2013 Nissan Altima First Drive Preview: The not-so-extreme makeover revealed

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Nissan Altima is all new, except that in every noticeable measure the car remains very much unchanged. It still comes with the same two engine choices: a 2.5L and a 3.5L. Both engines are still mated to a CVT (continuously varying transmission) and in terms of interior space the new Altima is about the same size as the old Nissan Altima. So what’s new? The 2.5 liter car gets 38 MPG on the highway and costs less and even weighs less. The new 2013 Altima also…but you know what…just watch this first drive TFLcar review to find out about the rest of the changes.


Hiluxtaco says:

Embargo = Our lips are sealed?

blackmist212 says:

damn. I have the 08 stupid one

Gamers Unite says:

Whats the MPG on the v6?

Evan Ganske says:

I agree with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!!!!!!!

MrSpartan117fan says:

its not “prettymuch the same”

blackmist212 says:

Nothing really. but seeing the new one makes you really jealous.
Any way mine is better (T_T)

Sarin Murlidar says:

malibu is better

tinhinnh says:

another ugly steering wheel???? *facepalm*

occckid123 says:

yea the malibu is better because adults cant fit in the back and because it gets less mpg and is slower and heavier and…

poekimalu says:

geeeezzzzz CVT !!!!

Jimmy Chu says:

38 mpg!!! For around 182 hp!!! How did they pull it off!

Jauan Kenney says:

3:00 In America, we no longer come midsize anymore.

yonda ila says:

What are talking about

enaicee says:

38 mpg highway in the 4 banger?! damn…

Daniel79876 says:

I have this car 😀

Narendra Rajcoomar says:

its better transmission for the average joe, its a must have for a daily beater, engine works less hard as the transmission adjusts gear ratio ( hence the name) according to load to gain speed, Have a Honda Civic with CVT and i stay under 2000 rpms and that gets me up to 100 km/h, oooo its also much more reliable than a regular auto transmission, get the CVT.

Evan Ganske says:

Well they lag the engine a bit and while accelerating they sound like somethings dying. . . But hey if you want 38 mpg go right ahead. I personally haven’t had much luck with any foreign car so I’ll stick with my Pontiac’s and my Chevrolet. . .


wait it this year in Thailand

ElectroGhandi says:

I like the new front but the back looks not as pretty as the previous generation.

Jaehoon Lee says:

2013 is ugly compared to 2012..

Hyu Parsian says:

This guy is such a clown ! The sole reason I mute the video, nice altima though !

NIGHTMAREuki says:

nothing, some people don’t like change.

Future Frozen says:

The Altima has always been a cheaper Maxima.

45barber1 says:

depends on how you drive and how you like to drive

Zora says:

3:07 what is that little square under the grills? I like this car ^^

ktonlai says:

There’s a reason why Nissan won’t let them talk about the driving characteristics…. because they know its horrible… its the price you pay for fuel economy like that and they know it. 7.1 seconds to 60? I need to see it to believe it.

CheesyTV says:

Arggh we have to wait until 2013 here in Australia to get the Altima.

ImADinosaurMom says:

whats so bad about CVT??????

neil borodkin says:

Sat in a top line 4 cyl today–the leather seats felt VERY GOOD. Didn’t drive it though.

bcoop85 says:

I sat in a demo 2013 altima yesterday and it is a big improvement on the exterior but interior material looks cheap and very small. The back seat looks very compact compared to my 2012 camry se. Not a bad looking car all around though.

LifeHacks4All says:

Does anyone know if “MOD” Moving Object Detection on the Altima works like infiniti’s MOD Works?? Does it automatically stop the car if it detects a moving object and you don’t stop in time

Supersnake 93 says:

stupid biased reviewer…

pinkkhang says:


dahgutone says:

No manual?…
I’m furious.

Rehan Yusuf says:

well, cant really say the review was useful …

killkaveh says:

Looks good except the one he drove had the old small rims on it. If you could get them with the Maxima rims it would look great.

CounsilHan says:

It looks a lot like the new Maxima


I have only seen one 2013 Altima, back in July or August 2012. It was dark gray.

Hareem Zain says:

bro this is a family car, not a sports car, they dont need manuals..

adrian qafa says:

my dad has a Altima and its awesome.

thweepz says:

well the engine hasnt changed but they did put a new cvt in. wider ratio. basically a 20 speed auto

pouetpouet941 says:

Maxima look alike for cheaper, great !

Evan Ganske says:

Whatever kid, you probably don’t even own one! I am leasing a 13′ 2LZ and it is awesome! I can’t wait until my lease is up so I can get a 2014!

bet shtick says:

CVT.. /fleeee

Gary James says:

An Azera add on an Altima video

INUMIMI28 says:

It’s in both ways. In logical terms it is very good
1, there is no gear so there is no power loss of changing gear and it’s very smooth and linear.
2, no power loss means the fuel won’t be wasted during shift change= better MPG
but in terms of driving pleasure, it’s not really that good.1, no changing gear means you gonna hear hi pitched whining sound of the engine everytime you floor the pedal
2, it uses single straps of chain or belt so it’s not really suitable for high performance engine.

John Carson says:

Hey Roman, quick question. Are those LED daytime running lights I see below the fog lights or am I just seeing things. Are they even bright? Does the 2013 Model come with this?

jjrimz99 says:

looks alot like the maxima

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