2017 Nissan Sentra NISMO TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan gets his hands on a 2017 Nissan Sentra NISMO direct from the Los Angeles International Auto Show floor and brings it to the open air studio for a TECH REVIEW of the changes from Nissan Sentra SR Turbo to Nissan Sentra NISMO edition – expect some surprises . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzUzGwLn3Cg

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James Chiu says:

220hp, 258lb/tq, Toronto. Should cost similar to the VW GTI or a little less.

danny solomon says:

I think the SR turbo with 180hp makes sense. but the NISMO should definitely have within 200 – 225hp

John Soon says:

I kinda expected more for a NISMO branding…

chaoticcat69 says:

I’m from NY and I felt like this car would have 220 or 230 horsepower. And I wouldn’t mind paying like 23 grand. Around there. It not having a sunroof or android auto/apple CarPlay makes for a sore spot with me

Ronald Thomas says:

I live in Orlando Florida and I work for both Nissan and Hyundai. I’ve had the opportunity to drive the alarm for Sport with 201 horses so I think minimally the Sentra Nismo should have approximately 200 to 220 hp to represent the mismo brand properly. as for Price Point anywhere from $27k to $30k should be accepted with that type of horsepower and performance

phijef89 says:

at one time I have a Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V Sunburst yellow 2003 the car has 180 horsepower the car looked fantastic for the time. I wish that Nissan would have made this car Fantastic Four this time. Why they are not using the Ser name anymore I don’t understand considering the popularity in the US of those letters I would have suggested Nissan had about 215 to 220 horse in this particular model most people remember the ser and the Spec V forgive my spelling I am using voice to text

Velloceti says:

Having been a proud owner of a 2005 Sentra SE-R Spec V, I would like the 2017 Nismo Sentra to produce around 220 hp and come in around $27K Cdn fully loaded.

Troy Pagan says:

220 HP $26K USD

S G says:

200hp minimum, preferably 220-225hp, tho then cost is an issue i guess, for nissan . Current gti owner, 6sp, northern ny

Carlos M. Garcia Rivera says:

Hyundai Elantra Turbo looks better and more power

niki somvong says:

WTF! Body kit sentra rs turbo! Everyone in the industry is stepping up their compact level specialty cars segment but you guys taking two steps back! Subaru, Ford, VW and Honda get it and they’re gonna sell a lot of cars and I’m one of those thousands of people that are.

FrogLungs says:

This would be an awesome car if it came with 244 hp at the wheels with a 2.2L I-4 turbo. I live in the midwest btw.

Geoffrey Kidder says:

As an employee of Nissan for almost 5 years, I have been holding out for a 240sx replacement, and we thought the IDx was going to be a thing, so we sat back and waited… and waited… then found out they gave up.

I have ordered my 2017 Sentra SR Turbo (Blue, no premium pack) with a manual transmission, and I currently drive a 2004 Sentra SER Spec V with over 170k on the clock. I will hopefully be able to give the best sort of feedback for what I expected vs. what I received.

That being said, I would have liked to see the SR Turbo have 200hp, just to say its 200hp. Clearly the car is not meant to be extremely fast, but I would expect the NISMO to be however much horsepower and torque is necessary to pull the car from 0-60 in 6 seconds flat.

I will be looking into a K&N box filter, and a manual boost controller. I want to turn up the boost just a tad and see what happens. I sold my built 1990 Talon TSI AWD, and my 92 Laser RS Turbo AWD to get my Sentra SR Turbo, so we’ll see what I can do to extrapolate a few more ponies!

Matt W says:

First off 270 hp 260 tq awd under 27k Subaru does it? Nissan offers this 188 hp fwd with the worst rear suspension on the planet. I own a 07 Sentra.its lame but reliable. one thing I wish I could change about my current Nissan is the rear suspension. You can always add power under the hood.but replacing a torsion beam with independent rear suspension is factory stuff. This car should have 240 hp 260 tq under 22k 5 more k u can get a wrx.

zutekeela says:

couple of red plastic things on each end and some wheels, wow everyone will be uber intrigued with the
Nismo ultra low power, a Smart car could out run it.
 Take the Versa add some wheels and red plastic and the Sentras turbo engine, instant Versa Nismo it would be a better deal

sniper2606 says:

Turd is turd

Allen M says:

it should have at least the same numbers from the Nismo Juke RS. 210 HP @ $23-24K

T Davis says:

Disappointing slow ass nismo car. At least make a Altima nismo with 300+ hp

randy bruno says:

How much lbs of boost is it putting out? Maybe a simple boost controller can give it the push it needs!

Aivazian Q50 says:

stupid fucking Nissan I’m embarrassed to own 3 of their cars now first the cvt and now only 180hp? lmao wtf

Patrick Buczynski says:

220-240hp 28k Milwaukee

Master wolfie savage says:

240 mph for 27 thousands

Ali Al H says:

That exhaust placement is killing me

Michael Pina says:

I seen this car at the CAS (Chicago Auto Show) and was wondering if anyone knows if the is is going to be a limited production vehicle and if so how many units are going to be built?

Nukes Away says:

It needs a twin turbo v6 with AWD .

hartsickdisciple says:

This car is just too underpowered at this price point. Cars like the GTI and Focus ST provide a far more complete (and powerful) package. That wheel gap is painful for a “Nismo” trim. There’s no way this car should’ve been released with less than 220 horsepower.

MrMagickent says:

This is like an economy sports car lol

Dinesh Mohan says:

does sentra value depreciate fast

brian ward says:

It should at least have the 215 hp from the juke rs.
But should be:
240hp with LSD for 26k

david pablo says:

220hp for 28k

mfranklinism says:

This vehicle should have had at least 220-250hp for $25k, and I would prefer it to be all motor as opposed to turbo.  The previous spec v(basically this is the new version) had 200hp.  20hp lost?  Maybe the power band is better in this vehicle, the gearing is better, and maybe its faster?  I had a 2002 spec v with intake, header, exhaust, and suspension mods, and I loved the car.  I actually got rid of it a little under a year ago because I got tired of waiting for this one to finally come out because of all the hype from the prototype over the last couple of years.  This is a great disappointment in my eyes, and I’m glad I didn’t wait for it.

Louis Gonzalez says:

okay nissan wtf? is this supposed to be the SER Spec V? cmon!! i want a new torquey spec v!!

KritialChris says:

220hp/250ft lbs. of torque
from Florida


Pretty sure I’m trading in my 2015 SV. Has just over 12k miles and still looks and smells brand new.

Love Life says:

at least 200hp for $25,000

Ramon Gonzalez says:

id rather get a 2.0 turbo focus ST with 250hp

moki97 says:

2.0 Liter with 200 – 220 Horsepower @ $25K

phijef89 says:

and one other thing get rid of that red paint along the bottom of the Nismo I have not met a fan of that yet Nissan who are you listening to the z s in the same unfortunate situation

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