2016 Nissan Murano – Review and Road Test

Well-known for its avant-garde styling, the third-generation Murano now sets its sights on the luxury sector. In this video, KBB’s Zach Vlasuk determines if the Nissan Murano has what it takes to compete against rival luxury models like the Lexus RX and BMW X5.

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Zi Huang says:

piece of shit! i bought a 2016 murano s the engine vibration like hell! you can feel the shaking from the steering wheel specially when the ac is on ! the vibration like a massager is on and they said it is normal!!! don’t buy this junk car!! i am the victim i hope you are not the next one!

shopwithaaron says:

Not loving the exterior Nissan design direction….Interior seems well done tho.

Daniel Martins says:

Just got a 2015 platinum. Traded in my 2012 Mercedes ML350. They are totally different cars but leaving a Mercedes with over 52k miles and no factory warranty and getting a top trim murano wasn’t a bad idea. Are they close? Absolutely not bit the murano is delivering on every aspect that we wanted and I am really enjoying the car.

GooseMeister says:

Finally, a good looking SUV.

Still a Jeep purist though.

Kufre Udobong says:

Beautiful unbiased review

Ethan Walker says:

Great review! What we really want to hear is your take as a professional on things that might be missed in a quick test drive – and you did just that.  I’m really tired of some reviewers (looking at you Fast Lane Car) just telling us what could be read off of the sticker on the window. Zack and Micah never disappoint. Good camera work as well!

Peter T says:

That’s a good lookin suv. For 42k though I’d take a grand Cherokee

ChickenFingers451 says:

Do a mitsubishi outlander review.

Jaber Alsalem says:

That’s a handsome car indeed

Vlad Saghin says:

The Touareg shares its platform with the Q7 and Cayenne so it’s not that mainstream really

Timber says:

Hi Zack, I just watched your review of the 2015 Nissan Murano. Great job! I have one, but, White with the black (charcoal) interior, PLATINUM AWD. I thought I would point out, if someone hasn’t already done so, that the new Murano does come with ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL. It’s offered bundled in the tech package. (As well as predictive collision warning and crash mitigation braking). It’s the only option for the PLATINUM trim. I’m not sure why, but, the pano sun roof is also part of the tech package on this trim. All the other goodies already come on that trim (20″ wheels, heated steering wheel, heated/cooled front seats, heated back seats, rear USB port that connects to the center stack, power lift gate, remote engine start to name a few). The fact that reviewers even compare it to luxury vehicles, says a lot.

Jamison Hammonds says:

reminds me of the new 2016 lexus rx

SoccerBoi500 says:

Rode in one today on a 3 hour car ride. The seats are the most comfortable I’ve ever sat in thanks to Nissan’s Zero Gravity and it’s a super isolated ride

davidrx795 says:

Looks awesome we love ours

Reggie R2 says:

is it $42000 decent?

adyyy22 says:

In my opinion, there is nothing out there that looks as exciting, maybe Lexus NX. Nothing awkward about this car, every line makes sense on it. Maybe it’s the artist in me talking, but i think they did a great job with exterior design. Interior is nice too, simple and functional. I would, however, choose the black interior too.

Jaylen Bond says:

not better than the jeep grand Cherokee but still a good suv.

karteek Reddy says:

I like the way you walked away from car at the end..over all good review…conclusion ..Its decent !!

Blaze Flame says:

have you guys reviewed the new maxima?

Eric Heydenreich says:

Thanks for the review! I think that if they want to compete with Lexus, they should use the Infinity line, just makes sense to me.

Mike Stoddart says:

I like the exterior but the interior is so boring.

raghuveer c says:

beautiful car

dcharizard91 says:

It’s interesting that you compared the Murano to luxury brands. It does kinda seem that Nissan has forgotten about Infiniti since nothing new or exciting has been released. Most of the Infiniti line is in desperate need of a refresh.

ahh poop says:

I feel like I know you from somewhere… oh reno 911

siamiam says:

decent review

Axel Saac says:

Ford edge. More standard options

Jonathan Mccray says:

Have you review the 2016 Nissan Altima

gene978 says:

Hey Zack.That’s surprising that in 2015 that a luxury SUV from Nissan don’t offer those 3 last mentioned Safety Features. Adaptive Cruise, Lane Keep, Etc. For that $$$ At least they offer an interior that is other than BLACK!!! I am so over BLACK interiors from Ford, Mazda, and Others. Even when you can find one the dash board, Steering wheel, door panels and rug Still Black sometimes. What happened to Color Keyed Cars ???? S they cost an extra $500. DO IT DAMN IT! 😉

lastchapter says:

Over this is a pretty good little crossover. But they are small, and I mean small, ” driver and passenger” sit shoulder to shoulder. I bought a 2015 Lincoln Mkx AWD . The price is a little more then the Murano but well worth it. And let me tell you what a difference the MKX is size wise and comfort wise. Better yet get a Jeep grand Cherokee and you’ll thank yourself for it …. Canada.

chrisdblue says:

Exterior looks great. Interior , not so much. I hate all the plastic on the steering wheel

Niran Tilakaratne says:

but can it go off-road like a Touareg? Great review as always KBB! Thanks

Angel Torres says:

This or the Rouge which is the more “better”/preferred car money/cost a side.

Julien Michael says:

Its a very nice crossover but….why dosnt it have adaptive cruise and, lane keep at 42k? Boggles my mind but ok? whatever. I like the exterior curves and lines very futuristic looking, but my goodness that interior! EW! too gody for my taste, ill gladly take the black interior. That beige/cream interior has zero contrast. But over all a really nice car, but i dont know if its something i would buy.

sportsMike87 says:

I don’t like that cheap plastic they use on their steering wheels

johnnywires3 says:

of all the nissan models the murano should not have gone the way in design of the x-trail,qashqai look.i personally think the old rounder looking murano was a better looker.

Zacklee zacks says:

noisy car. The decibel rating must been fudged. No wind noise, just road noise. Highlander was definitely quieter. Wish Highlander wasn’t so boring.

Cesar Hanson says:

“Blood thirsty ivory dealer” best line in a car review ever lol.

craig doss says:

I like the ivory-esque interior trim. It’s quite unique and nicely executed.

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