2017 Nissan Pathfinder – TestDriveNow.com Preview by Auto Critic Steve Hammes

TestDriveNow.com Preview of the new 2017 Nissan Pathfinder by automotive critic Steve Hammes. A major redesign moving away from its rugged sport-ute ways to a more family friendly crossover. CLICK & WATCH 2017 NISSAN PATHFINDER TESTDRIVENOW FIRST LOOK BY AUTO CRITIC STEVE HAMMES @ http://testdrivenow.com/2017-nissan-pathfinder-first-look/ #PATHFINDER #NISSAN #TDN #DTWITHSTEVEHAMMES #TESTDRIVENOW


Jake Tow says:

Off roading? You gotta be kidding me. I respect vehicles for what the serve their purpose. What is this thing for? Who? A mini van would be just as good, you can’t take that thing off road. Anything more than what they showed would destroy it.
No body buys a cross over to go off road.
Same with the new Jeeps, (Except the Wrangler), they have all these traction this and that features but who buys those to take them off road? What happened to people buying a vehicle for its practicality? Like I said, a mini van would do just as good if not better than this for who’s gonna buy it.

Adam Wright says:

Thanks for your quick review (of course, “quick” is all I’ll get for now), but the guy did say that it is a third generation Nissan CVT that emulates regular automatic shifts. Oh well, I still don’t like that part about it because I have read that those slit second, not needed to me, shift points will also take split seconds off acceleration.
But it is still my favorite one vehicle I’ll ever need if my life depends on hauling more than three other children or even larger people in back and demands class leading towing. The fact that it gets better fuel mileage and a better power band than ANY of its competitors put it right on top in my book!
Is the “shift emulator” standard on all trims, or just the higher models? No biggie if it is standard… It’s still the best value three-row out there.

Anthony Cuda says:

That front end looks like it went back in time 5 years. There are so many better options, they need to redesign that interior asap.

jn ep says:

small brakes….

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