2017 Nissan Rogue First Drive Review: Why the Rogue is Nissan’s New Best Selling Car

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2017 Nissan Rogue First Drive Review: Why the Rogue is Nissan’s New Best Selling Car

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TruAgape1234 says:


ask steevies says:

That’s the stupidest thing ever is braking for the the consumer, I just think that’s so fucking dumb ,what’s the difference between the pedestrian in the road and a deer in the road is it gonna fucking brake at 90 if there’s a deer in the road, so dumb..

Junior B says:

Best value and best looking compact suv that is why America’s best selling non pick up truck.


I have one and the center console armrest is useless

John Ledbetter says:

these things have no power

Rob Mock says:

Interesting reflection… 10 years ago in 2007, the midsize sedan market was the hottest segment in the US. Nissan that year introduced the redesigned Altima (their best seller), along with an Altima Hybrid, to take on the also-then-new Toyota Camry Hybrid. Fast forward about ten years, the compact SUV is the top segment in the US, with RAV4 and Rogue now outselling Camry and Altima. Toyota introduces a RAV4 Hybrid and Nissan takes them on with the Rogue Hybrid.

SuperLocoloco69 says:

did he mention the price?

Dirk DigDuggler says:

So this is just an X-Trail T32? So was the old Rogue model the same as the Exy T30/T31 underneath that naff styling you guys got?

hadasa dena says:

es de 6 cilindros o de 4?

xomthood says:

Like everything but the CVT makes it a no go.  I expect to keep my new cars 10 years.  Everything I research indicates the CVT won’t last the distance.

GamingBeast5 says:

nissan rogue family ftw

Alan says:

Anybody can help me out ? I bought a 2017 s model and I’ve noticed when trying to pass a vehicle that is stopped in front I turn my wheels to the right and step on it and they wheel doesn’t really spin back In place on it’s own I have to spin it completely myself. Sometimes I even step on the gas and car goes side to side. Why ??? Is this normal for a SUV ? My Honda Civic never did this !!!

DrDennis77 says:

Will this CVT out last a reg tranny?? Which of the two more $$ to repair??

T Ritchie says:

If they would loose the CVT and gain an extra 10 pony’s under the hood I suspect it would sell even better. On a side note I recently got my wife an 08 KIA Rondo with a 2.7L and I was pleasantly surprised at how peppy it is. My wife who has some physical challenges says its also easy for her to drive. She likes the visibility and the controls and stuff are easy for her to reach. I would like it even better if it was AWD. Its got a surprising amount of cargo room for such a small car.

Ahmedalraiyan says:

In Denmark it’s called
Nissan x-trail

InabilityToBeBrief says:

I demand Youtube implement warnings for Canadian hosts, British accent content or worst of all, Australian.

Mogambo says:

Hi, TFL Team,

I own two 2017 Nissan Rogues SV and SL. My only grievance with them is smaller fuel tank. I have to gas them up very often. Whereas my 2017 Maxima SR It takes 70L and gives me 800km. Whereas Rogue takes only 55L and it gives me about 500km. Which means more trips to gas station and I hate it. I wish Nissan would put bigger tank in it. Please pass this question to Nissan and I will wait to watch video where you could get me any answer from Nissan. Cheers!!!

God Speed 913 says:

Nissan is struggling these days, but I have to say the Rogue is actually a really good car. If I was considering a Small SUV I would consider it.

Bill Edge says:

where is the 2017 Mazda cx5?

Eric Sims says:

why does this guy always sound out of breath like he just got done doing sprints?

SuperLocoloco69 says:

so any stranger can open the back door with the foot? i’ve seen that in all the new suvs.

Aye Finessa says:

My opinion on this car: I don’t like it ;-; its just not my kinda car. My boyfriend bought one a couple days ago.

dito7347 says:

Was gonna get the new crv but the fact that I can’t get a panoramic roof ruined it for me

james canfield says:

As a manager of a rental car office, it’s one of my favorites. It seems to be just right; comfortable seats, nice size backup screen, user friendly. It’s definitely on par with the Rav 4. It’s one I would actually buy.


Full Disclosure: CVTs ARE SHIT and Nissan KNOWS IT. That is all, please, carry on with your day.
BTW, I own one, 2017 too. It’s an AWESOME family taxi and groceries getter.

Elaina Vazquez says:

With all due respect, and by any means this is not a hate comment, I fail to understand how this car is more “female” because the technology is simpler to understand. Are you implying that woman aren’t capable of operating a screen on a dashboard? Im sorry I loved the TMLC channel but after hearing such remarks, I have to give it a dislike. Also, only woman have mother in laws to throw on the back seat? this is ridiculous. I know the comments only relate to the cars, but I had to point this out. As a female car enthusiast, Im offended that woman are perceived in this way. Anyway ill be moving onto other channels.

ticleve2 says:

Does this have the star-stop engine feature?

Christian Zamora says:

Review should be about the car not the host, I want to be more car less you.

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