2016 Nissan Rogue – Review and Road Test

The Nissan Rogue is designed to stand out from the competition by way of its sleek carlike styling, class-exclusive in-vehicle technology, and 3rd-row seat option. But can it really compete and win against segment stalwarts like the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Ford Escape?

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Debbie Bonneau says:

I just got my new 2016 SL/AWD Premium Plus, when I turn the wheel I hear a strange ping noise, has anyone else heard the same thing?

Estela Bueno says:

Cuato Cuesta in 2016

BrownSugarMimi says:

I love my 2016 Rogue !!

Biff Buttrammer says:

nissan … ventilated front seats please … and for us dog owners, bring back the mother loving flip-rear glass … i’d prefer a motorized power down rear glass, but for the love of all that’s free and true, at LEAST bring back the flip rear glass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sport UTILITY vehicle … U …

B Stephens says:

Just bought a 2016 SV, no complaints with CVT (I have a 2007 Altima with CVT so I’m used to it).  The Rogue is awesome!

Jesse Valdez says:

test drove one it was really nice love the interior thinking of leasing i have not test drove any other small suv’s. my second would be the tucson.. any help on what one is better price and awd system works better? thanks

Christian E says:

Does anyone on here have any opinions on the Rogue and Subaru’s Forester?  The wife and I have looked at all the small SUV’s and thought we like the Forester, until we went and test drove the only one we hadn’t, the Rogue.  We now really like the Rogue but I am just starting to look into it, if anyone has had both or has any thoughts on the matter that would be much appreciated, thank you.

Samir LeSage says:

I have been driving a 2016 Rogue SL trim for the past week, it is an extremely comfortable car to drive, pretty good audio system (9 speaker audio, listening to EDM, rap and metal, so it works well in a variety of genres). Acceptable mileage (my Average has been 24 mpg on combined driving.)

Acceleration is fine, this is no drag racing car but it will be fine at overtaking at the highway, as well as merging. Micah isn’t lying about the blind spot. It is rather large, but the blind spot monitoring works like a charm, but I’d say it’s almost a necessity moreso than a luxury with this car.

Realistically, I’d give this car an 8/10, pretty happy with the purchase. I ultimately feel safe when driving this car around town.

lion tiger says:

funny phphphph

yidu weinstock says:

lack of traditional gear changes is code for slow as F***

Vince Leonard says:

beware of CVT transmission. shutters sputter and a lot of shaking. I think the cvt will end up like Mazda rotary engine.

Vasudeva Muppalla says:

IMO, there are 3 good cars in this category/price range when you compare features and quality. Subaru (crosstek, forrester or outback), Mazda (cx5) and Nissan (rogue). I wasn’t aware of the Mitsubishi- it is worth a look.

If you want more off road capability, Jeep renegade, esp the trail hawk version is good- it is short on some features such as hill descent control but a good off road capable vehicle with acceptable gas mileage.

Ben de Anda says:

I will never own a nissan again. had several over the years and interior will fall apart before the engine. Not to mention all the problems with CVT transmission, among several other issues I had to have taken care of with all the nissans I have ever owned. I kept thinking the next one will be better. Overall good cars but get ready to spend some money fixing everything from CAT coverters, to A/C condenser, Computer mod, A/c hoses ets. Interior starts looking bad very early in mileage. Paint is sub par, interior design is good but very poorly made. You get what you pay for. Nissans are the among cheapest new cars with all the tech.

Syed Muhammad Jaffar Kirmani says:

Amazing video .can you do a review video on Honda city aspire 2017

Wassim says:

i just bought Nissan Rogue 2016 band new 2 weeks back and since then i put it for the service 2 times …. it is very weak car i am not sure it will reach 60,000 km ( warranty period ) without big problem … i like Japanese cars i have toyota and honda , Nissan is the least comparing with them

JR306 says:

The wife and I really like ours. Only complaints is the center control panel can be a little slow, and with the keyless push button start, the car has to be running in order for me to check the odometer. Other than that, with the “tech” package, the back-up cameras are awesome and the interior is fantastic. Ride is acceptable for a small suv, power is good for a 4 cylinder, and mileage is good as well.

