Concept GLC Coupé Headlight – Trailer – Mercedes-Benz original

The Concept GLC Coupé lighting concept is the very best that high-tech has to offer: The full LED headlights resemble light sculptures and define the modern look of the Concept GLC Coupé. All of the functions are merged into a single light: even the “eyebrow” has been reinterpreted: Small blades divide the daytime driving light and are home to the turn indicators, which use chasing lights to signal a change of direction. More information about the Concept GLC Coupé Headlight on

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manoman0 says:


Klaus Schneider says:

I hope the Future is that Benz Cars live long , like the old ones !

Autophorie says:

Nice feature, but when will it be ready for production?

makonasaber says:

That’s an amazing headlight and a fitting slogan.

Dizzyhob says:

Thats sick!

ishaan lele says:

best or nothing

Эльдар Ибрагимов says:

Такие фары будут стоить дороже моей квартиры )

OldBenz says:

It looks impressive)) Mercedes as always on top

DrawingsnStuff says:

WTF! That looks AWESOME! 😮

Daniel Arief says:


Justin Akioka says:

This is some transformers shit right here.

nuvamusic says:


Cabrio Driving In The Alps says:

Mercedes, bring these concepts to life and not like with GLA…

RepresentNYC says:

The best or nothing.

Tidgy says:

Terminator? xD

Артем Ханферов says:

красиво, но неоправданно-дорого.

p11m11 says:

Holy shit, this looks so sick

Гуглкан says:


osamabinkhalid says:


Theod Mi says:


marco sardi says:


Sharvin Nannan Panday says:

Wow! Some great thought has been put into that. Nice work!!

Hery says:

one more thing to break down and it costs MONEY!!

eric dav says:

Really surprising design style for it and you may know nothing about it if haven’t seen the title.

Mustafa SARUHAN says:


Vaibhav Mamle says:

Wow. Looks like alien technology

Cabrio Driving In The Alps says:

Mercedes, bring concepts to life. These are only on videos, later we see just typical stuff;)

Vlad Gorbatyuk says:

Please meet the future!

Toni Niemi says:

Those are some cool headlights!

Try Again says:


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