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The Mercedes S-Class has always been the best luxury car, the standard setter, the vehicle by which all other luxury limousines are judged. The current model has been around since 2014, so is it still the market leader when it comes to comfort and technology, or has the BMW 7 Series made it look old fashioned. I get behind the wheel of an S350 diesel to find out in this video of the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

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Vijay Singh Sandhu says:

pls improve audio quality

Gogo Boxing says:

That’s it Matt! Reach for the STARS! Haha 00:58

Ashu Tibrewala says:

in india

Enes Garazlic says:

Theres a pretty obvious reason why the front seat arm rest has moving leather on top, its to prevent damaging the leather if you rest with a sticky arm or if you move your arm around alot on it. You know what i mean…

Ghita Andrei says:

Mat, i can’t stop wondering how much will this car cost 10 years from now

Peter Jonathan says:

“avoid the red ambient light or people might think you’re a mobile brothel” LOL thats pretty true, good review video btw

Nezir Spanca says:

Dream Car… perfect outlook and interior design

Tom Speller says:

Supreme craftsmanship.. BMW, are you watching? Fuck audi their useless..

liew yu wen says:

don’t know if it’s possible but would be so happy to see you guys reviewing the Mercedes S 600 Maybach

Seungkyu Park says:

4WD =/= AWD

Chris Whitmer says:

Beautiful car

Nicolay Zdratwye says:

How many it costs?

Izaak Ali says:

Love the car

W L K says:

I prefer the S-class than the E-class

Cbreak says:

S club 7? 😀 I see what you did there! xD

Vivek Nair says:

mobile brothel lol

Big Boy Glock says:

Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side?

iaytoao says:

I wonder, sometimes, if Brits themselves realize just how sensual and exquisite their accents are. If my ears were fluid, they would have already melted.

Darren Liu says:

porsche panamera beats this by a long shot :/

Matt- Man says:

why is it called 2017 but the car has a 65 plate

pirell says:

why does he keep using a water bottle to put in the front door space. if you own this car you dont put a water bottle in the car door you put Moet or don perignon!

V.Vega says:

I don’t understand why manufacturers think the definition of luxury is having to sort through menus on a screen with a little touch thing on the console while you’re trying to drive just to make a minor adjustment to the car. Give me quality, comfort, and make everything simple and elegant. If I’m buying a $100,000+ car i want to press one button to turn things on, adjust the a/c with one knob, etc.. I’m not spending more money to work harder and complicate simple things.

Omer Rana says:

Inshallah I will bought this car and fulfill my dream with my beautiful wife And my Idol Parents

Arshdeep Hans says:

No one is buying this car to fit three people in the back you dumb ass

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Josh Bacon says:

Why isn’t the 4WD version of this car offered in the UK?

nadeem sultan says:

mercedez has always been top of the list of every car since 1886…

Rhean Rajgor says:

Having used both cars the 7 series is far superior as a more sporty car. The s class seems to be designed for 70 plus and really feels it. I would never buy one over a 7 series as they are a much better drive and have better engines and kit.

Petko Krushev says:

i’m impressed, that it’s 2017 and people still think it’s luxorious to have a fridge in the car, come on, it’s not 2000s

AmxCsifier says:

6:00 his right face,… hahaa

Bravo B says:

I like this guy, with the right writing staff he could be great.

LeMonsieurJamain says:

Sitting by the road floor before getting inside , putting some deodorant inside, Slamming doors like in a wresting contest. Damn mat Its a S class …

Antik Kumar says:

where is tv

MrMakosi says:

Terrible dash, so ugly for such an expensive car

راكان التميمي says:

الله اكبر

JMadMachine says:

Did you buy the S350d?

meryuk says:

You also reached that point in your life?

Ashu Tibrewala says:

we pay
69000 pounds to buy an E Class

Khadar Baba Shaik says:

he said namaste it mean he was an Indian!!!!

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