2015 Nissan Altima 3.5SL – Redline: Review

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Ever since 2002, the Nissan Altima has been in a constant tug of war for the second place sales finish between the Honda Accord. With the current 5th generation, Nissan offers its best Altima yet, complete with a tech-laden cabin, potent V6 power, and class-leading fuel efficiency. All offered in a package that undercuts the price of its arch rival Accord. If you can get passed the CVT transmission and a lack of a manual option, the Altima is one of the best picks in the midsize segment.

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Paranoid Zombie says:

Why does it have a hump in the middle lmao it’s fwd

Johnny JP says:

i like more the Maxima 3.5SV it´s more sporty style and the body despite being like the Maxima has a more discreet style I think it’s a much more economical car to keep at least in maintenance in the brand and is functional compared to German cars. and what a good engine.

JustBeHappy .com says:

Do accord v6

123chunhou says:

In my opion, the 2.5 Base and the 3.5 S shouldn’t exist because for the 2.5, for $700 more you can get the S model which gives you many more features and the 3.5 S in 5K for the the 2.5 S so that’s too much

Lokman Durmaz says:


Jason Fain says:

Great review overall, I loved driving this car in Ds (Sport) mode, very responsive with that smooth/powerful V6. 2016 version has nice facelift as well.

Cassandra White says:

Tre tnx rIsk tell domain Tylenol thorough elite editEd Riddick Toledo

Khalid Malki says:

bro, i thought u will end your tour with a milkshake.

a lot of shaking and vibration while drive

Josh Remnant says:

I’m looking to buy a family sedan next year. I’ve narrowed it down to 2012 mazda6 s gt, 2013 Nissan Altima 3.5 SL or 2013 Honda accord v6 sedan. like the style of the Mazda and Nissan. like the interior of the Nissan, like the quickness and efficiency of the accord and the lane watch on the Honda. the Mazda if I could find one I could get cheapest, the Nissan has the nicest interior. have only driven the Honda. I dont really know if I could buy the Nissan plain and simple cause of the CVT. if anyone has an opinion please let me know.

DSM jUhnky says:

Just got a 2014 Altima 2.5SV… with 26k miles. An it’s perfect, it’s roomy (coming from a 2 door car), it’s very comfortable… I feel like the seats have memory foam a tad bit… I feel like I sink into them for some reason. It’s quiet inside the cabin, and the motor while driving… at times I can hardly hear the motor… since the CVT keeps the rpms real low. It’s very economical… I get around 490-520 miles with a full tank all city driving. With my previous car, it was old, turbo charged and had issues and I was getting 200miles with a full tank. Although the previous car was a 16 gal tank, the Altimas 18 gal and great mpg keeps me from filling up so often… I fill up about twice a month commuting to work, whereas the previous car was once a week. All in all, I love it… and I’ll be keeping it for a very long time, Nissan did good.

Kevin Frazer says:

Thin tires are a growing thing but the comfort is like a gocart in my mind.

Charles Hines says:

Why the negative opinion on cvt transmissions? Just curious….

Robert Schneider says:

I think the key is fine. I know it’s old but it’s a really good key though.

rzhe17 says:

you might need to take some radaway after this video

bradh716 says:

Actually, the Fusion Titanium starts in the low 30’s.

Alex Tilan says:

i hate how he always reviews the top trim. most people are not coming in for the top trim. start from the bottom if i know the base model is amazing then i know the top trims will be better.

Pratt Queen says:

Can you hook up your phone to this car?

Ryan says:

Thats a 5th gen

Glen Daly says:

I love this guy’s reviews. He’s very concise, doesn’t  belabor any issues, and gives a very intelligent, in depth description, benefits, and disadvantages of every feature and option.  Not only that, he keeps you interested and shows everything at good angles and very clearly.  Way to go!

FZsilver1 says:

Did they ever fix the seizing brake caliper issue that plagued the 02-06 models? Aside from that. Love the Altima. Good to see that this generation has kept up the traditional build quality and i love that the V6 is still around. V6s seem to be a dying breed in favour of the turbo 4 these days. I currently own a 2005 3.5S and it has been a solid car with no sign of quit and because of that im not in the market for a new altima for at least a few more years yet. Lol

XxAntonYYxX says:

The 2013 version of this altima is the exact same thing theres no differentss but the engine

Pasha Bhai says:

Are you freaken kidding me 33k for altima i can get BMW for 36k

Velociraptor Boy Not really says:

I have the 2.5 SV. I’m jealous of the touch screen.

Anthony Ramdass says:

I just started leasing the 2015 Altima 3.5SL in December and I love this car! The handling is excellent, the seats are extremely comfortable, gas mileage is great, the engine purrs, and the acceleration is blazingly fast. I can hit 70mph in a few seconds and not even feel it. I’m in love 🙂

aztekkthundergod says:

Rented this car while visiting San Antonio 2 years ago. I was very impressed. Great gas mileage for a powerful V6, nice cushy ride, very good acceleration and that CVT shifting is smooth as butter. Im not one of these folk that need a manual tranny.

abadiqaisy123 says:

I have it. v6. 3.5l SV , its a smooth car and fast!, regular fuel economy will be less when driving on D. but DS will give the full performance of the engine and u could use the shifts instead of autoshifting on DS. driving on D goes around 8.1 km per liter.thats when driving normal highway speeds 100km to 120km. good car I recommend it

Brenton Rodriquez says:

Any people must drive these in Sport mode often. Poor design in my opinion.


great review i will be buying this car in a month !

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