2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class – TestDriveNow.com Preview by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

TestDriveNow.com Preview of the all-new, 10th generation 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class by automotive critic Steve Hammes.


AdventuristoSupremo says:

This really does seem like a paid review rather than an honest opinion. “Emotional styling” seems like a term straight from the manufacturer’s marketing materials.

venom5809 says:

Saw it at the auto show yesterday, while the interior is fantastic I found the exterior pretty bland and unremarkable. I never appreciated the outgoing E-Class’s styling until I saw this one. Regardless it should sell and lease very very well.

ThatGirlAshli says:

You know I have to ask…will you do a review of the new GLC? I just took a drive in it today and it definitely impressed me! I would love to hear your thoughts! Not comparable to the X1, but has me thinking!

Anthony Cuda says:

Inside looks nice, the design just isn’t groundbreaking. Kind of boring

C M says:

beutiful car

Jacob Barros says:

A shame they just made a mini S class. I understand you want brand identity but it was unique the E class always stood apart from the line as something different. Now its just small medium or large. I have to wonder the take rate on the autonomous driving tech. Who would want this when you can’t take your hands off the wheel. Everyone else allows for true hands and feet off driving. I bet dollars to donuts very few ppl will option this from them (perhaps thats what they want until they get more comfortable meaning less autonomy in their fleet = less liability? All the while saying they have autonomous cars.). Not a fan of matte paints.

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