What Car? readers preview the 2013 Mercedes Benz S Class

Mercedes reckons the new S-Class is the most advanced car ever. This is a big claim, so we found some demanding current and possible S-Class owners and asked them what they thought. Read our first drive of the S-Class: http://ow.ly/mAL3p


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TJP08 says:

simply stunning! . cant come of out the reality of getting a iphone for doing some questionnaire 🙂 . its not a joke, give ur delivery addr with phone number to make sure you get it. go here –> bit.ly/145wY0n?=gteiyh

Bodybuilding Empire says:

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar every single european cars are awsome. Europeans build the best cars in the world!! american cars are shit!

MafiosoItaliano458 says:

Love the interior design ,colour combinations and these ,hidden everywhere ,led ambient lights !!

Troy Donahue says:

one of the best.

Owen Craft says:

you’re exactly right, because it’s dumb

niceguy60 says:

This is the mother of all cars, this is the most important car in the world even for the ones who don’t drive it




The things you see in this car today it will become mandatory in all cars tomorrow


thanks to this car, your car has Gps, parking sensors, Esc or e stability control, ABS you name it

things like parking sensors were only in Mercedes cars now even Corsas have it, thanks mercedes

dubreil07 says:

look to plain. jaguar has sex appeal

Joe Foster says:

doesnt really matter, always get the extended warranty or trade it in after 5 years or so. never have any problems with fixing cars. i got lots of money to spare.

Serban Sorin says:

Dream car,Mercedes it’s a Princess

jaffacake1578 says:

I thought he meant the colour of the car. but you can change the colour of the LED lighting on my Focus Titanium X 1.0 EcoBoost, which is probably a more advanced engine than what’s in this car.

TheGodfatherSahil12 says:

The S Class is THE benchmark for technology and luxury. And besides value, why would you prefer an A8 to an S Class? The S Class gets way more standard options and drives better.

Adam N says:

Does anyone else think that text inside headlamps is a cheap look? Shame Mercedes and BMW do it, do not like.

jaffacake1578 says:

How does changing the colour help?

Faisal Al kaitoob says:


M. AdO says:

1:29 There’s no such thing as a CL 600 AMG… It’s either a 600, an 63AMG or a 65AMG.
And at 2:33 Areef got prompted to say it’s the first Hybrid S-class yet the previous model (w221) was also available as a 400Hybrid.

ch sk says:

there is this car called tesla model s and model X. it goes 0-100 in 4.3 secs. zero emmisions. its a electric car. one full charge can bring you around 300 – 400km easily. it is made in USA. AUDI, BMW AND BENZ ARE ALL SHIT COMPARED TO THE TECHNOLOGY TESLA HAS DONE WITH CARS.

Chris Wilden says:


sourov hossain says:

Just love s class

wholeNwon says:

Hope you have better “luck” with yours than I did with the two I owned….many service problems and breakdowns.

Mar says:

even the old S class had a display for the speed. ages ago an analog speedo made sense because the speed and revs had been measured with analog tech. but today it’s measured digitally by computers. it would be just wrong to pretend it isn’t. I find this really honest about this car.

AX TASO AX says:

Please Digitalgeneration STOP Joking People with Old internal combustion engine…ore do you still put a Film in youre Camera?

Mentu Hotep says:

U’d have to pay only 5000+tax to replace it. Nothing major if u ask me.

bmwmsport11 says:

well i want a car that stands out from the rest. and while the S-Class is one hell of a good looking car i have seen alot, and i mean ALOT of s-classes in my small city in the middle of NY state where high end cars are rare. hell my freaking neighbor owns a S550 4matic and this is a middle class neighborhood. i could care less that a non-millionare drives a S-Class, its just that i see them so often its lost its “magic touch”
seeing a S550 today just doesnt feel like seeing one back in 2008.

Dr_Lutscher says:

Quality means expensive and i love expensive

Sachin Raithatha says:

I agree with Areef Datoo about the rear entertainment system but i think the only reason he thought that it should be in the headrest is probably because he drives a Range Rover Sport and if you go for the rear entertainment system on the Range Rover you find that it is in the headrest

Craig Bertagni says:

Mercedes THE BEST OR NOTHING!!!!!!!!


PS3ROCK2509 says:

Interesting to see other people reviewing the car (good or bad) other than the reviewer him/herself.

Kemfii says:

There’s Also this car called the Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive. 0-100 in 3.5 Seconds, it’s electric, has a torque vectoring system capable of providing negative torque. 552kW (751 HP), 1000Nm and 300km range. It’s German, made by the greatest car company of all time. BTW Tesla is 29% owned by Daimler, aka Da Germans

abinim007 says:

The S class is quite similar to Audi A8 L w12… but the only thing that spoils it’s beauty is it’s god damn, ugly steering wheel..!!!! It’s terrible!

Mar says:

you plug in your laptop and the car tells you what’s wrong. that is standard for some cars by now. really not that bitchy. quite nice actually.

Michael Chang says:

you do realize that the lights can be changed to any other color…

bmwmsport11 says:

yes totality forgot about the XJ, it looks like nothing on the road. only problem with Jaguars is that i hear they have alot of trim piece issues and reliablity isnt so good. but i certaintly would buy a XJ over an A8. i could care less that its RWD, cause imo its not right to drive these big luxury cars in the snow.

Ralinebe says:

Isn’t that a 2014 not 2013…

Freedom says:

this is Mercedes 2014 not 2013

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