Mercedes-Benz presents: King of the City Jungle | S-Class Commercial

How to tame a lion: the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class with ENERGIZING comfort control. In the animal kingdom, he is undisputedly at the top of the food chain – there is no living creature that does not fear him: the lion. But even the strongest alpha animal has a bad day, as the new S-Class film by antoni proves in a very humorous way. In the spot for the new S-Class, it serves as a metaphor for the alpha animal in the business world: the boss of a successful startup. His day is anything but successful. Time and again, minor mishaps cause his mood to deteriorate. Stressed and anything but in a good mood, he gets into the new S-Class at the end of a long business day. Here, he experiences what Mercedes-Benz describes as Mood Changing Technology: the ENERGIZING comfort control. A system that adapts the temperature, fragrance, lighting mood, seats, music and many other components to the driver’s wishes and improves the mood. At the touch of a button, the lion’s bad mood vanishes. He’s relaxing. An entertaining drive through the night begins, at the end of which he arrives home in a good mood. The stress is passé.

The film follows the reorientation of Mercedes-Benz towards human-centered innovation and focuses on human needs, albeit in an unusual way. As the technological flagship brand and industry leader, the S-Class takes on a pioneering role.

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Bucko Duda says:

Filip kaj Vinca Visnja avav

shining star says:

Lion is like my dad

MEGREL _92 says:

Nice lion)

chekexplora says:

Hooooooooooow que hermoso comercial , me fascinó mucho. Mercedes Benz lo felicito mucho por hacer un comercial muy agradable .

Bernie Pastoral says:


YouTuber Man says:

هل يوجد تخفيضات

karthik arumugam says:

Simba bought it from tax payers money in real world

HasHasDre says:

mood changing tech??? HUH?

blaby4ever says:

It’s the mayor of Zootopia . . . whats the big deal?

Wolfie Wolfers says:

Who else would have the 2011 E63 AMG? :3

I Vivi says:


L OL says:

У них даже реклама топовая.

fast rider says:

I am a bimmer but i like the merc commercial for the first time intelligent! Till the new BMW commercial 😉

MJR ! says:

He is cute

Илгор Холиков says:

The best or nothing!

Strolling Wizards says:

S class is the greatest sedan

Singgih Atma negara says:

Does anyone know what genre of music is this ?
00:55 – 01:24

Ruhdman Sajir says:

I just noticed that he has no tail QwQ

Max Andreia says:

Meu sonho é ser um designer da Mercedes-Benz tenho bons predicados mas no Brasil é complicado ter chances e alcançar um teste ou emprego nesta empresa ..

Mahsun Demirel says:

0:43 sn
Where is the otomatik light system ?

jubir vanta says:

Really Impressionante

Nammn says:

So Porsche Panamera has be to be a what?, a dolphin? Hahha,

Kp Jadeja says:

Bhai Bhai kai na ghate ho

Ashwin Zala says:

King is king

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