Mercedes-Benz Future Bus

What urban public transport will look like in the future is shown by the semi-automated city bus with CityPilot – it operates even more safely, efficiently and comfortably than conventional buses. Connectivity plus camera and radar systems with data fusion are catapulting the city bus into the future. Mercedes-Benz is showing this spectacular technology on an equally spectacular technology platform, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot.

The technology of the CityPilot in the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus is based on that of the autonomously driving Mercedes-Benz Actros truck with Highway Pilot presented two years ago. It has however undergone substantial further development specifically for use in a city bus, with numerous added functions. The CityPilot is able to recognise traffic lights, communicate with them and safely negotiate junctions controlled by them. It can also recognise obstacles, especially pedestrians on the road, and brake autonomously. It approaches bus stops automatically, where it opens and closes its doors. And not least, it is able to drive through tunnels.

Just under a dozen cameras scan the road and surroundings, while long and short-range radar systems constantly monitor the route ahead. There is also a GPS system. Thanks to data fusion, all the data received create an extremely precise picture and allow the bus to be positioned to within centimetres. This already works in practice, as demonstrated by the world premiere of the CityPilot on an exacting route covering almost 20 km, with a number of tight bends, tunnels, numerous bus stops and involving high speeds for a city bus.

This semi-automated city bus improves safety, as it relieves its driver’s workload and nothing remains hidden from its cameras and radar systems. It improves efficiency, as its smooth, predictive driving style saves wear and tear while lowering fuel consumption and emissions. With its smooth and even rate of travel it also improves the comfort of its passengers.


Wie der Nahverkehr in Zukunft aussehen wird, zeigt der teilautomatisiert fahrende Stadtbus mit CityPilot – er ist noch sicherer, effizienter und komfortabler unterwegs als herkömmliche Omnibusse. Konnektivität, Kamera- und Radarsysteme sowie Datenfusion katapultieren den Stadtbus in die Zukunft.

Die Technik des CityPilot im Mercedes-Benz Future Bus basiert auf dem vor zwei Jahren vorgestellten autonom fahrenden Lkw Mercedes-Benz Actros mit Highway Pilot. Sie wurde jedoch für den spezifischen Einsatz in einem Stadtomnibus entscheidend weiterentwickelt und mit zahlreichen Funktionen ergänzt. So kann der CityPilot Ampeln erkennen, mit ihnen kommunizieren und fährt sicher über Ampelkreuzungen. Er kann ebenfalls Hindernisse und vor allem Fußgänger auf der Fahrbahn erkennen und bremst selbstständig. Ebenso fährt er automatisch an Haltestellen heran, öffnet und schließt dort die Türen. Nicht zuletzt durchquert er Tunnel.

Ein knappes Dutzend Kameras scannt Fahrbahn und Umgebung, Fern- und Nahbereichsradarsysteme tasten ständig die vorausliegende Strecke ab. Hinzu kommt ein GPS-System. Alle Daten zusammen ergeben durch Datenfusion ein extrem präzises Bild und ermöglichen eine zentimetergenaue Positionierung des Omnibusses. Dies bei der Weltpremiere auf einer knapp 20 km langen Strecke mit teils engen Kurven, mit Tunnels, zahlreichen Haltestellen und bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten für einen Stadtbus.

Der teilautomatisiert fahrende Stadtbus erhöht die Sicherheit, denn er entlastet den Fahrer und seinen Kameras sowie Radarsystemen bleibt nichts verborgen. Er verbessert die Effizienz, denn die sanfte und vorausschauende Fahrweise schont die Aggregate, senkt den Kraftstoffverbrauch und damit gleichermaßen die Emissionen. Er erhöht durch seine fließend gleichmäßige Fahrt ebenfalls den Komfort der Fahrgäste an Bord.


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Marek Jacečko says:


Stealthy get says:

How many people can it hold?

Wasse Aveiro says:

Wow nice!
How many people fit into the bus?

ヒロ Hiro says:


Justin Wickramarathna says:

What’s so excited, Mercedes still running.

