2017 Nissan GT-R Review

It’s hard to believe that nearly ten years have passed since the GT-R first debuted, and since it arrived on the scene, so many other awesome performance vehicles have set their sights on the car known as Godzilla.

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Matthew Charles Franklin says:

Should be reviewing Shait run around cars

Mike Mercado says:

I’m great fan of skyline GTR cars is my best favorite car ever! skyline forever…:-)

Heinz19946 says:

are u from canada??

Eirox says:

Was this filmed in Milton Ontario???

stephon #1 says:

This guy has no fucking clue what he’s talking about Fuck this video and the Indian Pakistani guy whatever he is

John Vu says:

The GTR is a Supercar!

Hoonigan Virus says:

retard alert

King D says:

Very good disco dancer! Sync the music for better results.

Dan nevaumind says:

I’d rather shit in my hands & clap than listen to this fool pointlessly droning on & on about crap that adds weight & takes the fun out of the driving experience. Adaptive cruise control & forward collision warning, blah blah fucking blah! Really? If you want that shit then buy a Volvo. Its a GTR. A supercar you moron… & actually have the balls to test the brakes on a track before bitching about them as you slowly drive along in 3rd gear lisping away. How do these idiots end up reviewing these cars??

Ricky Steenekamp says:

a Porsche 918 is also a 6 figure car…

hich11111 says:

I could tell just by the like/dislike ratio that this was going to be a bad review.

Rajiv Malhotra says:

Im going to slap whoever comes up with your guy’s music

Axel E. Funk says:

Ith unbelievable how fatht thith car ith becauth of how heavy it ith *(neck wiggle)*
becauth it weighth 4 thouthand poundth *(neck wiggle)*

uuuuuuuuuuuuuugh he sucks

Juan Zingarello says:

Ferraris don’t have any of that safety tech either. And they are twice the price of the GT-R. Nobody buys the GT-R for its safety tech. All that stuff just adds weight to it and defeats the purpose of a supercar.

DJ Ustan says:

this car not for idiots so no need for lane assest and blind spot or whatever

けんたろう says:


Kameron the salmon says:

His lisp is killings me omg

Gamer888MPH says:

Wow 10 years already? This car needs a bodystyle update like a whole new generation GTR.

Bigsmoke says:


princess cadence says:

GTR get’s 7 speed dual clutch gearbox

Warnell Carmouche says:

Just shut up.

Ehsan Esfahani says:

If you want to buy a supper car killer along with all those fancy options, then you should pay more than 120K instead.

sgtJA says:

It feels like he’s trying to awkwardly seduce me with his vocal inflections, stupid lisp, and wiggly neck. I hate this guy.

Billy White says:


Frank Nasty says:


GoodDay says:


cuddly catty says:

Yea sorry when I drive, I dont use my smartphone

Homie SpyCrab says:

GT-R is more of a sport car more than the supercar.

Funaki .Chidori says:

comparing it to r8s and huracans like there isnt a 100k difference in price lol

M Rod says:


ZachAttack says:

lisp lisp lisp lisp lisp lisp lisp lisp

Timothy Entin says:

Looks like he’s trying to mate with me while preforming a ritual dance

Akmal Salem says:

I’m in love with this spec

jordonappy says:

dude they are trying to keep the price down, the downfalls you give it against cars that are 100k plus more are silly, they are by far worth the price they have been given, just the engine is worth a good handful of money

Atong Redillas says:

If daffy duck did a review… This is it.

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