New Mercedes S-Class 2018 in-depth review – is it still the best? | Mat Watson Reviews

The Mercedes S-Class is one of the most luxurious cars on sale and absolutely rammed with high-tech features that wouldn’t seem out of place in NASA’s mission control, but what’s it like to live with and how does it compare to the likes of the BMW 7 Series and Audi A8? I take a detailed look around and get behind the wheel to give you my verdict on this supremely comfortable executive saloon.

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Quang Nguyen says:

Honestly, it looks like a Korean luxury car in front view.

Mason Walsh says:

Salad nowhere experience tight volunteer tide announcement incentive during six.

Michael Mccusker says:

I think the front end looks old

Bongani Ntenza says:

I didn’t know how funny it is to review the car, well done. You definitely not a typical accountant. I believe that table at the back is more for eating than for laptop. Luxury well defined, without trying too much like the competition. No wonder it’s the best selling luxury car in the world.

VoloKin Project says:

The S klasse is behind the competition when it comes down to gadgets.

rm says:

i liked the rearlights and steeting wheel of the pre facelift more.

LK Games says:

I think thats the “coffee” interior 😀

Sudarshan Krish says:

I watch these reviews for Matt and the way he explains .. Who gives a shit about cars!

nguyen hong phuc says:

This guy so amusing !

Mani M says:

Hey Matt, please fix your mike. Audio is not good, when you turn your head sideways the quality drops off, it will help us people who have trouble following British accent 🙂

Skoda Are So Ugly says:

As always, Audi are last out of the 3 top German cars – Merc, BMW & Audi. Why buy an Audi? Always last and always worst.

Dorian Thomas says:

Hey a giant C Class 😀

Ahmed MEFTAH says:

Hi, i love your coat, where can i find it, what brand is it? Pleas answer

MrUbuntuking says:

The seats in this thing might be good by Mercedes standards, but how are they compared to lesser entry-level luxury brands (Volvo, Acura, Buick)? Mercedes’ dominance in interior design, materials, and features is indisputable, but they certainly aren’t known for their seats. The E-Class in particular is notorious for its leather-wrapped park benches, the CLS has automatic “support” features that can’t be turned off, and get annoying quickly if you’re over 6′, and most of the rest are nothing special at best. Is the new S-Class finally Volvo or old Lexus levels of cushy?

Rahul vinal Narayan says:

I don’t like the fat headlights. They look bulky and out of place.

sashdown22 says:

I think you say 7 speed gear box. Isnt this 9g tronic gearbox?

Dave Gould says:


youwannaseesomemagic says:

the air vents in Mercedes look ugly

Larry Peanut says:

such an idrive fanboyo

dhalsim1 says:

Another car with too much crap to go wrong. You’ll be forever hounded by fault codes.

Tushar Sadhye says:

Recliner seats are best in Lexus LS 500h

Тонислав Коев says:


Eugene Barry says:

Great review

Rasmus Rasmussen says:

dont need to see the video to know the S-Class is king!

whayemso mysterious says:

Audi a8 or this? Pls help me

THEANG13 says:

where is the gearbox in this car?

ShoopkoTube says:

Is this magnetite black colour? tnx

Morducha Blumsztajn says:

great camera work but mic could be better 😉

Tudor's actions says:

Oh my that’s a wowcar ! <3

Soldier1287 says:

cucumber from the side looking ass car

the curve

King of wolves says:


pmerk36 says:

The steering wheel is on the wrong side. Fix that.

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