MotoMan is the first one outside of Nissan to have early access to the all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima 4DSC. In this world premiere, MotoMan goes on a deep dive on engineering, design and technology in the new 2016 Nissan Maxima from a secret location at Nissan’s North American Headquarters . . . and meets the guy behind the car that has a question for the viewers and long time Maxima fans . . .

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Srikanth Ammu says:

CVT no CVT revamped good mileage i dont care i completely dislike the Nissan Brand and especially Maxima. they are not reliable. I have had piston ring blow up, catalytic converter blown, 3 radiators, dislocated motor mount all on a 2004 maxima in 3 years that i owned it. Switched to a 96 Mazda 626and life was good and free of stress. I am not saying mazda is good or bad but Nissan is unrealiable
Maxima’s are not famous because they are not reliable…

Jeremy Hluchan says:

As I’m sure everyone has pointed out…. Have an option for either a true automatic or a manual. Also, AWD options for the platinum and sport would be awesome as well.

Kimar Gordon says:

I would love to test drive the Nissan Maxima platinum 2016

Jorge CarballoRamirez says:

Ok para la delear de nissan. Hayward mission Blvd yo jorge Carballo.Ramirez q pasa no medan el carrro

Jorge CarballoRamirez says:
Noah Hamdan says:

Garbage KIA optima is way better

Jose Torres says:

They killed the maxima ugly as fuck

tvalchev says:

Definitely the SR, whether Altima or Maxima, is something to look for, since I own 2010 Altima SR Sedan and I am more than happy with the car, especially after the mods I have done to it. However, building these great vehicles AWD or RWD will be revolutionary and I do not know why Nissan still does not make the move…

TheKrazieness says:

Interior is well done and the rear is ok.
Front end?… not feeling it. Its a terrible blend of luxury and sport look. Its like it doesn’t know what it wants to look like; a luxury car or a sporty car? Its a mixture of both that did not end well.
Engine?… No CVT please.

Ron Houser Paragliding says:

hate the way a lot of the car lines are going to that mouth wide open look on the bumper and grill

BrockL191 says:

Is it me or is Nissan making all of their models look similar? I’m a big Maxima fan but this just doesn’t look sporty or aggressive.

M3RRIH3W13 says:

300 hp is OK, the small info screen is dated, FWD isn’t a sports car, the exterior design reminds me of the 90’s when everyone made egg shape cars……. I just saw the commercial for this car and thought it was good; I wanted to check it out.  There are a lot of competetors in this segment that have more hp, better mileage, and better styling.  It seems a little bit behind the curve.  Is it a sports car? or a luxury sedan with sports cars bits?  Maximas have always been good cars, but are looking dated now.  Emotionally, there isn’t anything that says, “I have to have it,” or gearhead rationality that would put it on the upper end of the list to test drive it.

golfexcellence1 says:

This car is Sleek HOT and stunning

C Taks says:

I would have bought this beautiful work of art if the SV model had the rear sunshade and panoramic moonroof. Or if the Platinum model had paddle shifters and the two tone camel interior. And more importantly, why does the top tier model have the same rims as the base model??? Makes no sense!?!

Donald Hodge says:

I don’t like the back of the Nissan Maxima. It looks like a Ford Fusion.

Reginald Johnson says:

The car looks good my dad is Finna get one at first it wasn’t so many in the road but now it’s a lot good job Nissan ….I’m only 13 lol

NSX-R says:

Interior is stunning, along with the exterior.

Benzodiazpine says:

Not sporty enough

Iron Angeles says:

Dump that cvt transmission and use a 6 speed manual.

Eduardo Rizo says:

I would like to see more options of colors like the previous generation of Maxima, with black rims to give it a more sporty look for the RS model.

Lincoln Tacoma says:

Maximum overdrive the movie, rather…. LOL

Liam Rowe says:

wow this design is way too busy. FAIL

eli Crews says:

Id like to see a maxima awd. I know everyone says get an infiniti but im more of a fan of the nissan look

Kenneth Lin says:

stitching based on exterior color, sunroof on SR, I actually like the CVT

Ny Lon says:

Nissan is getting ugly. please fire your car designers.

Danny Daniel says:

The car is absolutely spectacular from all angles. Great Work!! My only concern as it is the case with the rest of my household and a few friends is the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and from the looks of it, no AWD and/or RWD was considered in the plan. We currently have 4 Nissan’s in the household. Two of which carry the CVT which consist of a 2013 Altima 3.5 SL and a 2014 Pathfinder SL. Indeed, the design and comfort is exemplary; however, the continuous low tone whining from the CVT especially when you punch the accelerator is a bit awful. The torque at take-off is also a problem for me. I had a 2012 Acura TL 3.5 V-6 with a 6spd Automatic and that was a rocket at take off. These transmissions do not give you the torque I consider acceptable. What bothers me somewhat is when friends/family ask, “Is there something wrong with your transmission? It sounds like the engine is asking for help with the shifting”! What Nissan fails to realize is that not all consumers have the same mentality. For my family and I, it’s not always about “Fuel Economy”. It’s about an aggressive car that can provide a true and pure adrenaline rush when needed. Indeed, you do offer the paddle shifters and the Sport Mode but let’s be real, there is no comparison to a regular 7 to 8 speed transmission with this feature. I have compared the transmission shifting on a Q50 to my Altima 3.5 SL and it is night and day. The other two vehicles in the household are a 2013 370Z 6spd manual Touring w/Sports Pkg. and a 2014 Frontier SL with a 5 speed automatic transmission. These have what my family and I consider a “Real” transmission and believe me, the shifting in both feel great. Sometimes, it’s about options and what some consumers really want. Luckily there are choices. As much as I love the Maxima, I think this will put a closure to any other Nissan’s moving forward with the exception of the GT-R and the 370Z.

mamucas chingon says:

I like the front, the hood is just superb with it’s flowing line, the sides as well but the rear, I really dislike the trunk, looks like they started designing the car from the front and by the time they got to the back they just slap it on it and lost it’s fluidity. In my opinion they should redesign the front grille a little and totally redesign the rear, not saying to copy Honda but in my opinion the 2002 Honda accord has one of the most beautiful lines and designed trunks in the last 15 years.

Just my two cents. 🙂

Tausif ali says:

I’d like to see the rear more aggressive and sportier.

Alisha Copeland says:

You need the orange color maxima that was shown in the launch party

moehio says:

What in the hell are the Nissan designers thinking with that hideous front end?!  I’d fire everyone over there… they went from top of pack to last place in the last 20 years.

Larwiz says:

I don’t like the profile of the back. The side of those taillights are hideous. The front lamps aren’t much better. Ever since the Z,they’ve been adding these sharp angles to the front lamps, and they’re ugly. Nice interior tho  but fix the styling ASAP!

bfee20021 says:

We test drove this today and, fyi for shorter people, an open door is hard to reach.  Hard to get in and out as well if you’re under 5’4.  Small side mirrors and no sunroom on SR model.

Infinite Inferno says:

No more cvt

incheon says:

Nissan why the CVT junk?! Ok if you’re gonna stick with your junk trans at least make a 6 speed manual available. Total fail!

Lincoln Tacoma says:

What is up with that smiling face front end… The new front end kind of looks like a clown or a off spring of the big rigg on overdrive the movie… LOL

David Nguyen says:

Maxima NISMO!!

rookforce1 says:

The interior  is uglier than the exterior Nissan is trying to make a LEXUS.

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