2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo – Redline: Review

With an all-new model in the works, Nissan adds one last refresh to its second-generation 370Z sports car. With 350 horsepower and one of the best handling rear-drive platforms on the market, the refresh Nismo model still proves it can hang with newer models in the curves, just don’t expect it to outrun those V8 rivals.


mario vega says:

Say no to forced induction

Max Blinow says:

Did someone say long in the tooth?

MrMusicformyhead says:

the interviewer is just to hyper for my taste he takes away from this car..Thumbs down on him..the car? thumbs up

Diverse says:

It looks really simular to the Toyota gt86/Subaru BRZ

ItsMeTODDKRANES!!! says:

would you say the exhaust on the nismo is louder than the one on the reg 370?

Matthew Blevins says:

the seats are so uncomfortable in this car… But the car looks cool.

UnitiveWILLIAM24 says:

Isn’t it pronounced “knee-smo” not “nizmo”?

Crixus says:

I’d get this in a second if it was a V8, beautiful car. I’ll stick with my 5.0 for now.

Weapon X says:

So the Nismo takes 5.5 seconds to get to 60? How could it be that slow if it has 350HP. The regular Z gets to 60 under 5 seconds.

SpaceManDawn says:

CSC in my 370z went out for the second time in 40k miles. Warranty is refusing to cover it.

Is there anything you can do to help us? Literally thousands of 370 and G37 owners have this problem, and Nissan refuses to address it. Even Nismo owners are having theirs blow up with as little as 1200 miles. I’m paying 1800 out of pocket for them to install the same bullshit part. I can’t believe there’s no recall.

Antonio Silva says:

Go to the Redlight in Netherlands kkkkkkkkkkk

iMiguelAOG says:

I see this car as the GTR without the twin turbos….. or back seats

Daniel Gaskell says:

I thought you were going to say the 7in screen is getting “a little long in the tooth….”.

Justin Waters says:

5.2 seconds….? Ouch. That’s actually pretty fucking awful for that class of vehicle.
RIP my decision to buy one, good thing I watched this video that far.

Lucas Williams says:

Apparently this car is getting a little long in the tooth…or so I hear.

FuTr Awesomeness _ says:

U need to put u foot down and stop talking u fucking cunt

Bizzy B Entertainment says:

Dear god get off the long in the tooth bs. 4 times is too much.

pontiacGXPfan says:

i wonder if a VR38TT will fit in this car

VeilGrimace says:

This car is cool but the price is what kinda makes me keep my distance, very expensive when comparing to other cars that can perform just as good for a cheaper price.

hi9016t says:

If I had a dollar for every time he said long in the tooth

Mark Rampersad says:

You dissed the vq, bye even tho I was never a viewer

Bubbles Samsquanch says:

What the hell does “long in the tooth” even mean??? Old? Old works great in a sentence???

Eric Llanos says:

You are a nerd, you don’t look good in this car period, get some muscles to go with this car foo

bobby hartsock says:

It’s a little long in the tooth lol

Danny Antony says:

drink every time he says long on the tooth

crackedcookies says:

10:50 … Can someone help me out here? A ‘gruff lub’… a ‘gruff lup’…? Wtf is he talking about?

Carl D says:

gtr engine in the z — that would be sick

SpadesCS GO says:

Nisson XD

RichardUzumaki says:

LOL you said this car compares to the FRS, BRZ and Genesis? Hahahaha

motormusique says:

Still a classic…sounds so good as you go through the gears

wei huang says:

What ????? I couldn’t heard you the whole time!!!!!

Frankie G says:

nismo 370z weights more than regular 370z lol smh

george sampras says:

u dumbass no shit the ride quality aint that good since its a nismo it is stiffer suspension for track driving

Nigel Stars says:

I wish you would elaborate more on the auto vs manual pros and cons. I’ve been driving one for a year and love the auto. I have not track run it so that’s where I would love the input. I notice a huge lag in the auto during shifting up while it rev matches, like you need to anticipate the shift earlier than a manual, in my opinion sacrifices the rev’d up HP built. What are your thoughts????? I hope you answer this. My Girl has a ’14 T-Sort loaded and I have a ’16 Nismo Tech, Auto which I adore. When the tires are cool it scratches 2nd. When hot no chirp. I think they should come with a dealer installed Turbo for $2k extra giving 100 extra HP after 3400 RPM’s. That would complete the car as a true brute and a value for the money. Brining it back to popularity in the US.

Ron Agsaulio says:

370z is a little long in the tooth

Frankie G says:

lol corvette doesnt have 285s… they have much wider tires

melotheory says:

you look tired bro

_ Omar says:

Do you think this car is worth buying as a first car? I have driven cars before(my parents’), so I can have pretty experience

hakam khaira says:

You are to hard on all cars in all your reviews that iv watched you bag on em too much

Youngster543210 says:

Its so ironic that you use “long in the tooth” so frequently to describe things that are long in the tooth lol.


I like his detail and description of the vehicles however it seems to me he bashes the vehicle before he has had a chance to actually test drive the vehicle. Then once he’s driving the vehicle he contradicts his statements of any negative reviews. One in particular saying the clutch was “knotchy” then once driving says that Nissan has improved the clutch. So which is it?

Ζήσης Δούκας says:

no turbo? A Nissan without a turbo? fuck that !

Giulio Gazzotti says:

f56 Mini Jcw rev matches too

Rez says:

From 2015 and up Nissan changed the front and back Nismo bumpers to shorter ones basically neutering the cars prior aggressive appearance. I do really like the newer Recaro seats they look great.

Magneto says:

Needs an interior refresh. Get rid of that digital fuel gauge.

Crixus says:

Clean. If it had a V8 i would definitely own one. There’s just too much to compromise with the 370z.. It’s a natural v6, its a 2 seater, and it has the nerve to be RWD.. You can’t have a successful product with all of those factors. The numbers speak for themselves. These cars are not selling. Make it AWD or throw in a V8 or TT V6.

BIG_K says:

FFS please stop saying long in the tooth. It’s not clever it’s annoying.

Stephen Sperandeo says:

45k for this?????? uh ill pass

iTz_Bruce_Banner says:

cold start revs make my dick shrivel

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