Roman’s Postcard from Seattle: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Preview

( ) The all new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C 300 and C 400 is a 4 door sedan that’s been completely redesigned with aluminum panels to save 200 pounds over the previous model. In this video review Roman shares his first impressions of the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class in this postcard from Seattle.

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mahmoud zalloum says:

What is the name this music

TheHoth1 says:

I could see lots of people surrounding the new Benz and admiring them. Just kidding.

Dongi says:

Wonder why Mercedes always does their previews and launches in Seattle?

Perfect_ Fit says:

I refuse to spend over 50k for a loaded C Class especially a four cylinder turbo and 240hp. When I can buy a BMW M235i with sport package and leather and premium sound and navigation and a inline 6 cylinder and 320hp and the BMW clearly out classes the over loaded under powered 2015 C Class. Mercedes is a joke with this new C Class where they charge you for every freaking add on. My lease is up next September and goodbye Mercedes and back to BMW.

Jack says:

Lies within the C63 AMG cars. At this point the M4 is the premier cars in this league. It’s up to Mercedes to deliver… Can they? Can’t wait to find out! New 5.5 Bi. turbo is what all of us are waiting for.

bufunga says:

That, and the people suck ass at driving in this state. Worst drivers ever. But I love trees.

Ron Mexico says:

The first 2 1/2 minutes of a 6 minute video shows the view from the ferry and he talks about how beautiful it is. How about you talk about the fucking car on a car review! Jackhole.

Smokey BEAR says:

Wtf it’s not raining in Seattle?

abc says:

How is the steering on this benz is it tight/heavy or loose

bmwmsport11 says:

I kinda love and hate the styling on this. Its looks nice like the S-Class, but afterall its just a C-Class(so it shouldn’t look so similar to the big benz)

Arthur Sperotto says:

What a beautiful place and scenery! I’m looking forward to the review!
All the best, guys!

TheHoth1 says:

I could see lots of people surrounding the new Benz and admiring them. Just kidding.

Dee Jay says:

People that drive these kinda of cars are status driven Ego sluts and most knows jack when it comes to latest tech even if the car is 10 years behind in Technology and not up par to even the the cheapest smart phone.  I know someone like this. His world is surrounded by selfies and how many plastic barbie looking chics he can bang.

KingPNW says:

Their new interiors are so great, but what is that horrendous infotainment screen?!

Stephan Lauriston says:

Lol @ the guy sitting in the white car

senorgato70 says:

LOL@5:15. Girl locked her door with window down. 

Doyin Adesoye says:

Hello Roman! I’m from Seattle and i was wondering if it was possible for me to get to meet you in person! I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe just one photo too 🙂 thanks! I hippie this is possible.

Calvin Pollard says:

Absolutely stunning. 

Ted Roberts says:

Tired of the drought in ca going to move to Pullman wa.

Misbahuddin Hunafa says:

Looks like a miniature S-Class.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

2 days. In and out. Sounds like a weekend with my GF!

Henrik says:

C 300 with only 2L, 4 cylinder !! Lame Golf engine 
C 400 with 4 wheel drive – why ?  for people who don’t know how to drive ??

Adnan Anwar says:

I have to say , interior is very ugly in the C300 being shown.

golfemperor says:

when were you guys in Seattle? I live there, I would have loved to meet you guys.

EthericWings says:

In a way you are getting paid . a free flight and a nice hotel stay and food . shit that’s a good comp

senorgato70 says:

This car just raised the bar in the luxury/sport sedan segment.  The styling is more mature than the outgoing car, and that interior is absolutely a game changer, which is probably why Audi has now delayed the launch of the new A4.  I’m glad the at-launch entry level car is the C300 since the C250’s engine was essentially a lame duck. 

kirbyswarp says:

Also 4:56 2nd gen Oldsmobile Aurora. What a beautiful car, even after 13 years.

kirbyswarp says:

Nathan, I’ve ridden that exact same ferry, well same route in the same kind of ferry.

Kevin Smith says:

I really don’t understand the point of the infotainment system. In most reviews, vehicles that have touch enabled displays are somehow bad even if they have a control knob. Yet somehow being able to write something on the control knob as opposed to directly on the screen is good.
As a person who uses a pen table constantly, I know it takes practice to understand how what you write on the pen tablet translates to the screen. I just don’t see how its better than directly writing to the screen.

crazycapsfan123 says:

I love how all the other cars aren’t luxury cars

Jaehyun Park says:

omg!!! yes!!! this is me the one who sent the request!!! omg love it! im thinkin of getting that one white c300 4matic sport one for my first college year! so excited!

yoyoluc says:

“I couldn’t afford an S Class, so I bought this.” Is what this car says.

NickJDay says:

The music goes way too loud when you aren’t speaking, I don’t really enjoy messing with the volume while watching videos.

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