2016 Nissan Maxima Preview: A Four Door Sports Car (4DSC)?

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 Nissan Maxima is all new. In this TFLcar preview Roman takes a first look at the 8th generation of the 2016 Nissan Maxima from rural Kentucky before the media embargo is lifted in June.

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snowcat says:

Take the selfie stick out of the camera shot, it will look much better. Just have it above your hand.

Ganony Mousz says:

Can u guyz stop sayin selfie stick,how dumb r u,thats was called monopod…monopod

Rick Flores says:

I’m disappointed with the engine being a pull over again.

Chris Hawkins says:

And just as I suspected, they insult Nissan by talking negatively about the CVT and the FWD.
but guess what, it beat the Audi, BMW, and Acura in the performance tests. So, I think the car is fine just the way it is. They balanced the car. It gets great fuel economy AND great performance. Great job, Nissan

Ruxor says:

What do you and the bald guy do for actual work?

Backyard production says:

Informative video but please drop the selfie stick… It has to go.. I was more so trying to figure out why do you have a selfie stick instead of how nice the car is…

Frank Martinez says:

Looks like wanna be mazda 6

slabiciune says:

Ugly ass Nissan.
Like all Foreign cars.

chocolate milk says:

This made me nauseous. I’m not even being mean; it literally made me ill.

Jim Green says:

Nice car, front grill design is overkill, imo.

Kim Savage says:

What about the Chrysler 300

tigerbalm says:

Has to be the ugliest front end for a premium model….yukkk!!!!

XLPCX says:

Get rid of the selfie stick…

محمد الدوسري says:

CVT? and sports car? oookay?….

冯雨樵 says:

dizzy selfie stick and ugly car. the front looks like a failed rip off of the mazda axela

Abu Moh says:

that’s so dumb with the selfie stick

Rizwan Javed says:

I’m surprised that Nissan didn’t give the GTR a fucking CVT.

Er Na says:

the maxima looks like the love baby of a Hyundai genesis and Mazda 6.

Brian Lastname says:

If it’s front wheel drive it’s not a sports car imo. It may be sporty, but not a sports car.

Michael Ford says:

Roman, go drive on the Natchez trace

Chris Degrazia says:

I want to punch you in your selfie stick in the face

Brett Addington says:

Not a fan of this video style.  Been watching for a long time now and watching this gave me a headache.  If you have a camera man just use that footage!  Ditch the selfie stick and use the great talent you have in the camera team!

Thesmartest One says:

Anyone else notice the lack of headroom?

Ramon Carter says:

Love all ur reviews Roman waiting on the test drive to see improvements the Maxima is a outstanding luxurious car.

DazdnConfuzd says:

A beautiful car? I think it’s pretty ugly, especially that front end, inspiration from jet fighters, which one? The interior looks pretty good, just that front end, good lord!

Mark Carruthers says:

So a second camera is filming you using a selfie stick?

brook10000 says:

Awesome!  I love Nissan’s cutting-edge styling.  Most car makers can’t put a decent exterior/interior combination together if their life depended on it.  Most sedans are boring.  People who don’t care about what they drive buy boring cars. This isn’t boring, and I like it!  I will probably get this or a new Murano (similar cutting-edge) for my next vehicle.

Rick Smooth says:

What happen to your side kick

Homicidal HD says:

Imagine that with RWD or AWD. What do you guys think.?

Romio Niz Romio says:

Dam how beauty you are maxima this is wt i call it a carunlike others

Cuseball121 says:

Is it a 4 door sports car? It has front wheel drive so no. It has satan’s personal favorite transmission, the cvt, so no. And I’m willing to bet that V6 sounds god awful, so no. It is not.

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