What’s the Difference: 2017 Mazda CX-5 vs 2017 Ford Escape on Everyman Driver

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icecreamania says:

About the interior space difference, it’s all about how they shape the inside, and also there’s difference in measuring methods. Personally, I’d go for the CX-5 after it updates its infotainment system.

kidsofresh56 says:

what about 2017 ford edge vs 2017 nissan murano? which would you prefer? i live in new york.

John Lewis says:

Please compare the 2017 CX-5 vs. the Subaru Forester. I’m looking to make a purchase and I’m stuck at this decision.

TheBazzzer says:

Always amazing, what you americans call “compact” or “small block”.

Baconator James says:

Why, in 2017, do we not get keyless entry, pushbutton start, navigation as standard features on all models? I also want to take a moment to bitch about warranties – in general, not just to Mazda. I want a 6 year, 160k km, comprehensive warranty, for nothing. I was able to get 220,000 km’s out of a 1995 Honda Accord, driven with no real care, stored outside in a Canadian climate – not a single solitary problem. No rust, sold in one day to a very happy buyer. If I could get that kind of reliability from a car built 23 years ago, I don’t think it’s wrong to ask for something close to that now. Consumers deserve this. If you don’t warranty your car for that long from the factory, you’re trying to get one past us. When Tesla perfects the electric market, you’ll be wishing you did. Stand by your products and don’t withhold tech features like they’re somehow exclusive or expensive. They’re neither.

robinsonmac says:

Can you compare the Jeep Renegade vs the CX-3? When are going to review the new Compass?

Robert LeBlanc says:

Great segment.
In the future, could you do this with more than just two vehicles?
Also, can you include 0-60 and 50-70 mph times?

jariol says:

Why did you call it a 2017 CX5 you are not comparing a 2017. More like a 2016 or 2016.5

NitsedFTW says:

love these videos. have you done one about the Tahoe VS Expedition?

Diaspora El says:

In addition to interior space, listing the payload would be very beneficial as well.

AlloyDiesel says:

I think curb weight is super important. Lighter vehical is better at everything, acceleration, cornering, braking.

James Stencil says:

Let’s see an off-road and review video of the new CX 5

Jim Bolt says:

Dave, you could maybe add a feature component because every car has something special that makes the ride more fun.

Todd Medium Wellington says:

Ford owns 25% of Mazda so ford wins.

TheQuickyouknow says:

The Ford has a lot more technology than the Mazda. The escape has things you can’t get on the Mazda like the panoramic sunroof, cooled seats, and all those automated features.

Chris Bunch says:

Actually Ford only owns 13% of Mazda.

Matthew Dvorsky says:

Hey Dave, could you please compare the 2017 Ford Explorer and the 2017 Dodge Durango! Thanks,Matthew.

robinsonmac says:

The cargo size also depends on the height of the car & how the rear slopes. need ro include those numbers.

Milton Ervin says:

very informative…would love to see a Tacoma vs Colorado torn between the two

Rads and Rems says:

Very excellent, informative numbers. I like the number hard facts.. Mazda wins. Please add vehicle height for us taller drivers.

G Baking says:

The cx-5 is better.

BB SHAW says:

Thanks Dave, I have been doing the same type of side by side comparisons for years on paper. I actually own a 2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport 2.0 6 speed (I had originally considered a Ford Escape, but dodged that 10 recall vehicle). My Cx-5 is not powerful, but handles great and gets good mpg(my 5th Mazda starting with Protege, Tribute, Mazda3, Mazda6). I added an aftermarket sunroof and leather seats that makes it look even better. After 5 years, I am considering the 2017 Grand Touring.

adam stratton says:

you can still get the 2.0L but only in the Sport Trim and only equipped with manual transmission. the 2.5 is also 187, not 185. also the CX-5 GT base is $31’500 but can have a premium package that gives you a real heads up display, heated windshield, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats and memory seats and that will come to $33,490.

Matt Olfson says:

If I were to suggest a new stat for comparison, it would be Turning Radius/Diameter. It’d be nice to see how adgile the cars are when space and agility matters.

Vinoth Babu says:

Please do a difference between mazda cx5 vs bmw x1

Luke Hoisington says:

for 2017 the cx5 no longer has the 2.0 engine and the 2.5 got a slight upgrade to 187hp

Eric Chang says:

The difference? The 2017 Escape is shit.

Anthony Arrington says:

do a comparison of the 17 kia sorento and hyundai sante fe(lwb)

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