2016 Nissan Maxima vs Acura TLX Mashup Review: The 4-Door Sports Car is…

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 Nissan Maxima and the 2016 Acura TLX don’t compete directly but Nissan says the brand new Maxima is a true four door sports car like the Acura TLX. So which of these two sedans is the 4-door sports car? Just watch the video to find out.

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VQPower35 says:

I work at Nissan and I get to drive the Maxima’s around all the time it’s the best lol

ShadowWolf143224 says:

This is still not helping me decide.

I’ve driven both cars 3 times each and have yet to decide which one to purchase. I’m more of an Acura person (my first car was an older Maxima, then jumped to a TL, now an RL) but the new Maxima is so different from any other Nissan I’ve driven and it really gives the TLX a run for its money.

I’m looking mostly for comfort, and although I’d usually prefer an automatic tranny the CVT is much smoother (duh, no shifting through 9 gears, looking at you TLX). The TLX was too jerky, all three times I drove it in fact.

The only issue I’m concerned about is reliability; can anyone shed some more light on this? My Acuras have held up very well over time, no major issues, would this new Maxima do the same?

OutOfThisWorldTV says:

maxima all the way 🙂

Jacob Dubois says:

If you want a 4-door sports car, buy a Chevy SS!

Sjrick says:

The NIssan is the closest sedan that I have seen with a greater visibility out the drivers side window. I think that window goes back a lil more than any other sedan I have seen. Thats huge for me.

Angel Soto says:

i have a 2016 acura tlx 3.5 base model, and there is nothing wrong with mine. put that baby in sport mode on the street and you have lts of fun. Tramsision isnt the best but i dont see why people complain. also note the tlx is a much smoother and quite ride than a maxima or a q50, now talking mpg i get about 27mpg overall, long trips give me 33mpg, not bad for a 3.5 sport sedan.

rpgvag says:

You can’t compare a TLX with a Maxima… Maxima is not really considered luxury

Marcos Fowler says:


Up until now the Camry was always quicker, it just didnt look like it. That’s why I said the Maxima fools people wi th its sporty looks.

Sauced_up rell says:

so which car is faster in a straight line?????

Mike Bell says:

that acrua looks cheap ass hell

Acer Ace says:

am I the only one who thinks this retard knows shit about cars?

Mohammed Y says:

maxima like sexy fitness girl

michael retamar says:

It all comes down to preference. Both amazing vehicles that perform very well for a sedan.

Fabian Ruiz says:

is this even a comparison? the maxima is so much better in every aspect

G00gl3 User says:

hate CVT, but then again i also hate an overpriced Honda.

Fearsome Warior Of Darkness_1999 says:

First of all these are both not sports cars, just sedans

Those argueing about luxury vs not luxury. IDK, it’s all how you compare. cheapest Lexus ES350 feel even less luxury than Acura. I am not even talking about ILX and Lexus IS. BMW 3 series or Audi A3-4 are not that luxury either, same goes to cheapest Infinity, to cheapest Cadillacs etc. An Advanced package Van is more luxury than those $30-35k cars. Honda Odyssei Touring or Toyota Sienna Limited are more luxury than basic BMW 3, Audi A3-A4, not even talking about ILX or Lexus IS.
The true luxury starts with BMW 5, Acura has RLX that is the only real luxury. Same about those around 40k SUV like Lexus RX(2016 sport fully packed is ok though), Infinity QX60, Acura MDX – not that luxury. Lexus GS is luxury already.
Problem with Acura is that it only makes “budget luxury” cars, RLX is the only real luxury, while Lexus has GX, LS, LX. LS and LX are still more luxury than RLX

Steve says:

The sh awd is the tlx to own. having test driven both the Maxima is really nice but no AWD means no point to those of us up north. The SHAWD in the Acura makes it an entirely different car. Gimmicky name aside the Super Handling AWD is among the best in the biz. Add the tech package and you have luxury and tech. I understand they were trying to compare similar price points so comparing the top maxima to the top TLX vs the base fwd tlx they tested would be different in cost again… but in a way unfair to Acura as it is not the top model.

Jhits says:

I love both

Reggie Burnett says:

You know a lot of people say “well the Maxima isn’t a 4 door sports cars” or that it has a CVT. Which I understand all those. But the Maxima has so much potential specially for it’s 8th Gen. I’m looking forward to seeing what all will happen with the Maxima.

jd5179 says:

battle of awful transmission- clunky unrealible 9 speed acura vs whiny crappy cvt of maxima

abc says:

go buy a q50

Daniel Corona says:

this review was biased as fk

Keye T says:

i’m really sick of these morons comparing cars that aren’t totally different segments because people are watching these to actually choose a car in a specific segment and you’re singling out one car and putting it up against the car that isn’t even nearly in the same league,

AcuraTL 07 says:

Yea Acura all the way

Talan Ochoa says:

Nissan is better

F_ Sport VS Redsport 323818213 says:

LMFAO acura.

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