2015 Nissan Pathfinder Preview – In 4K

The full review hasn’t been filmed yet so here’s your chance to sound off on the 2015 Pathfinder!

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Dennis Y says:

Thanks for your video and detailed review on every important cars. This car is considered very poor reliability. What do you think about that?

Turf Surf says:


Tech Defender says:

One more thing Alex, when you are at the steering wheel section and talk about the buttons of the wheel you should honk the horn just to hear what it sounds like!

StasisTread says:

Hey Alex! How is the Pathfinder compared to the Highlander? Which one do you prefer and why?

Anton Demetrakopoulos says:

Hi Alex, I’m currently looking to get a station wagon and can’t decide between the Subaru Outback and the volkwagen golf sportwagen. Any thoughts?

Ivan Vojt says:


RajivGBS says:

Your reviews are amazing. Any plans on reviewing the Nissan 370Z ?

Mohammed Izzedin says:
AndreH says:

Hi Alex, my friend has 2014 Pathfinder which suffers from engine clicking/hesitation quite often ever since it was new. Nissan claims it’s nothing unusual – please let us know if this problem is present in your 2015 Pathfinder test car. I’m interested in the 2015 Pathfinder and the 3rd row seems to be more accommodating than the 2015 Highlander. Thank you.

cloudsplitter24 says:

Thanks as always Alex for your great reviews! I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the improvements made to the CVT. I know that’s been a highly controversial issue with that car. It was number one on my list for sometime, but after waiting two years for feedback confirming Nissan had resolved the issue, and after reading consumer reports ratings for the first two years, I elected to pay more and get an MDX, primarily for reliability. It’s smaller inside than the Pathfinder but the towing capacity is about the same.

BDofNLA says:

I notice you’ve been adding child seats in your reviews lately, something that no other online automotive journalist is doing. Can I ask why you gained interest in adding them to your reviews?

Tech Defender says:

Hope it’ll get redesigned soon especially the interior in the dash I hope it’ll have many murano looks and cues looks the dash and gauges of the murano

CanadianCarReviews says:

I know you’ll get to this in the review but is the steering column power? I know in the Platinum it is.

621america says:

One day…

Alex on Autos says:

Anton, wow, two very different vehicles. I would say that the Golf’s appeal is fuel economy and handling while the Outback has more room and a but more creature comforts. Since you are looking across that broad of a spectrum I would suggest also looking into the Volvo V60

CanadianCarReviews says:

This is the vehicle me and my girlfriend are looking at. Same trim also.

Backwoodsrider says:

We bought the 2015 Platinum about 3 weeks ago and love it. We looked at the Highlander and found it to be more minivan-ish. I enjoyed the drive of the Pathfinder and it felt more solid then the other vehicles we looked at.

Jeevraj says:

Sorry I dont like Nissan

BIG DOG says:

Can you do a review of a 2015 f150?

George Snyder says:

One thing I find odd is the ground clearance – it is SO low for this type of vehicle, but when I see it in person it does not look as low as the numbers suggest.  I am wondering where that is measured from.

Max N says:

Alex, can you cover how a rear facing seat fits in both second and third rows. Thanks.

I assume you cannot get into third row if the child seat is rear facing.

Apple Mango says:

Alex , can i do review for the mercedes Gla 250 ?

E Soliman says:

Please comment on steering feel and steering pump noise, hood flutter problem, and possibly stiffer than average ride.

† All Glory to Yeshua Hamashiach † says:

There are big problems with NISSAN, look it up.

I just had my 2007 Nissan Pathfinder fixed .
My radiator cracked and leaked into the transmission causing the transmission to break. I took it to Star Nissan mechanics and fixed it, I paid $3700 for a remanufactured transmission and a radiator.
I have 98.000 miles.
Nissan did not cover anything, or send any note to my house.

I will never buy a Nissan again.

Paul Goldfarb says:

Can you add your thoughts about the car requiring/benefiting from premium (or mid-grade) gas?  That, in addition to the previously stated reliability questions in such a crowded segment, has been a dealbreaker for me re the Pathfinder/QX60.

sabz4321 says:

Last 3 cars reviewed had NJ plates! Are you in our beautiful Garden State?!

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