MotoMan drives the new 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO. He charts some of the many small changes that make a very big difference in the 370Z from 2014 to 2015 . . .

WATCH THE 2015 #Nissan #NISMO #GTR on the DRAGSTRIP & AutoCross: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItjCpBSDYbQ
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Den V. says:

If Im not mistaken, the Z is the fastest car in its class. So there isnt much need for more power. I got lucky scored a 09 with 26xxx miles on it for under 16 grand. My only complain with the car is the blind spots.

Julio Mac says:

you need your own tv show. apply to work with Jeremy Clarkson and the boys.

Larry Wright says:

Its not hard to get near 400bhp out of these cars with bolts as is turns out…

cryomanc3r says:

According to Car and Driver, a v6 Altima with 270hp from 2015 had an MSRP of $30,865; whereas the Nismo Z of the same year is listed as $30,825… Just saying.

firesupport says:

motoman the stock Z’s already have the same exact strut tower

Jose Jimenez says:

jeep grand cherokee v8 have 360hp, and is suv.

Andrew Robinson says:

350 hp out of a n/a 3.7 v6 isnt bad. base to nismo jump isnt like civic to hellcat. lmao calm down nismo isnt just about power its handling and style.

Predict 99 says:

This car is around 40k? Very clean and nice looking car, but the interior is ugly and cheap looking. For the price is it worth it? Same price you can get a audi or bmw that’s nicer and more comfortable.

Nope Nope says:

It’s 18 more hp not 17

SpaceManDawn says:

CSC in my 370z went out for the second time in 40k miles. Warranty is refusing to cover it.

Is there anything you can do to help us? Literally thousands of 370 and G37 owners have this problem, and Nissan refuses to address it. Even Nismo owners are having theirs blow up with as little as 1200 miles. I’m paying 1800 out of pocket for them to install the same bullshit part. I can’t believe there’s no recall.

Ahmad Al Dallah says:

it’s shame on nissan , this car still have big engine which means more wait , the engine should be v6 but smaller turbo charged , Nismo edition should be minimum 460hp , nissan still failing with Z model

William Twiss says:

Here in new Zealand there are heaps of 350z going around but 370z are quite rare so I got one a few months back. cool car. only thing I don’t like is the visibility when on motorway in particular. got to be real careful, good thing is if you get to a sticky situation you just feed it a bit of jandle and no worries.

Willie King says:

630 horses would bring nissan so many customers cause then theyd forget about the gtr that they most likely would never have gotten people that dont even like nissan would buy them

Yousef Bunashi says:

Sometimes it is not always about the horse power .. sometimes you just want to get a car that it sexy looking, beautifully balanced between power and weight and that is it. Cruising around in another words, its very catchy to the eyes

PR0bro says:

In my opinion, lower the displacement to 3.0 or maybe 3.2 but twin turbos, produce the same, or more horsepower, but the additional torque from the turbos, also while saving wait by loosing 500 cubic cm of engine. (0.5L)

Brett Palma says:

OK listen The current Altima in the current the 370 z There One second part in 0 to 60yes you can do a lot of stuff to do go faster but the thing is Nissan lacking on making things newer model for the z But we have a nismo model and did you have for 450 hp and upin the current year we are so Nissan is the one that’s lacking on providing for the 370 Z

Almighty Keys says:

why does everyone like manual? my automatic 370z spits flames and I don’t have to worry about bad clutch performance 🙂

Carl D says:

pretty darn cool design

Fantic1980 says:

I enjoyed the video until you started talking about “more horsepower” and “Corvette”. If you honestly think that more horsepower means a better car than the GT86 would be one of the worst cars in its class.

AzNightmare says:

*Moron…. Why would Nissan shoot themselves in their own foot by putting a V8 in a 370Z and cranking out 500-600 hp to overlap with their flagship car??*

Eric Mewhort says:

“but I digress”

Robert Lawson says:

Remember… the 370z can not be faster than the GTR… If its faster, something is wrong.. Thats what Nissan said. Godamit you Godzilla

Dealzguy says:

Note this guys all the animated and annoying to watch gestures while his feet are as if stuck to the ground, makes watching him funny…

Daniel Gaskell says:

Agreed, it should have at least as much as a base Corvette…430hp no less.

SonicScooter says:

Obsessed with HP….The average IQ in the US is 98………yep.

Dejan Siljegovic says:

Horrible car review

iAmVeryHairy says:

lmao the 370z is straight trash, under 400hp lmfaoooo garbage
nice to see the nismo version cost more but barely has any more horsepower lol

CarrionSmile says:

Even asses love Nissans

Cameron Lapha says:

Your complaint on the clutch could be the “helper spring” in the pedal. A lot of complaints about it! It takes like 5 minutes to remove and you can feel the clutch MUCH better.




Put a v8 in it and then i will see if it’s worth starting a conversation with you NISSAN…

JayDub And the Family says:


FurryWooki says:

I had the same complaint about the clutch. The pedal engagement and disengagement is waaaaay too high for long legged drivers. I’ve seen that you can adjust the pedal. But from the factory? Who would want to drive like that. Highly uncomfortable and not driver friendly. And my second complaint is the lack of a telescoping steering wheel.

avoidrome says:

no mention of rev match? wtf…

PLAY_HRD says:

I drove one of these while looking for a sports car… and there just seems to be a lot of little things holding this car back.

1. While I like the new styling a LOT better, it still is a bit “boy racer”. Just clean up a few more lines and I think it goes from boy racer to sexy.

2. Interior has some really odd choices of design and materials. Once again, “boy racer”, not sexy.

3. Power… not that 350 hp isn’t enough for most people, but the engine doesn’t feel refined which make the engine feel unwilling to deliver it’s power.

4. Road noise… lots and lots and lots of road noise. It’s so load I actually questioned if I’d want to drive it all the time.

Keys to greatness: Oh so slightly clean up the exterior and interior, less gimmicky more classy. Provide better noise dampening in the wheel wells and most likely a different tire. Update the engine internals to be more rev happy, or ask Ford to source the V8 engine from of the outgoing Boss 302(not going to happen, but sounds like a winning idea).

Jerry Cecco says:

top 3200 lb 370Z should have 450hp

Carl D says:

put the gtr engine in there

Carlitox b says:

mx5 excites me more than this

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