2013 Nissan GT-R, Tokyo Motor Show Hybrid+EV Preview

Nissan ships a newer, faster, 2013 GT-R (MY2012 in Japan, Yo). Plus, a preview of concepts from Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi set to debut at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show.


MPistol HVBullets says:

How about this EV future…. Bury Tesla coils at traffic lights in urban areas. Not only will u get an electrical charge with no plug, its possible ppl would b less likely to run red lights…… Oh well…. As I brainstorm on….

ForkliftSystems says:

I’m a big fan of the Nissan GT-R styling

n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller Better in what? Porsche produces the most trouble-free cars in the world – everyone knows that.
And sorry for calling you a liar, you’re right, it’s your own opinion – as mine that japanese cars are junk 🙂

Jainimal says:

So the extra 50hp in the GTR came in the 2012 version. What’s new in the 2013?

n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller JUNKpanese crap are the worst looking shit in the world, they should stop producing cars 🙂

parker808 says:

why don’t they just start making solar powered cars?

John Entwistle says:

@TheJamesPark Yea lol Q7 right?

cardude1992 says:

@DZoneTV yeah its really because they try new things and want to know people’s reaction. and like you if other people think its very ugly then that design will never make it to production. they are just testing the possibilities by stretching it a little too far.

ejicon says:


Car Guy says:

How is the GT-R overrated, DZone? Do you not know the history of the car? The skyline gt-r (for the purpose of what Im saying, I will call it skyline) has been winning worldwide races since the 60s’. DzoneFAIL.

DZone TV says:

Why must electric cars look so ugly? Manufacturers’ designers are losing their edge and style now. The only good story in this was the GT-R and even that car is overrated.

n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller Nope, that’s truth, look at the statistics, and stop using CapsLock, you behave like a child… ;)) probably that’s why you like japanese cars 😀

n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller Than I call you a liar 🙂 everyone knows that Porsche is muc MUCH better than some nissan… or other japanese “car” 🙂

OG Awesomoby says:

You do realize this was a year ago right? I don’t even remember what this argument was about. But regardless, it’s DONE. Move on. Don’t cry dude honestly lol. You sound like I just dissed your family or something. I said ‘WHAT IF I SAID’ so chill the fuck down. NIssan’s aren’t the only Japanese car brand btw. I love Euro cars, Audi, Vauxhall, Pagani. But I love JDM more than anything. So don’t you dare say shit about something I CLEARLY didn’t say. Lol I can tell you’re butthurt, dumbass, gtfo.

enemay says:

Godzilla is unstoppable!

abhele16 says:

wtf it hasnt even been 2012 and theres gonna be a 2013 gtr already lol

Driving Sports TV says:

@DZoneTV Good question about electric cars. I show you a possible answer to that in Thursday’s video. (video: Honda Electric Sport Concept, Dodge Killer Bees)

n8neiTen8n says:

JUNKpanese car

n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller “porsche’s are good, but not as good as Nissan.” HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Harmanpreet Singh says:


n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller Oh yea, they are so brilliant they even don’t know what they are making – they said: “gt-r is unable to be chipped, to get more power by the peaople outside of nissan company” and guess what? Americans tuned gt-r just one week after it was realesed. Oh yea, they are so brilliant… pFFF
Porsche is WAY WAY better than any shitty nissan 🙂 and I know, that if someone could choose between nissan and Porsche – everyone would choose PORSCHE.

DZone TV says:

@KyuuMayCry – If it’s my opinion that the GT-R Is overrated, then it’s my opinion. I respect the car, but I just think it’s over-hyped.

38tech says:

honey…lets take the EV across country! “sorry i dont have a month of vacation!”

sorry but electrical cars are NOT the future…hydrogen fuel cells are.

BADNEWS91261 says:

i thought gtr 2013 will have a duck bill rear spoiler= =”

n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller Yup, I hate japanese cars, nad it’s my opinion. And I don’t like VERY much, when nissan is trying to compare (eg.) 370z to Porsche Cayman, because Porsche is a PREMIUM, and nissan IS NOT.

zyde says:

The Subaru concept looks like ford evos… But still love Subaru

nuff vids says:

the front face of the GTR needs an upgrade soon, i think

n8neiTen8n says:

@DriftDweller I didn’t mean japan people, I was thinking about the “car” you see on the movie – it’s not japanese car, it’s “JUNKpanese” car, it’s junk, piece of shit, and nissan should NEVER compare it to Porsche 911 Turbo, cause PORSCHE is much MUCH better car producer, than nissan will ever be – you say nissan, you think about almera, micra or juke, you say “Porsche” you think about Cayenne, Panamera or 911 – the best you can get!

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