Mercedes Next-Gen Cockpit – 2019 Mercedes A-Class Interior preview

Taking centre stage in the Mercedes-Benz presence at the CES 2018 will be the world premiere of the intuitive and intelligent multimedia system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience. It will enter series production in 2018 in the new 2019 A-Class.

The name MBUX for the new infotainment system signals that the user experience (UX) is to the fore. A unique feature of this system is its ability to learn thanks to artificial intelligence. MBUX can be individualized and adapts to suit the user. It thus creates an emotional connection between the vehicle, driver and passengers. At the same time updates “over the air” are possible. It also heralds a new era at Mercedes me Connectivity.

Its further strengths include the high-resolution Widescreen Cockpit with touchscreen operation, navigation display with augmented reality technology plus intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition, which is activated with the keyword “Hey Mercedes”.

MBUX is used in the entire new compact car generation from Mercedes-Benz and will enter series production in spring 2018 in the new 2019 A-Class. Its highlight is the comprehensive touch operation concept – the combination of a touchscreen, touchpad on the centre console and Touch-Control Buttons in the steering wheel. In addition to the intuitive operating experience, less driver distraction is another advantage.

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Peter Krnjevic says:

Just what the world needs: more idiots starting at their infotainment system instead of the road.

Kertamo says:

OMG. This tech stuff is just flooding our lives.

Vadim Rezmerita says:

Finalmente Tuch e mappa per bene e un dizain di infotaimed per bene BRAVO !!

A.I AL-Alsheikh says:

hope this will be in the new g class

King Kowen says:

I cannot praise the power of this technology for finally catching up to what an iPad could do 5 years ago. I expect an upgradable infotainment system upon a new car purchase the same way you upgrade you halogen headlights for LEDs. I’d pay $1000 extra for the better, iPad equivalent powered, info system over an $100 Android tablet powered one they have in cars these days.

Zvonimir Tosic says:

Tired of too much tech everywhere. Time to get one of those really fine SLs from 1980s, a real map, real compass, real watch, and drive the hell away from this.

Debebe Jack says:

Still runs of gas. Nothing new guys

640abdalla says:

I want his job so bad!

MAR108 says:

People are Terrible enough drivers now add all those extra touch screens great, extra time spent sitting in traffic

Mind Yours says:

Cop pulls you over:

Cop: Hey, Hey, Stop playing with your car screen panel or I’ll write you a ticket

Touchscreens should only be allowed on autonomous vehicles. Yet this guy is talking about this will be great for the gaming community. I nearly fell out. He want people to be in their cars playing games rather then focusing on the road; while watching movies and T.V. Lol

What kind of ticket can you get for watching a movie built in your car screen dashboard? Cops are going to have a field day with this one.

Nicholas Bennett says:


E Murtaza says:

It’s good a company like Mercedes are out there thinking about helping more people with disabilities

Yo Mama says:

Fuuuuuuuuucking GAY

E-B-M-M R-L says:

Audi system is better it has Google earth

VQ3713 says:

Sorry, but looks tacky. Not for me. I love my physical gauge cluster and not surrounded by screens. I guess that’s one reason why I wouldn’t purchase a Mercedes Benz.

Ulukai Azgard says:

woo hoo… 5 year old tech… with a merc badge!

truly, a typical cringe moment from 1900-something-merc. Get with the programme guys.

Mind Yours says:

This is not a new concept. I’ve seen something similar to this in 2016. Plus all the button positions are odd. Why can’t there be like an individual screen to place all the controls you can browse through like Tesla. All those miscellaneous button positions is crazy. It’s like having to use several remotes for one T.V.. Plus if it’s not electric then… Prepare to get left behind in the past. All manufacturing companies are literally beginning to move into the electric vehicle market. Get with the times.

Michael Yogibara says:

Already dated looking. Carplay and Google makes more sense.

Simon Carling says:

Am I the only person who thinks taking your eyes off the road to touch a screen is a bad idea.? I have had Mercedes for many years and with the navigation wheel you know how many clicks anti clock or clockwise do what. Real world driving and people will be touching the screen whilst driving. To bate Merc, BMW and Audi were the only manufacturers who had it right.

With Style says:

Next gen distraction while driving and crashing that thing!

VioletVess says:

ok so now mercedes have touch screens

Anthony McCord says:

It was hard watching this video of this guy is very boring you can’t keep this guys a spokesperson put him in the office

Tony Bland says:

The new UX is amazing and well thought out.

Felipe VII The Gentleman Driver says:

looks great

Modelface Photoshop says:

Wtf this is GREAT for A class, stop comparing it to A8, S class and bmw 7 lol

GVGavenatore says:

Too much :/ you want to drive not play Tetris

Supreme Etnel says:

Will it be a sedan or hatchback and will be available in the US

Daniel Sadjadian says:

Beautiful interior!

Fazal Rabbi says:

Love this one


As much as people getting so addicted to their phones, iPads, and now we going to have even bigger touch screen within even closer arm reach from any driver !!! :))) God bless us all !!! :)))

wdb4me says:

It could be more integrated to the dashboard….It seems kind of a cheap adaptation.

Cer0ne1 says:

Song name?

astral xing says:

My phone can already do all that , how about focus on build electric affordable cars with some decent range on them .

อาร์ต ศิลปโอสถ says:

Nvidia cpu

Emma Steiner says:

Suppose judge decline limit tennis radiation tongue invisible acid stair capacity.

Bide Wu says:

Looks better than my 2018 E400

Save the Rhino says:

touchpad ? nice to know blackberry still kickin

الفتى الذكي says:

التكنولوجيا وما ادراك

mike says:

tesla is 10 years ahead !

Wolfram Luchner says:

Nice try Mercedes, but not even close to where Byton is already today with their CES 2018 Concept, 49” display, driver tablet and remote touch technology.

Samuel says:

She never told him if he needed the umbrella or not -_-

Austin Sledge says:

i like eating hot dogs so its okay everyone

Karim Sadouni says:

What happening if your Banz falo love with anther Banz ? Can you controlad. By. G P S

Johny Shutoff says:

Well done, Merc. Competition is getting intense, but still Audi’s ahead

James Lau says:

Talk and sound like Apple…

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