2018 Nissan Leaf Preview

The second generation Nissan Leaf will hit the U.S. soon. Nissan brought the car to Seattle so EV enthusiasts could take a close up look. Tom Voelk offers up a PREVIEW, not a review, of the world’s best selling electric car.

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Andreas Köhler says:

Wonder when people in the US stop applying the super old-fashioned units instead of units that make technically sense.

johnny mars says:

When John Davis keels over, maybe you could be the new host of Motorweek.

Jank Paul says:

The Leaf is the definitive electric car. Most reliable. Also 100 miles of range should be good for everyone. If you don’t live within 100 miles of a charger, you probably shouldn’t own an EV (get rekt nüb)

Mikael Hillström says:

The missing C-Pole makes u wanna puke, seems like a e-vehicle decease that infected almost all the electric car designs lately. Sadly because of this, you can’t buy this and respect yourself.

Joe Gonzalez says:



wow! At first I didn’t like the look of the leaf.. But now I like it, it is awesome car

Cool Gadget Reviews says:

i believe by year 2020 40% of cars on the road will be Electric

Sam Saltymann says:

It’s nice that EVs are starting to get better styling. It’s also nice they included door handles and volume knobs.

Guided Meditation says:

Nissan did a good job on the Leaf redesign. The leaf is very appealing. Although I would still rather have a Volt.

Taoma H says:

Pls compare Leaf to Opel Ampera E.

CMC says:

Go watch inishowen version

Adam Wood says:

“40 kw battery”.

Stopped listening. Unacceptable error.

www.UBUYGAS.com says:

Thanks for you review. I did test drive the #2018LEAF on Sept 6th – You can see my two test Drive videos on my profile.

Denis Nash says:

Why always the annoying music?

Lance Dreger says:

Why buy this one when the salesman says a longer range model will be out in a few years. They just shot themselves in the foot . I will wait thanks.

urbanturbine says:

Very good idea to make it not look like a futuristic freakshow car like Toyota did to the Prius this year. Kudos Nissan!!! I don’t need to make a dumb statements with my electric car. I just want an electric car without the eccentric exterior styling. Is that too much to ask Toyota for?

Tulio Cano says:

Way to far from Tesla but the price is good. The range/charge is to low to travel to other cities and that is an isue for me and others ’cause we need to have another car to do so.

JiTengful says:

Look better than prius

r2stik says:

Range in deep SNOW @ -25°C ? 100km? car of the idiots. no brake pedal? heheh

Jeff Kubel says:

You beat MotorWeek to the cheesy punchline at the end.

BokiXI says:

No active battery cooling and no 200 miles. No buy for now.

Mathew Saenz says:

Wow the Leaf hit puberty!

Amir Warsanah says:

urgh why do they still have to use the frunk part of the car!!! WE WANT FRUNK, WE WANT FRUNK!

Dinith Jayalath says:

A super cool car

pete b says:

Sure, the Leaf has been a sales leader but maybe that has been due in part to it’s availability. It will be really interesting to see how the Leaf fares now that there are serious alternatives hitting the market that you can actually get your hands on without waiting literally years.

John Smith says:

Not bad although not one step ahead of the curb.

Forrest Munden says:

150 miles? No thanks!

fidel castro says:

Only Nissan can do it……

Greg Moore says:

I own a 2012 Leaf. I’m very disappointed in this new model. Many of the parts on the dash and shifter are the same as my 2012! 150 miles is not enough. That’s only 75 miles each way. I am so tired of the range anxiety and Nissans battery technology. I have only 67,000 miles on my car, and the battery is now so bad that I get only get at the max 50 miles per charge. Sorry Nissan the new leaders are Chevy Bolt and Tesla. Yep, I priced out a new battery $7500.00 installed. the battery cost more than the car is worth.

Drive My Nissan LEAF says:

good review

Ensgnblack says:

150 miles might have been a good deal a few years ago. But now the Model 3 and Bolt have 70-90 more miles, at not much more price. And given that HVAC, weather, and time will affect battery life, range is still a variable you might want more of.

Refuso Againo says:

Ha ha, “turning over a new leaf”. Did he roll it?

AmusementForce says:

Leaf now looks less stupid…

John Puccetti says:

Tesla’s all hype and massive tax breaks. Leaf great car! But I choose the Prius Prime $25,400.00 plus tax in California.

churchofmarcus says:

I wish Nissan luck. I just hope it doesn’t suffer from Americans tendency to always buy way more than they need.

Angel Gutierrez says:

I think Chevrolet Nissan and Tesla should all use the same standard charger, so that it is easier to charge in any location. It would help popularize the electric car.

karlo sm says:

Fat guy has a good t shirt

bluehiger says:

it’s not that much cheaper than the base model 3… not to mention the base model 3 is also better than the leaf. ignoring the 3’s ugly and driver cluster lacking inside..

Dean Cavander says:

The reason why they sold that many because it’s CHEAP.

Yui Chadamon says:

compare between nissan leaf and tesla model 3 :
nissan leaf was like samsung galaxy S1
Tesla model 3 was like iphone4

In the mean time, people will know which one is the best
However, iOS and Android conquered​ all the world later. . .
Therefore, these two cars will take place of all ICE car for sure

danwat1234 says:

Nissan is bringing it thru a number of cities? Like another Drive Electric Tour? Where is the city schedule?

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