2013 Nissan Sentra Teaser

The all-new 2013 Nissan Sentra will be unveiled in the United States later this summer and goes on sale in the fall.


Cliff Roy Jr. says:

IF YOU LIKE THE NEW NISSANS and live in LOUISIANA…. Come see me at Giles Nissan of Lafayette LA…. I will definitely take care of you… GUARANTEED!!!!

dubbleutf says:

According to current Nissan trends, this also shows us how the SE-R will look since the SR trim has the body parts of the SE-R, but none of the GO.

Alejandro Castillo says:

Oh que chido ! 😀

LifeHacks4All says:

I suppose so.lol but the new sentra looks like a Buick verano to me

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

and that means what kid??? made no sense at all

karuven says:

For anyone who’s dying to see the photos and final result, google “Nissan Sylphy.” It’s the China version which will release as the 2013 Sentra in the U.S.

ArmoWings says:

I have a 2010 Nissan Sentra in the same blue as in this video…and I can’t wait for the new 2013 model to be my family’s 10th Nissan car.

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

ok kid anything you say, have a nice life…

Illmatic662 says:

It makes perfect sense, don’t be a stubborn tool and open up your mind. If I am an Infiniti owner and can accept that Hyundai makes great cars, you sure as hell should be able to as well. If it wasn’t for Hyundai we wouldn’t have the competition we have now in the market.

Waldron Lindsey says:

It’s about time they gave the Sentra It’s good looks back! I own a 96 sentra. 171k miles and It’s still smooth and reliable.. but they 07-12 body style looks terrible.. I’m glad sentra got It’s charm back!

Mixtapes from Titan says:

that’s not a teaser, that’s more like a full strip down and a fucking of the camera

at least in the automotive world

imtrill07 says:

that rear clip showed alot. you can already imagine what it looks like. mini altimaish.

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

nooo , coupe makes 345, the Nissan Z makes 332, will make a huge leap when the new one comes out

slvrserfr says:

Quite an improvement to the previous design, leather interior, 6 speed manual option and 40 MPG highway. As a current 2003 SE-R Sentra owner, glad that Nissan finally went back to the drawing board to make this design more in line with the tradition of this otherwise popular legacy model. The premium luxury look is a nice bonus, definitely made to turn some heads and generate plenty of sales. I haven’t liked the Sentra design since they ended the B15 models – but interested in this new design.

Bryan Morell says:

I will not visit you

Mike Kelly says:

Im not holding my breath until i see the final result. I have a 06 Sentra SE-R and I love it, My gripe with the 07 and later models are the high roof and blocky rear end. The B15 model is a stream lined like a bullet, the B16….. Like a lego.
As for the comment about it looking like the Altima… No chance. The new model Altima is a total bumper to bumper new design.

Francisco Ureña says:

Nissan needs new designs!!

ExodoPics says:

looks more like a luxury than a Tuner now

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

You mean NISSAN ELLURE CONCEPT CAR , They were inspired by the Nissan Ellure Concept car, not By the Maxima…

AliasEthan says:

Pretty stuff generally is exclusive to higher trim levels. I have an 09 Sentra SE-R SpecV and as popular as normal ones are, I don’t understand how people can stand the base or just-above-base looks. ALL CARS (under ~$80,000) look better in their superlative form and judging a car on its base aesthetics is a quick path to dissatisfaction, every time.

Tim Congrove says:

That’s wat i was thinking!!!!

ExtremeGamerReviews says:

It dose and it downgrades 10HP 140 to 130 🙁

davidndp says:

I think i might consider trading in my horse for this car, jokes aside though, i would like to make this car my first car 😀 in the se-r trim of course… And i do not own a horse… I like kittens though

John Carson says:

Lts not get to excited here, I highly doubt this version of the Sentra will make it to the US, it will be the same body language but those extra gimmicks like LED tail lights and LED Daytime running lights with Bi xenon headlights are probably only exclusive to the Asian or European market. Considering the fact that the 2013 Altima didn’t even receive these features at its higher MSRP price compared to the entry level Sentra then I doubt the USA version of the Sentra will inherit these either.

Hugo Velarde says:

it looks like ill be buying cars 2012 and under auto makers are making ugly cars these days especially nissan they lost their touch with these 2013 new cars i heard the sentra is gonna get a 1.8 with 38 mpg which is dissapointing cause the 2012 sentra had a 2.0 with 40 mpg

323alex11 says:

Civic, Corolla, Elantra, Cruze, Focus, etc. watch out! Nissan is comming!

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

Inspired by the Nissan Ellure Concept car, not a lexus at all…….

Matthew Bacchus says:

its gonna get like 45mpg considering the 2013 altima will get 38

323alex11 says:

You know theres acutally a hybrid lancer comming out?? lol

Illmatic662 says:

Why do you keep calling me kid when I am clearly older then you?

Illmatic662 says:

As an Infiniti owner I can confidently say stop living in the stone age.

M. Ateeq68 says:

Looks great, good job Nissan

adamY2K says:

I really like this new maxima inspired design on Nissan’s cars. It really looks so sleek and clean and smooth when compared to the tacky mess coming out of hyundai and kia. The interiors on these new Nissans are also so calm and simple yet so classy!

AbleRiot says:

Looks nice – but wouldn’t keep my hopes up on the non-SR models. For all we know, the LED lights are SR-exclusive which would stink. Then again, looking forward to the re-modelling of Nissans now aging appearance. I wonder what the new Maxima’s would look like since the Altima has taken so much from it appearance-wise

tony lam says:

Yea nissan z’s are one of my favorite cars. jus saying i wouldn’t mind throwing hyundai in the disscussion with good cars now. i mean, i love my altima coupe, but i sure wouldn’t mind driving that genesis coupe over it. the Z is in a diffferent level then most cars out their, hence its 30k+ price tag. so my expectations for it is really high anyways.

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

Honestly i would never own a Hyundai, just like the quote on the fast and Furious movie says, YOU THINK I’LL LET YOU ROLL IN A HYUNDAI ……

LifeHacks4All says:

I like the cars DRL’S. but ill stick with my 07. Its been pretty solid. And besides im getting the all new Altima 3.5SL Ill take it in silver.

Captainkneecap says:

Are we entering another era like the late 90’s when sentras and altimas looked exactly the same

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

comapring a hyundai to Nissan, lmfao

Rodrigo Alvergue says:

lmfao you are older than me and you don’t even know my age, have a great life……..

Rodrigo Alvergue says:


tony lam says:

Hyundais have great cars now… i currently own a 2.5s altima coupe, and am actually thinking of trading it in for a 2013 genesis coupe… their BASE model throws in 274 hp… and their 3.8 throws in 348, as for built quality, nissan hasn’t been that good too, my clearcoats starting to peel and my engine has small rattle sounds. nissan is fine but hyundai has probablky made the biggest jump in these past couple years.

adamY2K says:

You do know LEDs are cheaper than bulbs ?

W. Alphonso says:

Exactly what I was thinking

tony lam says:

5 years ago i would say the same, but haha their even throwing out a 58k car thats suppose to compete with the bmw 5 series and mercedes e class… thats improvement even though its obvioulsy not gonna be better then a beamer or benz.

karuven says:

you do know photos are already up… interior is nice, exterior looks like the new altima mixed with lexus IS. i love the led daytime lights though

Matthew Bacchus says:


karuven says:

my exact first thoughts

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