2017 Nissan GT-R’s New Tech and New Specs – Feature Focus

At this point, what more is there to say about the Nissan GT-R? It’s a living legend – incredibly fast with almost inexhaustible amounts of grip. It’s also a surprisingly livable vehicle, with decent ride quality and a usable back seat. Just don’t call it Godzilla. That’s the most abused cliché in the history of automotive journalism. Despite its age, they’ve actually made quite a few significant enhancements for 2017, which I’ll tell you all about in this Feature Focus.


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6SpeedTA95 says:

Wish Cole did every damn video…dude is awesome

Blue Post it notes says:

Doesn’t even have LED lights. Not worth 100k lmfao

mfmf100 says:

Still an amazing car, and even with the higher price a decent value, though if you listen you can hear a Vette loudly clearing its throat.

Anas Omary says:

Unsubscribed… I can’t watch this mediocre channel anymore.

Pug A says:

cool, but where the fuck is the “reading mean comments 2016” video?! Just FYI, avoid doing it does not make audience think you guys are finally doing well or something.

Cesar Hanson says:

It does not look good in that color. Reminds me of a Murano…

tony diaz says:

Nissan rules the world!

Agent Rudie says:

Man, I love seeing Craig in Heavy Duty Diesel Truck!

Acc0rd79 says:

That strange wave at the end…..interesting! 4:11

Blake Swan says:

cannot believe how expensive this Nissan is now.

Dan Webb says:

I would rather have a corvette

john learoux says:

this cars biggest issue is the Z06. the Z06 beat the Nismo (the 175K GTR) for far less money and it will completely mangle a regular GTR at 80K vs 113K.

daniel florin hongu says:

Anyone got a extra bullet for this coconut?

AwkwardYet says:

And the R8 came out even earlier, it’s the same car

Abe Froman says:

Even Craig isn’t nerdy enough for a GT-R.

Shahab Besharatlou says:

ya first

Justin Bouche says:

fanboymobile finally got a non-plastic fantastic interior.

Luke B says:

For the first few seconds I thought rush was on or something

Candle Jack says:

Sad to see this car bloat to over 100k. When it first came out in 2007 it started around 70k. They shouldve given the option to select trims

McRoll55 says:

the exhaust sound is smoother than my vacuum

John C says:

you acting like a dumb American who can’t pronounce a name is NOT why I watch these videos

Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad says:

fall in love its interior…simple but elegance…nice

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