2018 Nissan LEAF EV Pro Pilot Assist AUTONOMOUS DRIVE REVIEW (3 of 3)

For the finale of our 2018 Nissan LEAF FIRST DRIVE REVIEW, MotoMan takes the 2018 Nissal LEAF SL Electric Car fitted with the Nissan Pro Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving function out onto the roads of Norther California. Yes, he demonstrates the sorta self-driving functionality of the B Segment Nissan LEAF but also an unusual twist to this semi autonomous driving system from Nissan engineers . . .

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Steve C# says:

Where art thou MotoMan?

SvenQ45 says:

S-Class was not the first car with ABS. 😉

Bob Goudreau says:

The Ionic steers by itself.

DJCrissCross89 says:

I want one.

LightMusicK says:

*BORING* better buy a Tesla

David Higan says:

It has the makings of an autonomous car but nissan is being very careful to avoid lawsuits and appease regulatory bodies. And they are right, systems like these can still fail, so best to make sure people understand that it is not an autonomous vehicle lest they take it as one and find themselves in a ditch.

Cooper 2004 says:

Nissan are excellent with their safety features on their cars. We are really impressed with our Qashqai. Loads of safety features i wouldn’t expect this sort of car to have. I love their sensible approach to safety without taking the fun or control away from the driver.

Dave Travels says:

I would describe this as a c-segment car, i.e. Nissan Sentra/Pulsar, VW Golf, Toyota Corolla/IM/Auris, Mazda 3 etc. But great review!

Dongi says:


Weleshboat Ian says:

A good 3 part review on the Nissan 2018, how about popping over to Germany and reviewing the New Sono motor. which is a completely deferent car to current EVs!!! and affordable. ( $19,000 (exchange rate 20/12/17) )

Riyad Kalla says:

This was an awesome overview of ProPilot (you obviously played with it a lot before hand and found the limits. Nice job)

Eric Leonard says:

Probably one of the best systems to get your attention. I love that the second alarm is the same as a terrain warning in a Boeing aircraft

Telmo Monteiro says:

Great series of review episodes!

Not Rappaport says:

Interesting video, MotoMan. But there is no such thing as “very unique.” Either a thing is unique, or it isn’t. Perhaps you meant “very unusual?”

MrCarGuy20 says:

It should always be referred to as automated driving. Autonomous is misleading and not accurate. SAE defines it more specifically.

Adrian Moreno says:

Basketball Indian mean criticism common explanation animal or.

SkiddingMouse says:

nice simple take on the system. completely agree on the “democratization” of tech. I guess one is regulatory pressure and the other is “given we made this tech better apply it to every car” and upgrade the brand image.

Rob Spreitzer says:

It’s definitely not a B segment car. It’s a midsize hatch (similar to a loaded Toyota Matrix).

Ian Treloar says:

I’d rather have something that is felt in the steering wheel or through the seat, rather than all those audible warnings. It can be embarrassing to have the passenger hear all that.

Michael Ackerman says:

Hey Motoman, if you put tension on the steering wheel, such as hanging something off it to simulate your hand resting on it, will it then keep going and stay in the lane? Because that’s how you trick the Mercedes system into keeping going.

Samuel Brooks says:

This is no better than the tech in the Hyundai Ioniq hybrid.

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