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The BMW M4 GTS is, according to BMW, the fastest series production car it has ever produced.

The M4 GTS boasts a 0-62mph time of 3.8 seconds, 493 bhp and a water-injection system taken from the M4 Moto GP safety car. evo’s Hunter Skipworth explains the car in-depth here.

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Tyler Boutarath says:

Does anyone know where I can buy a similar spoiler to the m4 gts’ for my bmw?

James Robertson says:

still would rather a e36 or e30.


ive driven this car at work, its a beast !

Frankie Maharajh says:

How is it the fastest series production car ever made? Are you saying it’s faster than the 560 hp M5?

Antares says:

I want one, ohh shit i forgot, im not rich…

Sarun T says:


RobBroderick44 says:

They should’ve done this with the M2 instead. The M4 is around 80 k € which is already too expensive for its performance. It has been proven that the M2 is faster than an M4 on the track. They just turned an “OK” car for the track to a “good enough” car. And that price tag, wow…

Suq Madiq says:

How many Jews can I fit in the boot and is it simple to redirect the exhaust gases to it? These are the features I expect to find in a German car…

DaG37boy says:

Dude nobody can take you seriously when you dress like that. I know to each his own, but Holy mother of Jesus how could you ever think that style of dress looked good? That’s worse than sagging, if that’s possible!

Juan. Lega says:

Nice car, but honestly…..that spoiler and wheels make the car look like crap.

Omar Rahman says:

How do keep the water from freezing? Is there some sort of warmer near tank?

Hauke G. says:

It sounds so brutal – what an amzing stock-sound, I think it’s the best 6 cyl. sound on the planet! I love this car!

graff smakn says:

Ice cream noodle soup

YFathom says:

I wish.

VenomousGamerYT says:

This car over Audi r8 any day

likerage says:

Something tells me this guy will look back in 10 years and be a bit embarrassed in the wardrobe he went with.

WIlhelm says:

This presenter is the definition of chode.

Rickoy Palmer says:


Andy Martin says:

Looks a we bit stupid not really my thing each to their own gt3 rs anyday far better looking

ChuggRyn says:

I love your videos, EVO! I am just so happy of how good your videos are!

UnsyNZ says:

never been a fan of carbon fibre interiors. Sorry.

Lowkey JDM says:

Highly overrated

KannX says:

Still slower than Nissan GTR

thedog556 says:

needs to get down to 2000lbs and up to 500whp/500lbft of torque and needs a clutch pedal. in other words, it needs to be an e30

RxSwolldier says:

Looks nice and is stupidly exclusive but the rear wing looks way better on something like the gt3 rs that on the m4.

FlyingAxblade says:

exhaust drools like my Rottweiler =)

John Anderson says:

This is a copy of a P47 M which has water injection. (including the wing)

petrol head 99 says:

Looks ace

Noemis Smith says:

What is this dude wearing? Hahaha!

kamrul hasan says:

make a Ford mustang 2016 please

Kevin Davis says:

Pretty sure the regular M5 has been clocked at 3.7 sec, so…

feel daBern says:


Jay says:

What the hell is he wearing?

bach quach says:

I saw one in Nice france today, didnt even know it was 1 of 700, :'(

dominicancash says:

134k for this ? Tell me one reason why I should buy this over a Nissan Gtr nismo .

Nicky_Projectz says:

Price is crazy, could name 7 Porsches that would smoke this thing on a track, look better,sound better, better price point.

s2k_ orly says:

is it just me or are these videos getting more and more boring.. . feel like a middle schedule documentary

Boukie McBridger says:

AMG would still fuck that over tho lol

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