Discovery Outdoors says:

Will this car last at least 200000 miles if taken care of?

Jeffery Jin says:

If you don’t bring Rogue into your life, then you don’t know why’d people love it.

Andre Miller says:

Could you do a 2016 mitshibishi outlander reveiw

David Pritt says:

Issan rouge

sjtf2 says:

how does the rogue stack up against a Santa fe

sportsMike87 says:

Nissan steering wheels look so cheap

Moswantd One says:

Does the base model comes with rear view camera?

nordic27 says:

We looked at a Nissan Rogue and a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. While I liked the Rogue I have to say that the Santa Fe Sport IMO was better designed and engineered. I own a 2008 Nissan Altima and the paint has faded on the roof and trunk deck in only 7 years and we keep the car cleaned and waxed regularly. Rattles like a baby toy on the inside now. It also had two wheel bearings go bad after 6 years though one was under warranty. I am not convinced that the CVT transmission is over the problems Nissan experienced in earlier models after talking with a few mechanics. All in all when we compared the two vehicles with the options we wanted and their pricing was very close we chose the Hyundai. With their warranty we felt this was the best decision for us. I”m not knocking the Nissan at all but when comparing side by side features & design, dollar for dollar, warranty for warranty we went a different route this time. Please keep in mind this is our opinion only and I respect others whose opinions differ.

侍 強力な says:

Great car!

lion tiger says:

so so wired

reddbreze says:

This was very homosexual

dygardion 91 says:

It isn’t class leading power. 170hp? rav4 has 176 and crv has over 180 hp

Kris Miller says:

I’ve had my 2016 Rogue SL for a week now. Absolutely love it! Yes, when you start accelerating from a stop, it’s noisier than pretty much any vehicle I’ve driven before. But it’s not “crazy” loud and certainly not enough of a setback to diminish the vehicle’s other nice qualities. The Bose sound system is fantastic. I love the appearance and quality of the main console and the seats and other aesthetics inside the vehicle. It feels elegant but doesn’t feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of buttons and other visual distractions to keep one’s eyes off the road and traffic. The moonroof is a great feature and the cargo area’s flexibility with the shelving system is unique and practical without feeling gimmicky. Overall, this vehicle is pleasing to the eye, gets good gas mileage, and is spacious inside – all qualities I wanted in a compact SUV. They’re worth serious consideration in this segment – like Micah stated in the video.

Edward_Sosa 1016 says:

Very very paretion x-trail

Haza Dilley says:

Compact SUV?? Here in the UK (where this car is called the Nissan X-Trail) this is a large family SUV.

Kristoffer Mangrobang says:

I just bought mine the other day and still had no chance on checking or reading the user’s manual.
I was just wondering what is the use of the left side little button on the shift knob? thanks

jesus lozano says:

Cvt trans kill it for me! I am looking a small or med suv but when i heard cvt just shut down this video, i dont care, out the list, looks good btw

maryxoxo9 says:

Worst experience with the Rogue and Nissan in general. So glad I got rid of it

Alfredo Dagondon says:

Which is better 2016 Ford Escape SE 4wd or 2016 Nissan Rouge SV AwD? Thanks!

greatgood5 says:

Are Nissans reliable?
This might sound stupid, but I’ve heard that Nissan’s reliability ratings are going down.
Are they, KBB?

Nik Assudani says:

Great nice car I like it

Headlines Generator says:

folding mirrors?



Chuck U. Farley says:

I have watched many “Kelly Blue Book” Reviews, and for the most part they are informative and Amusing…. but I am really beginning to wonder about their presenters fascination with his own cuteness?… I sometimes wonder if He Ever tires of Face Humping the camera man ?… yeah, it was entertaining for a minute… but Jesus, does He NEVER TIRE of being a Ham ?… oi !

Glen W. Ford says:

This is one beautiful vehicle.

OutOfThisWorldTV says:

You ppl complaining rogue as if it’s best suv Nissan has .. Put in murano/pathfinder in here .. Best SUVs out there

IGamer IOS says:

Lol in the Russia this is Nissan Murrano

PussMag says:

nearly identical in size department, i would take Rogue instead of a Murano for almost $10k less

Aseel Alhelli says:

I love my roug 2016

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