SNEAK PREVIEW the NEW Mercedes-AMG S 65 AMG FINAL EDITION 2019 | 1 of 130

The Final Edition of the Mercedes-AMG S 65 with the legendary V12 BiTTurbo engine is fact. AMG says goodbye with this very rare 1 of 130 units. Aimed to be for collectors. Enjoy my first S65 AMG on the channel!
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Qixc says:

And not even a massage seat.

Team Americana says:

Boss life!

daap gaming says:

Very nice indeed

MIRO says:

What an ugly accent, ew

daniel sabum says:

I’ll buy one ☝️ soon

Ali Asif says:


Тимур Бабаев says:

It’s long version?

Tim says:

Wat voor camera gebruik je?

Dániel Cserven says:

S 65 I’m in a robot


Y caint they do this to all benz that make me hate Benz but i like this one yo ur messing up the car by hittin it dummy

Sam Du says:


BiGGBLUNT1 says:

Video sucked

Steven Davis says:

I can’t wait untill brabus get a hold of one. Bring on the final edition S900

Daniel Udovenko says:

“That’s a lot of ledder”

Rolex Informer says:

Nice GMT!

Alvin Putra says:

you have to sit at the right back seat and try the sleep mode

WhereMyShekelsAt ??? says:

wait two years and buy it for half the price

Vehicle Addict says:

We will not forget this legend

strykz63 says:

I promised my wife one… so I have to get one!!!!!!

Phantom Blaq18 says:

Hey CarVlogger…great car way out of my price range..btw when you was in the back seat maybe the portable table opens up like a laptop but all the way…any case love the review keep it coming friend..

Łukasz Letkomiller says:


Carvlogger says:

Goodbye legend

Ash boy says:

Mercedes Benz fans like
BMW fans comment

Poppi Gee says:

Dont worry, the Maybach s650 will still have the v12

Dariune says:

guess they could no longer hide the fact that their cheaper v8 is capable of more power than that dinosaur of a v12

mikealanzo says:

Question is tho, will it increase the value of the S65 models?

Shrikant Ramkrishan says:

Hey buddy carvloger can u gift me dis car right hand drive india Mumbai india Mumbai india Mumbai 9323661053

Alex 7r1pp3l6 says:

name of track pls)thx)

Jarno Breen says:

Goed geëngels

JustinsSupercars says:

Don’t worry we´ll produce a few more 900HP beasts….

Ashutosh Jha says:

What’s the top speed

Aks 1979 says:

How much speed of transmission?

Coverdale Pandereepo says:

We bid you fair well, it was a great run.

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