2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO: Review

In this video I’ll review the new changes for the 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO. I’ll go over how the NISMO trim compares to the other 370Z trims as well as throw in some revs of this beast near the end of the video. Hope you enjoy!

Big thanks to Faulkner Nissan in Harrisburg PA for allowing me to film this car! For more information on their inventory please visit the link below!


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jairo hernandez says:

como se llama la musica

Aof nine says:

The nismo comes with a wing that the 2015 doesnt have even the 2015  GTR nismo for 150k has the wing, so why does the 2015 z doenst have it and this new nismo Z also comes in automatic, my opinion they downgraded , I also thing they throw in the automatic to make more sales, that’s sad. The 2014 was the last good looking one i hope the 2016 looks better . in all the ONLY difference is the body kit they slapp on it, same horse power evrything. they throw a different front bumper and didnt put the Nismo signature wing and they throw in leather seats. They went cheap same car as the 2014

Clowny Face- says:

Dude I love this car-_-

EliYourCarGuy says:

The 2015 is definitely more sporty looking! It wears that color well. 

Smile Dabengwa says:

how much would this car cost? I have been saving my school lunch money

Jerome Daniel Casio says:

Wait, maybe I misheard you but, I thought all trims come with synchro revmatch?

Punisher says:

This car is so nice but man i think its a bit overpriced.

Rook Lou says:

High quality except they give you a very low quality exhaust system on both nismo and non-nismo models

Giovanni Bonamy says:

I had an 09 in yellow,  was thinking of waiting  for the BMW M2 but – once I get out of my lease of my g37 I’m coming home to my beloved Z… 2015 Nismo – I love you baby!!

Mike says:

Why does nismo sound worse than non nismo

xbradx11 says:

i got one of these an i luv it dude it so kewl

Anthony lawrence says:

dream car

killersushi99 says:

Front end. Yikes. ( O.O) Rip that off ASAP.

Greg Coleman says:

He didn’t mention the most important part.  The upgraded final drive for the manual.

SVT Cobra says:

The exhaust on the nizmo is just to rice sounding. Once you swap that for a street pro exhaust this ride is so fucking kick ass

Berkeclor92 says:

Leave the auto for women and pussy men

abdel Maina says:

this is nice car nissan 370z that is my dream car nissan 370z, I like the color white nissan

LeeROBD says:

Just release next gen z already!

Shock Street says:

I’m getting a new car within this year! Really looking into one of these. I’ll even trade in my rx8 for one (:

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