2018 Mercedes AMG E63s Station Wagon TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

Fresh off of the F90 BMW M5 TECH REVIEW, MotoMan looks at its direct competitor, the Mercedes AMG E63 S and in it’s BEST derivation of the 2018 Mercedes Benz E63S STATION WAGON!!!! He starts with the comical output numbers of the Mercedes AMG 4.0 Twin Turbo V8 that develops 603 HP & 627 pounds of torque and then moves to the details that make up this VERY rare Mercedes AMG so special . . .

For more information, watch our 2018 BMW M5 TECH REVIEW (1 of 2) @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okwiNEg-_3A

– or –

2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 3) @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhlrWkIZrTc

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Dongi says:

This is my *most wanted* vehicle :)!

A S says:

My dream car

Edysin Simon says:

Let me guess another 4 liter “hot” Vee turbos, blah blah blah. Sorry Motoman, but all of the same thing with various tuning programs/software/turbos. I get it, but I kinda miss the days of different motors that had special properties! No longer the case. Yeah it’s a wagon, and I love that aspect, but it’s still a E63S in wagon form. Could be a bit jaded I suppose…

Fluterra says:

I am really buying it and will not buy the ceramics.

Andre Hernandez says:

Having the ability to turn off AWD would be helpful if the car needs a tow as well. I didnt know this about AWD vehicles.

tony david says:

do a aston martin db11 volante review

Matt Tacky says:

When will you be uploading part 2 of your E63s review?

Marvin Natividad says:

It’s main competitor is it’s own brother the GLE63
People always say they’re gonna get a E Wagon then come home with a GLE

thatfeel says:

So I need a station wagon to bang my friends mom?

MKTech says:

Love the extended fuel tank test, it’s far cooler than my “can it fit a mountain bike or a road bike in a carrier in the back” test. It would also get much stranger looks than me pulling a bike out a dealership. I honestly don’t think my cheap heart can justify $130K for a ‘practical car’, no matter how cool. But, $65-70k used I can easily jump on board, sadly that means I would be stuck with black or silver instead of the superior red, blue, green or brown colors available (as virtually no one orders MBs in cool colors). In the US there is no comparable car.

T Charlton says:

I would want a 2019 911 Porsche turbo s with 630 HP. I live in Irvine CA and I just sold my BMW 550i M. Seriously love the M5 and am looking forward to your AMG E63S review.

Kai Griffiths says:

Audi made a car with this exact recipe (4l v8… 4wd…600ps) plenty of time ago. this car aint nothin magical its just another overhyped and overpriced Merc 🙂

Frank Andre Holmestrand says:

Sold mine and got an RS3 as it was way too thirsty on the Autobahn and the all wheel steering… no comments

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. says:

As for interior, that white color is insane.  Will get so filthy in no time at all.  Someone will have a giant bill from their local car wash guys.  The detailing required to keep this white will be intense.  I prefer standard gauges, analog.  Digital ones are very inexpensive to put in a car.  These days such screens are .10 cents from China.  But I’m sure Merc would charge $1000 for one.

Ercilio Cunha says:

Audi RS6 Performance

Andres Restrepo says:

to me it competes with the better looking Audi RS6 avant performance.

G55STEYR says:

But there is no center differential, only the clutch. That’s why you can disconnect the front axle, just open the clutch. The W212 models had an asymetrical center diff with 33-67% fixed torque ratio

Luc Laflèche says:

We’re taking wagons yes? Then AMG is tops this side of the pond. Porsche Pan… turbo comes in at 550hp while pushing $200k. Not really close, and no cigar. Also, no RS 6 Avant or Alpina B5 Touring to be found here either. Then again, no Autobahn to make proper use of these supers. What is “the One Other” you speak of?

seattlemercedesspotter says:

No competitor offered in the USA

Edysin Simon says:

Is the RS6 available in the states? No? I really want to see that sweet little blue SL reviewed!

John Fredrickson says:

Use that practicality test more

Abid Niaz says:

I definitely want to see you fill as many of these missiles as possible in cars in all future videos

Matt Tacky says:

The only competition for the E63s wagon is the Audi RS6, although the Audi is out of production as the moment until the new one is launched in 12 months time (or so). Cadillac, BMW offer a super saloon but not the wagon (estate). In Europe the Estate is very popular.

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. says:

Great alternative to any form of SUV.  A bit over the top power wise, but this wagon would be nice with a standard V6 or V8 in it.

Leroy Brown says:

Yo Motoman, I think this car competes with any AMG or Motorsport Suv or the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk because it’s suppose to be the car-hotrod alternative to supercharged SUVs.

Jan B.R.A says:

no carb. brakes, but i would go for the new 53 amg

max says:

Easy answer to your question. Put it on the dragstrip next to a Demon. This E63 will send it packing. 4 driven wheels not two, your question is answered!!!

Ryan Lange says:

Love the aircraft fuel tank storage test. Much more interesting than the packs of Costco toilet paper someone else uses. Although the toilet paper is rectangular and better represents luggage or things people might actually haul in their car. But the fuel tanks look cooler without a doubt.

Leslie White says:

If I’m specing it myself, I would never spec the carbon ceramic brakes. If I’m buying one off the showroom floor, the carbon-ceramic brakes wouldn’t stop me from getting it.

Abram Flores says:

Competitor? Volvo V90. Why? Because let’s be honest, most of these will only see city and highway use, and for that you want luxury, which both have.

Bernie Leiva says:

I wish for this car…

DerPommesPanzerde says:

Why do people always want station wagons? I’m german and I absolutely hate these things!

Zelin Li says:

I click LIKE before I even watch this video! And yes, do more rear space test with weird and funny stuff!

Fluterra says:

Interior looks nice but feels cheap. Cheaper than the previous generation, no question.

John Sekhar says:

Cant wait for the driving review. If I cant choose the Sport Turismo then maybe a RR Sport SVR? I do have a question which I cant find the answer for – in the UK we cant order those sport AMG seats with the advanced driver aids – and so the E63’s have a 3D three pointed star instead of the 2D one with all the camera gubins behind it. Do you know why?

Moby Dick says:

I’ve said it before, will say it again: this is the best car in the world.

bongmist says:

Fake exhaust covers are simply appalling.

Jay Bade says:

Of course RS6 but sadly not in the US of A

Tobias Strohe says:

Tesla model S 100D. Ludicrous mode will eat this 0-60 for lunch… maintenance on this AMG marvel of engineering will be ludicrous. Check out the Tesla shooting break mod on fully charged.

stubones says:

Direct competition? Audi RS6 performance. Don’t get that in North America though?

Mini Eggs says:

Steel brakes because i would get through them 🙂 I appreciate you have probably already filmed the FFDR but other esteemed motoring publications have said the small movement ride quality is borderline and frustrates on a 150k car …

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. says:

Loved those bombs loaded in back.  Would probably get you stopped at any nation’s border however, because it looks like you are a driver working for ISIS.  lol

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