Q3 but Mazda cx5 is more affordable.

Irena Facelli says:

I agree about the power folding mirrors. Also European and Japanese CX-5s still have cd players in them….but NOT in the USA or Canada. I wish mine had a cd player – I still use them and buy them and burn them. Better sound. A dead pedal would be nice to rest my left foot while driving. Maybe some ambient lighting in the cabin. Also – more color options – how about the tan leather interior from Mazda like on the Signature CX-9? And how about a British Racing Green or some type of really nice, rich green exterior color as that color is making a comeback with other premium crossovers. Mazda is slow sometimes with listening to feedback.

10tenman10 says:

I’m buying one of these for my daughter shortly. I’m thinking of adding the roof rails. This is just for the sake of appearance but they do look nice.

keytothegate K says:

Do not buy GT model on account of having low profile tires that will give you punishing ride as you will get to know every bump on the road.

Mike Llewellyn says:

No Apple Car play or Andriod Auto – Mazda SERIOUSLY? Ugh….

Sony H K says:


JCA says:

Apple Carplay and Andriod Auto are coming to Mazda this year for vehicles made later in 2018 and as a retrofit for the ones purchased early on in 2018. I hope it will be available for all Mazda models including the CX-5. The other feature I wish the 2018 CX-5 has is the dead pedal is protected with rubberized cover like the 2018 Mazda 6 instead of just carpeted. The carpet covering the dead pedal will get dirty and worn out in a few years given the winter weather we have in Canada.


My 15 year old Benz has power folding mirrors. I use them all the time in my garage, and other places. Shameful that Mazda doesn’t include them on this premium trim level. Same with the interior LEDs. Not to mention Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Love Mazdas, but they are always a day late and a dollar short.

funkymunkyin says:

When you have a word with the mazda folks you can mention to them that a panoramic sunroof, parking sensors and android auto are a must, at least in the top trim. Out and out a great car – I drive a BMW X3 currently and i just cant get the honda’s to accelerate without pushing the accelerator with all my might. I test drove the cx-5 GT and i must say its awesome. Once it has the additions above it would be a no brainer to choose the cx-5 over the crv.

Louis James says:

Premium in Europe??? NO.. quite the opposite, they have to load these cars with all options to try and compete/sell in a German flooded eu market.

sylvesterfigi says:

Thanks for the updates. I just bought my 2018 CX-5 GT (with Tech package, so as fully loaded as it can possibly be…) and I actually DO have LED overhead lights… so not sure why the model you had would not have also (if it was GT fully loaded). I agree with the panoramic sunroof (moonroof ?) – that would have been a nice premium addition, but I’m still happy with the standard sun-roof. I’ve got mixed feelings about the power folding mirrors…. given the climate here in Quebec (i.e. all the freezing rain), I’d be concerned about any potential damage that might occur if the mechanism is unable to unfold/fold. I’ve never had this option in my other vehicles, so I suppose a design engineer probably accounted for this sort of climate challenge. So while a power folding side mirror is a nice option… not the most critical for me. Overall, I’m in love with my CX-5 GT….no regrets and having purchased in in the winter was actually a good thing (I get to test it out from the get-go) !

Mr. Mazda says:

A truly impressive CX-5. Becoming more popular in the US with this newer edition but in Australia, it’s clearly the leader in its segment

ChengL Li says:

my family has this car for about 4 months and the rear breaks begin to make noise :V anyone knows what happen?

Aditya Marathe says:

CX5 is on Mazda 3 platform, CX9 is on Mazda 6 platform, CX3 is on older Mazda 2 platform. That’s why CX5 without turbo feels faster than Mazda 6 without turbo.

10tenman10 says:

I wonder if the cylinder deactivation actually saves on gas.

Francis Gallozzi says:

You forgot to mention the GVC.

10tenman10 says:

I think the main competitor of the Mazda CX5 is the Honda CR-V.

Ben Haze says:

You made very good points. Once you experienced interior LED lighting you don’t want to go back.

Luke Rinderknecht says:

Hmm, 1:13, I have a 2017 and that’s how my radar cruise control buttons look.

10tenman10 says:

I liked the looks of the new Toyota rav 4


Does this compete with the Lexus NX? I’d really like to see you guys review a Lexus NX 300 F sport or just an NX 300

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