Fanta Kelevra says:

Ich hoffe das wird kein Stadtbus Hahah, in Großstädten brauchen die Bisse nicht zuviel Comfort sondern einfach 30 mal soviel Sitzplätze wie jetzt xD

martin gomez says:

mas asientos faltan

Killa2000 says:

I love Mercedes Benz <3

No Subject says:

Let me see the bus drive without the driver in his seat and we’ll see if the passengers are as comfortable. That’s what I thought!

BjarneWolf says:

Bremsverhalten Bus Note 4

ait si selmi smail says:

top des top

Block_id _103 says:


what is life says:


AKP a says:


omri selem says:

I like the video, the future bus, and the people’s behaviour. Awesome

Kritiranjan Parida says:


Dyl says:

sickk video. post more!

Jason Q says:

My life goal: becoming a bus driver!

TrwSeama says:

In what univese you can let your phone out to charge while on the bus, and the hpone not disappeaR?

Patryk Wieczorek says:

0:58 “No way!” “Yes way!” “No way!” LOL

Dayan Arung says:

for TransJakarta

Omsiese says:

will this operate in the UK?

Epzilonz says:

Dont name it “Future Bus”

Harold Stewart-Powell says:

With the extreme drop in the number of passengers, I wonder will that hike the fares up or how will this ridiculously over glamorizes waste of money is going to support itself?

agent'scorp says:

Sorry Mercedes.

Where is the efficiency of this “bus”? Seven seats and wirelessly charging? First: That phone will be stolen, or they are batteling for the charge station.

Why those blue lights at the outside? We don’t need a TV in the bus, we don’t need an autopilot, we don’t need seats made of plastic, we are just going by bus!

Design is not that well though, may you should some colors into your concepts. We know, white|silver is a modern color, but it’s not the life of pt.

You, Mercedes, built the C2. It’s such a wonderful bus, such a nice vehicle. And now THAT should be the future of public transport?
 Please, think about the effenciency. World is growing. Buses have to be better. Build a C3. 🙂

Greetings from the rivals. | California

riot control says:

what engine does it use?

Der Busfahrer says:

Ich finde die Technik gut,
aber alles wird automatisiert und das ist glaube ich nicht so gut.
Die Frage ist wie lange der Fahrer noch dort sitzt….

Ventitrer says:

I would like to see it challenging the traffic of a big city instead of driving of a dedicated line.. but still.. it’s interesting anyway.


waw !

szymon2599 says:

This driver is smiling becous Mercedes want kick him from job?

Gamer Spieler Germ und eng says:

These buses are pleasing to me and I am looking forward to it when the soon with us and if the without Mentschlichen driver can drive or without bus driver

ShishaKuscheltiere says:

Wow, there like 10 places to sit.
In my bus there are 70 places to sit 120 places to stand and 2 places for wheelchair drivers but we still sometimes cant collect all the people which want to go home by bus

Norris Wen says:

Leading civilization of Human being tomorrow!

Kirill Berezin says:

If it is concept then its lacking a lot of real world demands. Where is synchronization to my phone? Why it not reminds me where my stop is? Why it doesn’t correct my navigation estimation? Where is wifi?
Implement this if possible pls.

Chris94 says:

äusserst bewundernswerte technik. aber wollen wir das wirklich?

Stefan Müller says:

who wants this future ?

Andreas Gohl says:

Bitte in Serie ^^

FK YT says:


Jeremiahbus 22 says:

it ant not fun if you not driving the bus I love driving using 3,9 on the wheel

Ahmet Özkul K says:

I don’t want this uselles bug in the busnies world. Because It will finishes the all driving job sellections. I hope you can’t win . You can’t end the driving jobs. +Daimler AG

Juan Manuel says:

this bus is electric?

Alan Mazwi says:

easiest job ever, also whoos buying a 10 passenger seat buss? where is this realistic

Detrioum R says:

Now hiring: Co Drivers

Lul M8 says:

0:56 How white people communicate Hahahahha WTF that part was so cringy and awkward

Ricardo Avila says:

im still thinking if this is a animation or real concept :v

Michael Massarotti says:

if its auto drive why is the driver there. is he there incase somethink goes wrong?

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