2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – Review and Road Test

Now that Mercedes-Benz’s CLA handles entry-level duties for the tri-pointed star, the newest C-Class grows closer to its upscale stablemates and more competitive against the likes of the Audi A4, BMW 3-series, and Lexus IS. Has the C-Class become a wholly upmarket offering? KBB’s Micah Muzio finds out in this video.

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Matt 958 says:

We have this product back here in India. Allow me to describe its quality. It has shoddy equipments that break down apace it still has that extortionate pricing. (Blame it on GST). I’ll quicky elucidate GST. It is our taxation system. Right from its inception it has deterred buyer and potential buyers alike. Our govt believes that we undeserving of anything they offer. Maybe I am digressing from the topic at hand. It exasperates me. I can’t find any plausible explanation as to why the govt has to extortionately tax a commodity that is quite common in other parts of the world.

Mighty Green says:

Can Kelly Blue Book fire this guy! He is a total TOOL! The worst review of them all!

Ian Alexander says:

Looks good

Jay Diaz says:

nice turn

Rusty Roo says:

well made video, great car!

Chuck says:

The car would have looked way better with the C300 Coupe front. And the Coupe would have looked way better with the Sedan back.

It’s like the purposely forced the customer to choose between an ugly outdated front on the sedan or an ugly outdated back on the Coupe. I guess if they had made it perfect nobody would buy the higher end models.

Glock Rivers says:

Hopefully I can get this an an auction tomorrow starting at 500

S J says:

I got 1 too with premium Burmeister audio and this sounds much clearer, not so much base tho http://tiny.cc/oz2esy

emansone says:

I test drove this car and my 1996 lexus ls400 is smoother and quieter the this car

azalru says:

Tesla Model 3 is better than this fossil carriage!

George David says:

Why Lexus should be a more “responsible” choice? Yeah.. let’s use words.. we have them..

matcha cap says:

What Colour is this

TheLifetraveler1 says:

I must admit I have never been a fan of Mercedes-Benz. One I always thought the people who drove them where pretentious. Also when I was in Europe and realize that over there they really don’t cost much more than a regular sedan I kept thinking that they were ripping us off here in the United States. However, I finally had a chance to rent a Mercedes Benz C Class 2018 with 687 miles on it. Here in the Fort Lauderdale area. I must admit after 2 days I will say the car is solid feels like you’re sitting inside of a vault, it is that quiet. The steering itself is extremely accurate the nose goes where the steering wheel is pointed. However the Audi A4 which I drove a few weeks earlier has even better and more accurate steering and it’s a little bit lighter. The interior as well as very solid there isn’t much fake looking plastic everything feel soft to the touch you feel like you are in a luxury car. However I would say the same thing for the Audi so in this core the interior’s feel the same however I like the Audi layout a lot better. the instrument panel and the entertainment system are a lot simpler on the Audi. I spent 3 days with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and I still couldn’t figure out the radio so I had to use Bluetooth for all of my entertainment as well as for my cell phone calls. Last thing, both of these cars are considered compact luxury cars but the Mercedes-Benz felt definitely more claustrophobic I had to move my seat a lot further back from the windshield in order to feel comfortable and I’m 6 feet 2 inches tall. There was no room of any significance in the back seat once I moved my front seat to a comfortable position. The Audi A4 was definitely more comfortable and felt more spacious inside for the driver. I would say both of these cars are excellent cars the question is whether you want the Mercedes-Benz 3 pointed star or you want the slightly extra grin factor of the Audi A4.

Elon says:

should I get the sedan or coupe?

xKiLLzZx1 says:

says 2017 c-class but was uploaded in 2014. Thumbs down

freddieman c says:

this guy is one of the best reviewer of cars anywhere. great voice and upbeat light humor are stong points.

Mercedes-Benz Haxaco says:

Mercedes-Benz C-Class in Viet Nam: https://goo.gl/Loesfg.

Coconut says:

My sis has one. Great in corners and on highway you just turn on cruise control and enjoy. Better then my Audi..I dont think so. Its a great car…Audi is perfection.

Mister G says:


Teenaquarist 71 says:

I love Volkswagen/Audi and I think this is amazing


Man Mercedes just look ugly I rather get a Audi A4 or A5

That McDonald’s BOII says:

So it’s a 2017 car but the date the video was published says 2014???

CarsofGlasgow says:

Great Merc C Class video!
Would you be soo kind to check mine out too?
Keep up the great work! 😀

Noctis Lucis Caelum says:

How much is that car ?

Daisy Christina says:

I find the materials and buttons a little cheap looking. But that’s alright it doesn’t bother me.

billy fatbowe says:

….GERMAN CARS ARE money PITS……;;–)),,,,,,,,,,

roar pal says:

piece of junk!

Joao Esteves says:

Can you give me your opinion on the trunk of this car, how many liters?Do not you think the little trunk?

Erithacus Texas says:

Nice car

DSNCB919 says:

This video title is misleading

BOI 19 says:

This is car is like nearly twice the price in my country

N. Kase says:

Weeeeak!!! The unless you look towards the E-class the brand makes a weak entry level vehicle. Want performance and driving experience, go with BMW. Want technology and front wheel drive, choose Audi. All offer great speakers and surround sound. If this was the benchmark of entry level luxury sedans then it would have been called a 3-series.

TechGently says:

The C-Class does not have a lot of the safety features let’s say well for example, the Honda CR-V EX and above, a car/suv that is about $10,000 less, and has everything. Emergency braking, nein. Blind Spot assist w vibrating wheel nein. Honda, Toyota and other mfr’s offer full safety features. Ok I get it you want the badge for bragging rights, but this all should be standard with Mercedes even at basic trim levels.

Amelia Tooth says:

Lol I have that car and its an amazing ride

tom11zz884 says:

I that a ipad on the dashboard?

Harvinder Sandhu says:

CLA is for Mexican, Arab, and indian posers

Feraidun Haroon says:

Perfection never looked so perfect

David W. S. says:

Really dude, you should do the homework before the review, guessing and discovering on the fly? Not truly inspiring nor showing your knowledge.

debunker300 says:

Amazed at how much depreciation there is with the C-class Mercedes vehicles….I’ve been looking at 2016 and 2017 models with low miles – $25-28K. Question – having never owned a “luxury” car before, are maintenance costs higher? For example, what could I expect to pay for an oil change on a C-series? Or to have the A/C recharged? Same as a normal car or should I expect to get ripped off because the shop thinks I have money since I’m driving a Mercedes?

Kacper B says:

E400 hasn’t naturally aspirated V6 but it is twin turbo…

Christopher Calder says:

They Hyundai Elantra has a bigger trunk, gets better gas mileage, and has about the same interior space. The radio is also easier to use.

SnowBoarder&Skier says:

When I’m 50 years old, I’ll consider a Mercedes Benz. Seems like their designs are for the older generation. Even Lexus is starting to make their cars a little more youthful.

merc340sr says:

Interior looks busy,….interior looks like a sci fi movie..

jas zg says:

I really don’t understand what kind of lunatic would buy mercedes.they are unreliable, electricity is the worse ever,they rust fast…

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