2016 Nissan 370Z Sport Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

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An In depth review of the 2016 Nissan 370Z. We’ll Start up the engine, listen to the exhaust, and take a detailed view of the interior and exterior.

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Thanks everyone.

Base Model: $33,570
The one featured in this Video: $35,060


Paul Farmer says:

“Manual brake because it’s a manual car”
Rear brake/emergency brake. It’s not really recommended to rely only on the rear brake because brakes can fail. Instead, when the car is off, put the transmission into first gear (any gear would work) to keep the car from rolling. And you could also still use the brake along with the car in gear. I do both. Just remember to put it in neutral when you start it up!

Marco Powell says:

I thought I got a text…

Philip Coffman says:

Kind of sounds like water boy

Platinum says:

Howed you total it man? I totaled my Frontier and now have a 370z .

Vincent Vega says:

Dear Santa…

Robert Bidochon φ #JLM2017 says:

Yay! 5% tint on this baby 😀
Fuck your local tint laws

Don D Hightower says:

Functional, practical and fast as hell.
All the car you need.

Joerome Resurreccion says:

Imma get this baddie one day man

Baggy Pants says:

This is the car my parents are getting me for my first car except in getting the 2017. Is it good?

Abdel maina Maina says:

Nissan 370z sport car is best

chavez familia says:

hey i know your little brother kris he’s my homie!!

Rick says:

nice car

Erin Andrews says:

sounds quiet , needs custom exhaust fo sho

Moe Diesel says:

good review my friend, purchasing this vehicle soon.

Lemmy Valentine says:

lol… tryna ape the panamera

drock1974life says:

Thanks for the review.

Rodney Ngo says:

small ass glove box

Julio Olandez says:

When I grow up I will by a 2016 nizzan 370 z.

bee Lover says:

shit sounds like a vacuum cleaner, must put flowmasters on it,thinking about buying one 15 or 16 sport stick.

moniqee ortiz says:

the car its self i order it it came out to 34.530

FlubahDub says:

reew wrheel drwive wit gud fuwel

Abdel maina Maina says:

that is my dream car because is butter hyundai

Hector Ramos Jr. says:

Is the visibility as bad as people say it is?

Pronwichit Kulvises says:

Thailand 2016 2017

sniper1958 says:

I can only dream of owning this car.


do people only get the car in manual version?

J-Panda says:

great overview!

Eric S says:

I really wanted to love this car, but I bought a 2017 V6 Mustang instead. It’s too outdated and too expensive imo.

Markloweh De Jose says:

my dream car <3

Wealthy Pepsi says:

front lip looks terrible.

Gregory Burgondy says:

i like it i would buy one if i had the money.

la wea cósmica :v says:

is beatiful

Sohaib Qasim says:

Would this be a good first car?

Me and Ali Mohammed Samer says:


Chalino VIVO says:


Christopher Johnston says:

My dream car is a challenger scat pack or challenger srt8 392 but both are too expensive for me right now

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