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We try the new Mercedes E-Class and see whether it lives up to its forebears on the innovation front.

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Ali Albanna says:

5 staaars

sranjesuper says:

Sick looking car, except I feel the current line up is all the same looking. C class looks too similar to E class, and E class looks too similar to S class. Glad I got the 2012 C Coupe instead although the interior on the new ones cant be beat, that’s the only thing I like really.

0wninguplz says:

Mercedes E class have always looked good what is this guy spouting…

Abby Hassan says:

looks better than the previous model….wasn’t too impressed with the ride around town either – more of a cruiser. lets hope this is better

Patrick Abbott says:

Mercedes are the worst looking new cars on the road today.

Witty Wolfgang says:

Alex looks cute. Is he gay?

Matt Mccegan says:

Dude… I’m sorry I don’t know ur name… But ur just good…. like really really good……. Ur review of the Masarati Mc Stradale is my most favourite car review in the whole youtube….. Ur one of the very best at what you do… and I thank you for it … Damn now I feel bad cause I don’t know ur name…

navidski says:

I’m just so glad I didn’t wait for this one and got myself a m4 3 months ago. What a disappointment that would had been!

Kcufdurt Tnuc says:

I like old cars better

Islam azeem says:

Stretch C class what a joke lol

Saed Ebrahimi says:

Always great…

MGT says:

Would rather the BMW 640
300BHP 3litre………v8 (i think)
0-60 in 5.5 seconds


new Mercedes = designed to break and leave you stranded. You will be dependent on the dealer.

appelpower1 says:

The proportions of this car are the most balanced of the three: not as cramped as the C-Class and not as pompous as the S-Class. They may look too similar, but this one is quite good-looking. This is the one I’d buy out of the three. Never mind that I’d rather have a Jag XF…

Sean says:

My god the interiors on the new mercedes are just out of this world… My only dream for mercedes is that they add the S class interior in a G wagon.. that would be a dream

Rafael Santos says:

Portugal, very very cool

Andrew Toney says:

I don’t write reviews very often but the skies review was quite excellent and I like that he speaks very positively of automation it is very important for us to move forward with automating a roadways they are becoming overly crowded very quickly even remote areas. Humans just can’t possibly think as quickly as computers therefore we can have them driving us around at high speeds and negotiating their movements effortlessly between themselves.

brunoignaciogi says:

6:24 for this kind of people, you need a *strong* public transportation network. so they don’t drive any car
Think of Japan, you don’t have to go from A to B on car, you can do it by train.
Because of this, if you want a car it’s because you have a *desire* for it.
Don’t give cars to people who don’t want to drive, give them quality public transport (i’m looking at you USA)

oriri ona says:

Saw this car today its really nice and sleek just a few inches smaller than the s class

Jan Prazak says:

The way the interior goes, the style of dash reminds me of the one in w123, which was beautiful.

Pratham hans Marwaha says:

Why has the name changed ?

ktownva says:

Meh, the interior of my 2015 C300 is good/great enough. I watched this expecting to be more blown away by the next class up.

Shahzad Naqvi says:

Nationality check .SHAHZAD NAQVI. Naturalized Citizen of the United States of America. Victim of Human trafficking and sex traffic. India. President of India. DEFECTION. Air France. PILOTE.SEK9021.ABINITIO pilot Trainee, Air France, Boeing 777.Girl-Friend.Hired.

weili6112 says:

Where is this place? It looks nice.

DigitalYojimbo says:

But can it get Ota updates ?

Synematic Studios says:

I have the 2016 E350 and Im just really sad I didn’t wait until this one released instead…

Engei says:

This is basically a S-class for peasants. I love it

Vaporizers101 says:

looks liek a C class

MGT says:

He looks a bit like my brother. I dont like my brother.

s b says:

we tesla drivers give you all the emotional supports, MB, keep it up, you are getting there.

Rheece Peters says:

I appreciate the interior but the exterior is boring

steve jones says:

Car for the rich…

samu el says:

send your car key. wow this sounds safe

flaccid acid says:

when the video started i thought that was richard hammond you know
kinda like his voice..

Francios P says:

I don’t like cars — I LOVE them 🙂

William Wallace says:

Why do i have a feeling that these cars are gonna get stolen alot with that stupid phone/app key

radost0514 says:

witch is the city in 7:25?

najmi syazani says:

I’m not very good with cars so i’m wondering. Where is the car gear?

Wally inParadise says:

Good clear description of the vehicle, as always. Best Regards

Golden Member says:

I love it ^^
But I’m waiting for the CLS

Martin Russel says:

not as wow as c or s or any other benz. somehow its not attractive

kiknav says:

I wish they could have shown the beautiful city behind the camera that is Lisbon, the review would be more pleasant to see, Lisbon is beautiful 😉

Christov Bro says:

wtf this is a C class lmfao

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