2016 Nissan Titan XD Cummins Turbo Diesel TECH REVIEW – WORLD PREMIERE

MotoMan is granted early access to the all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD. In this world premiere, MotoMan goes on a deep dive of the engineering, design and technology in the new 2016 Nissan Titan from a secret location at Nissan’s North American Headquarters . . . and throws a challenge to you, the viewers . . .

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perromaster says:

Why does it look like a ford?

Trucks atvs says:

fuck you Nissan you take.dodge engine s fuck u

GP9railfan says:

Why did Cummins let Nissan put their motors in these shitboxes?

ricqik says:

Your statement that Ford sells 750k+ F150 is incorrect. It’s F-series, not F150s.

Mario Rosas says:

K fea troca kreo K cada vez está más horrible

TheMausymaus says:

My shit this morning was prettier than that thing

Steven Gonzales says:

fuck all yall hating people out there …..all yall do is take shit

CWI outdoors says:

Nissan Titan is retarded fuck Nissan

ThachosenJuan21 says:

Truck is very ugly and looks cheap as well. Maybe it’s just me

Sebazzee001 says:

I wouldn’t think a yellow truck with black plastic door handles would a have electricity operated seats and steering wheel.

Burak Memik says:

FORD u taklit etmeymiş iyimiş

dvsrs says:


Matthew Scotten says:

could use a roof rack in the crew cad Pro-4X edition. make the storage box under the rear seat double as a fridge. have a winch built into the front bumper on the Pro-4X, and offer a dealer installed snorkle as an option as well, to immediately set it up as a seriously capable off-road truck right out of the box. Oh, and if I were Nissan I would brand a roof-rack tent system that could come as an option with the roof-rack-equiped Pro-4X I already suggested.

Ross Mendez says:

What??? are the head people at Nissan on drugs? What the hell were they thinking, bringing the ugly Titan with a Cummins diesel engine. We’ll wait and see how that goes.

Andrew Agustin says:

I want to see someone tune this truck and vs the guy who owned the Dodge ram 2 500 that smashed the GTR

rastafarianWeedsmoke says:

First off he sayed go to a ford dealership.. Then sayed 1500,2500,3500 thats a gmc, Chevy, dodge thing f150,f250,f350 is fords size. And its called “compound twin turbo” not a single turbo. It still a p.o.s. It will have def, egr, dpf, cat, so its worthless and trouble some. Stick to the old ford, dodges and chevys. Ford mainly cause there the best just not a 6.4L

jesus rosado crespo says:

Nice truk

Roberto Demarco says:

Horrible front end!

Terrance Kneifl says:

This truck here with all these goodies is gonna be $$$$$$$$$$$!

Danny Hansen says:

cool truck

Arvind Singh says:

Adaptive cruise control. Black ops model. 360 camera.

oscar duran says:

UGLY truck

Sergio Rivera says:

thats a ford with dodge engine

sploofmonkey says:

Nissan doesn’t want to compete with the US Big 3 in the WORK TRUCK category. Well, NIssan is having an affair with Cummins, and Cummins has been ‘married’ to Dodge WORK TRUCKS(2500, 3500, etc) for about 20 years. Nissan makes excellent vehicles, why not compete in 3/4 ton and 1 ton category. Toyota makes a one ton but it isn’t sold in North America, so in the ‘land of the Ninja’, acting like a coward has become acceptable. Another thing, is that Nissan should have a 6.0 L diesel engine in a HD truck(3/4 to 1 ton category).  
On a side note: Why does Ford sell way more trucks than any other manufacturer? Gov’t contracts! Ford is a gigolo in this case! In economics this called a monopolist.
Considering the price of Nissan and Toyota trucks, this truck will only be ‘affordable’ to the rich.

standardarmy63 says:

I like shorter hood, and no moon roof for max headroom. It seems to have too many gimmicks, and an ugly front end. Looks like it’s barrowed from quirky looking QX.

joenissan says:

It is actually a twin turbo. It’s two separate turbochargers in a single unit.

namhar namhar says:

What city is in music city. Is it Nashville Tennessee?

VitaminD 000 says:

Ford and Chevy would beat the shit out of Nissan and Toyota

Neshan K says:

What a dumb ass

Aw Snap says:

the titan rendering looks awesome but then again by the time the jap suits come out with the production version, the truck looks like its made for asians with small dicks

vegass04 says:

I would give my left nut if they sold these full size pick ups in Europe. This is a beast. But that being said, I would still pick F-150. I lie, I would pick a Raptor (if it was priced like in USA that is)

rich r says:

Ugly, ugly, ugly front end on this truck.  The worst looking front end of any truck built…………………ever!! I used to be a huge Titan fan.

Adam Lison says:

I don’t care what you people say I like the truck but I know it’s too much money but here’s a thing it’s my tast not yours there’s a lot of haters out there

djdeskontrol says:

I will buy it aslong its affordable.(why not!) it has everything i need..i will only change the front bumper for an all metal offroad and maybe some fender flares. Domestic trucks are just overpriced junks.

Sam krieger says:

assure junk

MyPoorBrain 1 says:

Looks a bit like the new Ford F150….

Lt Col Steven D Bond says:

It’s still not a Ford!! Lol

david Buchanon david buchanon says:

I wonder if it is anything like the Volkswagen Turbo Diesel ?

Gavin K. says:

Give the offroad version of this vehicle a manual trans so its easier to rock the vehicle from reverse to 1st gear when stuck in the mud.

Conservative America says:

I say you need to look at the F150 a little more

Juan Villatoro says:

they made these type of truck for North American only she look like it it is a piece of shit

Richard Gonzalez says:

I would like to see clearance lights on top of the truck

keltheb says:

First vid of yours I have viewed and I enjoyed it. On to the truck… I seems a little bit to “blingy” and the two tone also is not to my liking. I am, however, interested in this truck but i have a feeling it wont be much difference in price compared to a 2500/3500 diesel. I hope I’m wrong but if I’m not I would not consider this truck.

William W. says:

Nissans past trucks were all shit, Nissan is shit, the only good thing is the Cummins, they were supposed to release this long ago. Mainly to take sales from Toyota Tundra because they don’t even of diesel in their rubber-band engine lineup. Final words, that truck looks plasticy as fuck

john swinkels says:

Good presentation, its oblivious the sepo’s are to stupid to appreciate a great vehicle.send them all to Australia.and you can keep your eco 3 litre ram.

It's time for some fun says:

A grill on the hood

Derek Ashby says:

I like everything thing but the color

Cody Gores says:

this guys annoying

acesoftrul3z says:

This guy sounds exactly like James Woods

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