2004 Nissan Maxima Road Test Preview



Covinaman says:

Having one since 2005, It’s still going strong. I bought it with the extended warranty, so I got a new clutch and Transmission around 70k miles (there was an issue with the clutch, transmissions, and the AC hose). Now it has 135K, and I used it on long range road trips, only. Cars with this size, power, and feel, don’t come cheap, so I have no need to update it any time soon,

HasanJF says:

I was never a fan of this generation Maxima as I preferred the generation before that. But after 12 years (if not 13 years considering the 2004 model came out early in 2003), it has aged pretty well. It makes a good middle ground choice for those deadlocked between the family oriented Altima and the sporty, but luxury Infiniti G35.

Arthur Wall says:

My 04 Maxima 5 speed auto dynos at around 267whp (over 300hp crank) with basic bolt ons and Alexis Safc

Ramon Carter says:

Still see the sixth generation Maxima’s on the road they haven’t even aged still looks like new but prefer the newer Maxima’s. When the 2004 version came out in 2003 wasn’t as pleased but later on it grew on me. Remember in 2007 when it got refreshed front end style and looked more sportier wanted me one but got the ’07 Altima because it became the baby-Maxima with better features now 10 years later I want me a newer Maxima which has come a long way.

TruAgape1234 says:

French junk

LOV2XLR8 says:

I own a Nissan Maxima SE Elite Driver Prefered Package and still running strong.

pontiacGXPfan says:

The last time Nissan would give Maxima a functional transmission ever

Evan Ganske says:

My 04 SL is an amazing car! Had to fix the timing chain, guides, tensioner, and water pump, but other than that and basic maintenance (new tires, brakes need to be replaced soon, and tightening the handbrake), 225K miles and I still have nothing to complain about.

Chase Fithian says:

I have an 04 SL with a 5 speed auto so they do make them

Ken Doe says:

I have a ’04 Campaign Mist [Gold] Maxima SL Automatic tranny and this car has had Mobil 1 since 9k miles [3 free dealer oil changes] and has been dealer maintained since day 1 and runs as nice as it did when it was new.
It just flipped 151k and the maintenance record file is about an inch thick with everything that was ever done to the car like all the fluids flushed at recommended intervals.
It has had premium gas run it pretty much it’s whole running life and can get as much as 37 mpg average on long trips.
It’s the best car I have ever owned and still looks new!

Andrae Edwards says:

I Love My 04 Maxima Fast I Be Gone On the High Way Sport shift Mode is Very Fun Eat a lot of new Cars Up

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