Mercedes’ hydraulic problems explained

Craig Scarborough looks at the Mercedes hydraulic problem that ended the Austrian GP for Valtteri Bottas and Hockenheim qualifying for Lewis Hamilton

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GNX157 says:

Nord-lock X series would be a good solution but they probably don’t want the added weight, small as it may be.

diazzsama says:

medium strength thread locker

Johnny Brophy says:

Just use sum LOCK TIGHT on the nut’s problem sorted that’s what I would do here in Dublin Ireland

Tsf Phi says:


yelistener says:

Kerbs that generate a particular resonant vibration that made the nuts go loose. Man the technology behind building a competitive F1 car just reached a new absurd height. Now you have to fucking consider the potential resonant vibration from running on kerbs lol

1320crusier says:

Safety wire would solve that issue.

nothing isnt As it seem says:

Lol! Just say it’s stupidity spirit lol! Nobody check resonance optimization !otherwise your f1 would be designed way differently lol!they can barely accept the idea even tho Gerard morin hint at some potential

nothing isnt As it seem says:

I bet the k nut will be looked at everywhere! Possible resonance induced lost of hydraulic pressure? Hahahaha! Stupidity spirit for the win ! This problem by the way ? Was the resultant!(NOB) not the cause!i told merc the freaking issue could pop up ! They fixed something but there was another problem hidden !that is what happen when you go ham on debugging stupidity spirit! Happens to me weekly ! I fix one thing and that make the other issue discoverable ! And no !there is no tool sensor or whatever for this!this is why you got to be plus ultra VS STUPITY SPIRIT! Cost saving measure introduced this annoyance in the 60 or 70! Stupidity spirit wasn’t present before !there were other issue but not stupidity spirit!or it was lost in translation lol

Curious Cat says:

So basically if Mercedes catches a vibrator they are screwed.

Kimi Raikkönen says:

It cannot be the fucking same guy that hit me I don’t know if I have a puncture or not.

Marc Thomas says:

a bit tight to get some safety wire pliers in the cockpit…. come one get any good A&P and he could wire up that nut from behind while eating a sandwich

matt thom says:

Are these K nuts a torque to yeild set up?

nothing isnt As it seem says:

Please! It’s just stupidity spirit not fully comprehended by merc yet ! They re kind of stubborn! The issue? Everybody is like , is there something lighting up ? A code? Nope! And they do the merry go around of triple checking everything! There is no code to check you don’t have things for stupidity spirit !you should? Mmm now that one is a bit weird but I don’t think one can be created! Only solution I found ? Listen to the car ! Since f1 driver are busy ? I don’t think there is a way for now! It’s the same issue that the cavendish experiement got! ! Stupidity spirit!
They think they proved gravity ! Hahahaha!i m 80% sure they re wrong! But they re sold to gravity so they aren’t gona check anything else lol !scandal if they were to go against science! Anyway ! Merc is gona find a way might be very roundabout cause hydraulic is : where is hilt so I can vent ! But they got the info I sent it to them months ago if not end of last season lol! If they ignored it ?it isn’t my problem

Mohammad Arif Anuar says:

i only came for 1:13

rohit nautiyal says:

Hello have they heard of safety wire

Mike Rothwell says:

The damage in that closeup photo…. What happened there? Didn’t look like nut failure to me. Was that actually from a merc?

reon barrett says:

Is there photos no do I believe this no don’t sounds real Not to me but like police trying solve a crime just he say much truth who knows

Stephen Knowles says:

In aerospace usage, a single failure to lose all hydraulics would be a no no. Some form of additional locking (or 2 K nuts per attachment) would be mandatory. Its tempting to believe F1 is happy to adopt aerospace tech but not pick up on aerospace best practice or regulations, all of which are publicly available…

1786 Vlogs says:

All this money and they dont use loctite!! Bahahahah wow, maybe i should be there advisor, i put red loctite on everything!!

Bryce Peters says:

Am i missing something or can they just use loctite?

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